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Coupons|There are 6 important points to note when using Octopus to receive coupons. Coupons will be temporarily suspended for 5 days


Electronic consumer coupons will be issued on August 1 for the first 2,000 yuan, and citizens can make purchases through four electronic payment methods. If citizens collect coupons through AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK and Tap & Go, the amount will be credited directly

Electronic consumer coupons will be issued on August 1 for the first 2,000 yuan, and citizens can make purchases through four electronic payment methods.

If citizens receive coupons through AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, and Tap & Go, the amount will be directly injected into the registered account; and citizens who choose Octopus to receive coupons can choose to collect coupons through different channels, including 6 Note, you need to pay attention when receiving and using.

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1. Who can receive the first 2,000 yuan coupon with Octopus after August 1st?

From July 4th to July 17th, citizens who complete electronic registration online and receive a confirmation text message from the government stating that the first tranche of consumer coupons will be issued to their Octopus account on August 1st, can Starting on August 1, purchase coupons through four major channels.

It is worth noting that citizens who register through paper during the same period and those who register electronically after July 17 will have to wait until September 1 to receive consumer coupons.

2. Where can citizens who have successfully registered can use Octopus to collect consumption vouchers?

There are 4 ways for citizens to receive coupons, one of which is through their mobile phones, which can be picked up without leaving home (note: mobile phones need to have NFC function).

1. The subsidy receiving station (commonly known as the blue machine) of the public transportation subsidy program located at MTR stations, light rail passenger service centers, designated terminals and public transportation interchanges.

2. All branches of 7-Eleven, OK convenience stores and Wellcome supermarkets (including Market Place, Market Place by Jasons, Jasons ichiba and 3hreesixty).

3. The Octopus service station located in the MTR station.

4. Octopus App (take the card on your mobile phone*)

However, it should be noted that citizens need to download the Octopus App and bind the Octopus card to the Octopus that has already been registered to receive coupons.

The Octopus also reminds that more than one Octopus can be bound in the app to receive consumption coupons, which means that young people can receive the Octopus for the elderly in the family by using their mobile phones without trouble.

* If the citizen has transferred the physical Octopus card to the mobile phone Octopus card, there is no need to tap the card.

3. Is it possible to receive coupons at the customer service center in the MTR station?

Some members of the public think that consumer coupons can be picked up at the customer service center inside the MTR station.

Octopus specially reminds the public that the customer service center cannot allow the public to receive consumption coupons.

In order to help the general public to receive coupons more smoothly, Octopus will arrange a total of 100 ambassadors at major MTR stations to assist the citizens in obtaining coupons.

▼Octopus discount lazy bag▼


4. The first 2 million citizens who register to receive an Octopus with an Octopus will receive an Octopus recharge of $18. Will they be distributed together when they receive the coupon?

In order to attract citizens to choose Octopus to receive consumer vouchers, the first 2 million citizens can get an early registration discount for the Octopus value of 18 yuan.

However, the public needs to pay attention to two things. First, eligible citizens need to add their Octopus card to the Octopus App; in addition, the value-added credit will not be issued until August 3 (Tuesday). Eligible citizens must remember to take the card multiple times to receive the value-added amount, and the method of receiving it is the same as that of consumer coupons.

5. How can I get the Octopus provider coupons?

Before downloading the coupons, citizens need to register the Octopus in the Octopus App. Click here to see [Octopus App Merchant Coupon Collection Tutorial].

However, Octopus stated that as it is expected that many citizens will receive the coupons through different channels during the first week after the coupons are issued. Therefore, the download of merchant coupons will be suspended for the first 5 days after the coupons are issued, in order to concentrate the firepower on the citizens. Receive coupons.

As for the merchant coupons that have been downloaded, citizens can continue to use them without being affected.

Octopus said that after 5 days, citizens will continue to download their favorite merchant coupons.

6. When can I receive the coupons for the next period?

The second batch of consumer vouchers is also 2,000 yuan, and the first batch of citizens who complete the electronic registration can receive it from October 1st, the method is the same as the first batch.

For the last 1,000 yuan of consumer vouchers, citizens only need to accumulate a total of 4,000 yuan of eligible consumption before November 30, and they can receive it as soon as December 16.


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