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Tokyo Olympics. Hong Kong team's latest ︱Du Kaiyan leads the women's table tennis team battle 4 tough to shake Japan's impact medal


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are in full swing. The Hong Kong team reported a good news, and the reporter of "01 Sports" went to Tokyo-Hong Kong connection to provide you with the latest news of the Hong Kong team. The Hong Kong Women's Table Tennis Team will play in Team 4 on Tuesday (2nd)

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are in full swing.

The Hong Kong team reported a good news, and the reporter of "01 Sports" went to Tokyo-Hong Kong connection to provide you with the latest news of the Hong Kong team.

The Hong Kong women's table tennis team played in the top 4 team matches on Tuesday (2nd). They sent Mima Ito, Yoshizumi Ishikawa and Miu Hirano against Japan, striving to go one step further and reach the final.

Keep up to date with real-time updates of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics daily schedule

August 3 Hong Kong team schedule:


At 6:30 in the evening,

Du Kaiyan, Su Huiyin, Li Haoqing Vs Japan


6:34 PM Chen Zhonghong in the Men's 110m Hurdles Preliminary

The Hong Kong women's table tennis team defeated Romania in the semi-finals of the women's team on Monday, tying the best result in history, and on Tuesday night they will be hard to beat their rivals Japan.

Japan sent Mima Ito, Yoshizumi Ishikawa and Miu Hirano this year, and the top 8 swept Chinese Taipei in three straight games. It is difficult for the Hong Kong team to hit the medals.

In addition, the Hong Kong track and field representatives finally made their appearance. The hurdle king Chen Zhonghong will play in the men's 110-meter hurdles preliminary round. He will be ranked in the 7th lane of the 4th group. The best time is 13.74 seconds in the Hong Kong record. He will try his best to advance to the semi-finals.

Summary on August 2:


Equestrian representative He Danhua will compete in the last event of the triathlon-the Jumping Event, and the result is completed with 17.2 penalty points. The total score is 42nd among the 44 players. He missed the promotion and completed the competition. .

After He Danhua finished the jumping competition, he officially announced that he had missed the promotion.

(Associated Press)

[15:40] In the 4th game, the Hong Kong team sent Du Kaiqin to beat Du Dian in a singles, winning 3:1 and qualifying for the semi-finals.

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[14:55] In the third game, the Hong Kong team sent Li Haoqing to play against Samara in singles, winning straight sets, and the number of games was 2:1 ahead.

[14:40] In the second game, the Hong Kong team sent the quarter-finals, Du Kaiyan, to fight Bernadette Szocs (Bernadette Szocs), winning straight sets, and the number of games chased 1:1.

Li Haoqing (left) partnered with Su Huiyin (right) in the first doubles match.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[13:30] The Hong Kong women’s table tennis team competed against Romania in the quarterfinals to make the semi-finals. The first match was Su Huiyin/Li Haoqing doubles, first against Romania’s Daniela Dodean/Elizabeta Samara (Daniela Dodean/Elizabeta Samara). Count 2:3 to lose one game first.

Summary on August 1:


Hong Kong team equestrian representative He Danhua played in the cross-country race in the triathlon today. He was able to achieve zero penalties for leaping obstacles, but was fined 55.6 points for exceeding the time limit.

After finishing the next day's event, she ranked 46th out of 48 athletes and will participate in the last obstacle course tomorrow.

[15:10] The

top 16 men's table tennis team, the Hong Kong team lost 0:3 and France was eliminated.

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Hong Kong Table Tennis Men's Team Top 16 Stopped in 3 Games and Lost to France

The men's table tennis team led by Huang Zhenting was eliminated in the top 16 of the men's team.


[14:10] In the

men's foil team competition, the Hong Kong team lost to Russia in the quarterfinals this morning and lost to Germany in the rankings. The 7-8th place defeated Egypt 45:21 and ended in seventh place.

