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Gold medal


If the Olympic committee instituted the chanta category, we would bring the gold, silver and bronze ones from Tokyo.

07/31/2021 21:00

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Updated 07/31/2021 9:07 PM

The only thing that can be added to the affair of the visits that entered Olivos is that, although the "president" was a member of the entire ten years of Menem neoliberalism, it is clear that

he learned nothing from Carlos Menem


Anything can be said about the former president, but these details were not lost on the Turk.

In this way, it becomes clear once again that Kirchnerism is packed with power but does not understand its essence: they spent ten years at Menem's side pardoning genocides, privatizing public companies, napkin judges and in the end they did not even learn the ABC of power.

It was enough for a couple of girls to enter Olivos violating the quarantine for us all to find out



To prevent these things from multiplying and the government to continue giving these shows, it is essential to agree on something basic, especially now that a new electoral campaign has started.

Let's see.

It is clear that here there will be no Moncloa Pact, no agreements on State policies

or any type of civilized dialogue between anyone


Let's forget about any rational path because that is already out of the question.

Nobody cares.

This is how it goes and, of course, this is how it will continue.

However, there is one minimum thing that we must agree on: each side must present itself as it is.

Kirchnerism must do pure Kirchnerism and the opposition must do pure opposition.

We cannot accept any kind of ambiguity or blackmail.

For chanta we already have the world champion in Olivos.

It is a pity that the Olympic Committee has not yet implemented the item as an Olympic discipline, but rather

the gold medal was brought from Tokyo.

Let us never forget, dear reader, that in the same week he went from saying "

I would not like there to be a puppet in La Rosada and power is in Juncal and Uruguay

" to "

I accept this presidential candidacy with honor

." Then there appeared that cataract of videos that circulate showing the sketches of Alberto against the Memorandum, Ciccone, Boudou and other Cristina achievements and finally the films, vaccination, 100,000 deaths, unforgettable phrases and all those things that show the "president As something that is not exactly what the world defines as a statesman.

In this context, the minimum we must demand of our brand-new candidates is that

they show themselves as they are and are not blackmails

. Each side in its role. That is, Kirchnerism has to defend Boudou, the Cuban and Venezuelan democracies, the pedophilia of Ortega in Nicaragua, the homophobia of the new Peruvian president who this week embraced Alberto, and the old dream of going for everything, reform the Constitution, control justice, persecute the media and all those things that they love.

And the role of the opposition is to kick in demanding democracy and a Republic, without losing sight of the fact that

at the end of the road they are going to end up in column, as always, behind the most useless

. Let's remember that to get out of Menem we chose De La Rúa and to finish with Cristina we looked for Macri. Result: in 2003 the first round was won again by Menem and today Cristina governs again. Everything is very clear and on the table.

We open this umbrella because unfortunately we started badly. For example, the main candidate presented by the ruling party is Victoria Tolosa Paz. For those who do not know her, she is the

owner of the apartment in Puerto Madero that Alberto Fernández rented

until one day the guy stopped collecting the rent because he saw how the used market is but do not worry because in a few days I will collect a little money from a Gil that he bought me a truck that we overturned on the Camino de Cintura the day we went out in a camping caravan with Cavallo.

The first thing that Mrs. Tolosa Paz, hereinafter "THE LESSOR", said when she accepted the candidacy offered by Alberto, hereinafter "THE LESSEE", was verbatim: "I

build politically, I am from the city of La Plata to which I aspire to govern in 2023

”. Gee, the campaign has not started yet, it has not won any election and it already warns you that it will leave its seat in the middle of the mandate and that in 2023 it will be a candidate for something else. Can we say that "THE LANDLORD" is as black as "THE LANDLORD"? We should say so, but clarifying that his main opponent, Diego Santilli, is already doing the same: he leaves his post as Buenos Aires Vice-chief in the middle of his term and goes out in search of new Buenos Aires horizons.

The Kirchnerists say that Santilli is a blackmail from the Capital who goes to the province of Buenos Aires and that Vidal is a blackmail from the province who comes to try his luck in the Capital. Nothing to do with

the seriousness of Kicillof,

who was a deputy for Capital (2015/2019) and is now the governor of the province, nor with that of Scioli, who

was the handsome man from Abasto and ended up disguised as a Buenos Aires governor

(2007/2015). On second thought, if the Olympic Committee instituted the blackmailing competition, we would bring the gold, silver and bronze competition from Tokyo.

Manes, the radical neurologist who goes to the intern against Santilli,

started softly by dynamiting the entire opposition front

, which is what opponents usually do when they confront Peronism. I think that if we give Manes a little more time, it will give even more fun symptoms. Let's hope that no neurodegeneration occurs before its time, it is not something that JXC makes a political stroke and that the possible subdural or epidural hematomas leave sequels in the electoral alliance that require neurosurgery. This said so so that we get used to Manes.

Manes's publicist

is the same one who in 1999 sold us to De La Rúa

with that campaign in which Don Fernando immortalized his famous “they say I'm boring”.

And the same one that in 2003 tried to sell us to Menem with the remembered "Vamo 'Menem!"

Luckily that year Néstor, Cristina, the secretaries of Néstor and Cristina, Uberti, De Vido, Jaime, Cristóbal López, Aníbal, Lázaro Báez, Moreno, Alberto appeared and among all they beat Menem.

From which we are saved, right?

On the other hand, Santilli's publicist must have already been cracked. He had no better idea than to anticipate the candidacy with a tweet from Macri that showed a

lock of reddish hair, something at odds with shampoo, which only lacked a few lice

to make it more shocking. To think that there are people who still do not understand how Cristina came back.

Behind "LA LOCADORA" is Gollan, the Minister of Health who was awarded a candidacy, we do not know if because of the delay in the arrival of the first dose or because of the absence of the second.

To celebrate the nomination and his replacement by Kreplak they did a pogo,

all tight and embraced together

, in which officials, militants and various strains participated.

This boy is the same one who insulted the people who ran in Palermo and those who opened the schools.

The libertarians, the left (the real one) and Randazzo who opened his traditional mid-term bowling alley complete the picture.

Meanwhile, the pandemic continues.

As officially reported by Télam, until this week Argentina had received 41,883,930 vaccines.

Put 42 million.

And until yesterday, the government published in the official monitor that it had applied 31,900,000.

In other words, they have 10 million vaccines not applied.

They are official data.

105,000 Argentines died, part of them due to the inevitability of the pandemic but many also due to

the irresponsible handling of vaccination


As of today, August, only 15% of Argentines are actually vaccinated.

They not only blocked vaccines, bought badly, vaccinated vip and applied slowly, but

they also want us to celebrate the vaccination campaign


Someone should tell "EL LOCATARIO" that in Ezeiza there are 3 million Moderna vaccines that Biden gave away and that they have been going around on the suitcase tape for 15 days

without anyone removing them and applying them


Deep down, you have to understand them.

Looking at the visitor log, you can see that they are all very busy people.

Source: clarin

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