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Consumption Voucher/Transportation|Not all public transportation is supported. Only one payment method is eligible for transportation allowance


The first round of 2,000 yuan electronic consumer vouchers will be issued on Sunday (August 1st). When the government announces the policy, it will "turn" and allow all public transportation to use the consumer vouchers. However, the public should be aware that not all public

The first round of 2,000 yuan electronic consumer vouchers will be issued on Sunday (August 1st). When the government announces the policy, it will "turn" and allow all public transportation to use the consumer vouchers.

However, the public should note that not all public transportation methods accept all four electronic payment methods.

"Hong Kong 01" integrates the mainstream public transportation in Hong Kong and uses electronic payment information.

Among them, NWFB and Citybus generally accept the most types of payment methods. Except for WeChat Pay, which is not applicable, citizens who receive consumer vouchers with Octopus, Alipay and Tap & Go can use the vouchers to ride on both New and City buses.

However, if you want to have "unimpeded traffic" in different transportation, Octopus is always the best choice.

It is worth noting that Octopus has another advantage. People who use Octopus to receive electronic consumer vouchers can still receive a monthly government transportation subsidy of up to RMB 500 or use a RMB 2 car discount for the elderly if they use the vouchers to travel.

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Consumption coupons for daily transportation Octopus have advantages

Hong Kong people have used the Octopus for many years. Everyone has one when they go out. It can be used on almost all public transportation.

In addition to convenience, if you want to use consumer vouchers, you can also enjoy the government's monthly subsidy of 500 yuan for public transportation expenses and a 2 yuan discount for the elderly. Only Octopus can do it.

The vouchers are also applicable to the KMB monthly pass and the MTR monthly pass. Both are recorded on the Octopus. Therefore, if you plan to use the vouchers for daily transportation expenses, the Octopus is the most convenient.

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MTR and buses do not currently support WeChat Pay

All NWFB and Citybus, all Long Win buses and 500 KMB routes can use the electronic payment system, accepting Alipay "Easy Travel Code" and Tap & Go as credit cards for payment.

KMB said that it is expected that all KMB fleets will install systems this year, so that citizens who choose Alipay or Tap & Go to receive consumer vouchers can use it when they take the bus.

As for the MTR, at present, only passengers can use Octopus or Alipay to pay. However, credit cards will not be available until 2023. People who receive coupons with Tap & Go will not be able to use the coupons on the MTR.

Alipay HK Hong Kong has seized the public transport market in recent years. In addition to buses, it has also entered into green minibuses. Some of the minibuses under Jinzhi Bus and Guanrong Motors have also installed "Easy Travel Code" cash registers for passengers to use. Alipay HK pays the fare.

It should be noted that in order to enjoy the bus interchange discount, citizens need to use the same mobile payment account to pay. As currently not all KMB routes can use Alipay HK to pay for the fare, please pay attention to the buses of the interchange route before using it. Is there a toll meter also installed, otherwise you may have to pay more expensive fares.

Alipay HK stated to "Hong Kong 01" that from January 23, 2021, the MTR has more than 1,000 gates, more than 6,000 buses, and more than 10,000 taxi drivers and some small green minibuses and ferries can use Alipay. HK uses consumer vouchers to pay for the fare.

Alipay HK has actively communicated with the government on including the transportation allowance and the $2 car discount for the elderly in the e-wallet, and received a positive response, but the discussion process will take time.

15,000 drivers have installed commercial Octopus with coupons available for taxis

In recent years, taxis have successively introduced electronic payments, and all four electronic payment tools have entered the taxi industry.

Octopus told "Hong Kong 01" that as of July this year, 15,000 taxi drivers can collect fares from passengers through the commercial Octopus app or Octopus cash register, accounting for about 43 thousand MTR taxi drivers. %, and about 2,000 drivers have applied in the past three months.

Tap & Go has cooperated with taxi dealers. Both Jumbo taxis and constellation taxi fleets can use it, but the rest of the taxis must also be used by taxi drivers themselves.

WeChat Pay and Alipay HK also offer discounts to taxi drivers to attract drivers to use.

He Zhiqiang, the owner of the Taxi Drivers Branch of the General Motors, said that payment tool companies have recently offered discounts. Octopus can waive the handling fee until the end of the year, but if there is no discount, the money received must be transferred to the bank, and it will be charged 1 yuan for every 100 yuan. cost.

He predicts that the number of drivers applying for electronic payment under consumer vouchers will increase, and they will mainly choose Octopus. "It is more convenient for Hong Kong people. Ten people have Octopus." However, whether they will be used again in the future depends on the payment tool. No driver fees are levied.

Du Shentang, director of the Kowloon Branch of the Automobile Association, continued that taxi drivers have always found it troublesome, saying that electronic payments are more difficult to receive "tips" than cash. There are also drivers who worry that their income will be clearly recorded and taxation will become troublesome.

Approximately 1,000 minibuses are equipped with Alipay toll collection machines, which are convenient for the public to scan the "Easy Travel Code" for payment, but the industry says that there are not many users.

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Most green VAN lines only accept Octopus

All green minibus lines have Octopus installed, but other payment systems are still lacking. Although Alipay has tried to enter the minibus market in recent years, it has been introduced on Jinzhi Bus and Guanrong minibus routes, but it is still not widely used.

Su Shixiong, chairman of the Green Minibus General Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that citizens are basically accustomed to using Octopus to pay. After Alipay is installed on some minibus lines, only "one and a half" passengers can use it. The minibus industry is not very helpful and will not increase payment methods.

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