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Hong Kong male flower loses first to Germany and then to Egypt, finishing in 7th place

Zhang Xiaolun stays at least until the 2022 Asian Games

[11:37] The

top 16 women's table tennis team, Hong Kong vs. Brazil, score 2 points first.

Although Li Haoqing lost in the singles, Du Kaiyan defeated his opponent in the 4th singles and advanced 3-1.

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Du Kaixian leads the women's table tennis team competition to break 8 strong and strive for the best result of the Hong Kong team

Although Li Haoqing lost in the singles, the Hong Kong team eventually won the wave and qualified.



Men's foil gold medal winner Jia Lang, partnered with Cai Junyan, Zhang Xiaolun and Wu Nuohong to play in the top 8 of the team competition, and completed the first 7 quarters with Russia, 32:35 behind, and finally lost by 39:45.

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Hong Kong team's male flower regrets losing to Russia

The Hong Kong team lost to Russia and missed another medal.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[10:00] The

top 16 women's table tennis team, the Hong Kong team is leading Brazil by 2:0.

Summary on July 31:


Chen Xiwen, the only Hong Kong player to play today, finished 7th in the Women's Windsurfing RS:X Medal Competition, and finished the current event 8th in total.

After the game, she said that she enjoyed the competition very much and was satisfied with her performance.

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Chen Xiwen completes the final tango of the Olympics "Thank myself for still enjoying windsurfing"

About Chen Xiwen’s Olympic story:

When the spleen is a choice between thoughts, adherents can fight in the wind and waves

Chen Xiwen finished the Olympic Games with 8 people.


Summary on July 30:

[20:07] The

Hong Kong team played in the women's 4X100m medley relay. Huang Juntao, Yang Zhenmei, He Shibei and Zheng Limei worked together to finish in 4 minutes and 2.86 seconds, ranking seventh in the group.

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He Shibei was injured and completed the final relay butterfly stroke faster than Hong Kong's record

He Shibei clarifies that the injury is not back and the two silver screen calls are transferred to the International Swimming League


He Shibei, who has won two silvers, played in the 11th group of the women's 50m freestyle preliminary round. Although she was at the end of the group, she ranked 15th in total and still qualified for the semi-finals tomorrow morning.

However, the Hong Kong team announced that He Shibei will withdraw from the semi-finals tomorrow morning to avoid aggravated back injuries, but will still participate in the medley relay tonight.

Hong Kong male player He Zhentao played in the main event of the 50-meter freestyle preliminary. The result was completed in 22.45 seconds and failed to qualify.

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Tokyo Olympics hits straight ︱ He Shibei withdraws from the 50-meter freestyle semi-finals to avoid worsening back injuries

He Zhentao missed the semi-finals in the two freestyles and still had no regrets in his first Olympics

The Hong Kong team completed all events after completing the women's medley relay.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)


Sailing athlete Luo Yayi won the 41st and 42nd place in the 9th to 10th rounds of the women's laser laser single-handed boat today, ranking 39th in total, and failed to qualify for the medal battle.


He Danhua played in the dressage event of the equestrian triathlon in the morning, with a result of 46.7 penalty points. After the event on the first morning, he ranked 20th among 21 athletes.

He Danhua appeared in the dressage competition in the equestrian triathlon on the first day. After finishing the morning session, he ranked 20th among 21 athletes.

(Getty Images)


Rowing representative Hong Yongzhen in the women's single scull final D, finished in 8 minutes and 02.79 seconds, and finished the competition in 23rd place.


Hong Kong badminton mixed doubles "left-hand match" Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue lost the bronze medal to the Japanese group Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino. Although they failed to add another card to Hong Kong, they still set the record in the history of Hong Kong badminton Olympics. Good grades.

"Deng Xie Pei" was defeated in a strong battle, and the battle situation was quite exciting.

(Getty Images)


Hong Kong female flying fish, He Shibei, will play again in the 5th line of the central swimming pool to compete in the women's 100m freestyle final. She eventually won a silver medal and won her second medal this year.

Following the 200-self silver medal, He Shibei added silver at 100.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)

Summary on July 29:


Hong Kong windsurfing representative Chen Xiwen entered the women’s RS:X medal match. The 2014 Incheon Asian Games gold medalist, in the final day of the “Breaking Out”, won the third place in a single game and won the overall result. 8th place, bravely broke into the medal match held on Saturday (31st).

As for the men's team, Hong Kong player Zheng Junliang was inaccurate on the last day of the game, and the overall ranking fell out of the top ten and failed to make any further progress.

Luo Yayi continued to rank 38th in the women's laser laser single-handed boat, and will compete in the last two rounds tomorrow.

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Chen Xiwen breaks into the medal war rankings, Zheng Junliang falls out of the top ten and is out

Hong Kong windsurfing representative Chen Xiwen entered the women's RS:X medal match.

(Getty Images)

[14:00] The first Hong Kong general to participate in this Olympics, rowing representative Hong Yongzhen, in the single scull semi-final group C/D this morning, accompanied the last seat with 7 minutes and 56.30 seconds, and entered the final group D to determine the ranking.

[10:40] The

badminton mixed doubles semi-finals started. Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue faced the Chinese combination Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong. They were behind most of the time in the first game. Although they chased in the middle, they still lost 16:21.

The start of the second game fell behind more quickly. The middle part was already behind 3:11, and finally lost 12:21 and was out.

Tomorrow morning, the bronze medal match will face the Japanese team Yudai Watanabe/Arisa Higashino.

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Tokyo Olympics hits directly

Deng Junwen (right) and Xie Yingxue (left) are defeated by the combination of the Chinese team and will compete for the bronze medal.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[10:00] The

Hong Kong team flying fish, He Shibei, swam the first place in the first group of the women's 100m semi-finals, swimming in 52.40 seconds, breaking the Asian record!

Her result was 0.08 seconds behind the leader of the second group, Australian swimmer Emma McKeon (Emma McKeon), and her overall result will qualify for tomorrow's final.

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He Shibei breaks the Asian record in the semi-finals of the 100-meter freestyle and enters the final at 9:59 tomorrow morning

He Shibei's performance in the 100m semi-finals is still outstanding.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)

Summary on July 28:

[18:20] He Shibei played in the 6th group of the women’s 100m freestyle preliminary round. She swam the 5th lane. After swimming the first 50 meters, she turned the pool in 3rd place, and finally finished 2nd in the group with a time of 52.70 seconds. , 0.09 seconds faster than the previous Asian record of 52.79 seconds by Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee.

She advanced to the semi-finals tomorrow morning with a total score of 2nd.

Australian swimmer Emma McKeon, who was in the same group as He Shibei, swam in 52.13 seconds to break the Olympic record and advance to the semi-finals with the first overall result.

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He Shibei breaks Chijiang Lihuazi's Asian record and breaks the 100 semi-finals

[17:42] Wu Jialang played for the first time after the jersey turmoil. In the evening, he played in the second group match of the badminton men's singles group C, facing Guatemala's Gordon.

He is wearing a jersey with the regional flag to play this game. The brand of the jersey is FILA.

In the end, Wu Jialang lost to Gordon with a score of 0:2. He won and lost in the group stage. The ranking is not as good as Gordon, who won the two games.

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Ng Ka-Lang loses and refuses to discuss whether the other party should apologize. Thank you for your support

After Wu Jialang was out of the game, IG sighed with emotion and published an article to annotate the protagonist of the tragedy



After discussion, the coaching team of the Hong Kong team will give up participating in the women's 4×200m freestyle relay preliminaries to be held tonight, so that female flying fish He Shibei can have enough rest and strive to win another medal in the women's 100m freestyle.

He Shibei will play in the women's 100-meter freestyle preliminary at 6:15 tonight and is expected to successfully enter the semi-finals to be held tomorrow morning.

[14:30] For

windsurfing RS:X event, the Hong Kong team’s female player Chen Xiwen temporarily ranked 9th, while Zheng Junliang fell to 10th in the men’s group. The two will compete in the final 3 rounds tomorrow, ranking the top 10 in total. Will advance to the medal battle.

Zheng Junliang is temporarily ranked 10th in the men's windsurfing RS:X.

(Getty Images)


"One Sister" exerted force, Chen Meng was two rounds behind, chasing 3 rounds in a row against Du Kaiqin.

Reaching the 6th game, Du Kaiyan was not afraid of the opponent's momentum at a disadvantage, and dared to attack and counterattack.

Unfortunately, it was still 8:11 in the end.

The total number of rounds was 2:4 and was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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Du Kaiyan regrets defeating Chen Mengping's best record in women's singles in the eight strongest

Du Kaiyan returned to his soul in the fourth game.

(Getty Images)

[11:46] The

top 8 badminton mixed doubles, Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue fell behind in the second game, and won the second game and qualified for the semi-finals.

They will compete with the top seeds, the Chinese team, Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong, to enter the finals.

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Deng Xie defeated the British team to break into the top four and the Chinese team entered the final

As for the women's single Zhang Yanyi, he lost to the last silver medal and Indian golfer Xiandu in the group stage. He was suspected of weeping when interviewed after the match.

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Zhang Yanyi is in a fierce battle in the world. Seventh loses out. He turned around and wiped his tears after hearing a question.

Hong Kong mixed doubles duo Deng Junwen and Xie Yingxue reached the semi-finals.



Du Kaiyan challenged Chen Meng of China's "One Sister" in the top 8 women's singles table tennis.


Badminton mixed doubles top 8, Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue played against the British combination Marcus Ellis/Lauren Smith (Marcus Ellis/Lauren Smith), winning the first game 21:13.

[11:20] In the

top 8 women's singles table tennis, Du Kaiqin challenged the top-seeded Chinese player Chen Meng and won two consecutive games at 11:6.

The referee paid attention to Du Kaiyan's stretch pants.


[10:43] He Shibei historically won the first Olympic swimming medal for Hong Kong. After the game, she was overjoyed and she surpassed her personal best and won the silver medal as a dream come true.

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Hong Kong's first swimming Olympic medal was born "Finally reached this position"

He Shibei, thank you!

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[09:41] Hong Kong female flying fish, He Shibei, competed in the women's 200m freestyle final and won the silver medal, swimming 1 minute and 53.92 seconds, setting an Asian record.

She lost to Ariarne TITMUS (Ariarne TITMUS), a strong Australian player by 0.42 seconds.

The bronze medalist is Penny Oleksiak of Canada.

He Shibei won the first ever Olympic swimming medal for Hong Kong (Photo by Gao Shiqi)

Real-time performance:

He Shibei won the first medal in the history of the Silver Harbor Swimming Team in the Olympics, one gold and one silver, the best ever.

About He Shibei’s story:

She insisted on swimming in 0.2 seconds that you can’t imagine.

Summary on July 27:

[19:26] Table tennis representative Du Kaixian in the women's singles top 16 defeated Dutch player Britt EERLAND with a total number of games 4:1. The Hong Kong team was 13 behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games' Tie Yana. This year, another golfer reached the top 8 women's singles, tying the Hong Kong team's best record in women's singles history.

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Du Kaiyan tied the women's singles with the best record of the Hong Kong team and broke into the top 8 of China's first sister

Du Kaiyan broke into the quarter-finals of women's table tennis, tying the best result of the Hong Kong team in women's singles.


[18:30] The

only male swimmer of the Hong Kong team, He Zhentao, competed in the men's 100m freestyle preliminary today. He won the group first place in 49.49 seconds and refreshed his best time, but he missed the promotion.

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He Zhentao won 100 from the group's first name and created the best of the individual, but unfortunately out of the game

He Zhentao won the first place in the group, but failed to make it into the top 16 in the final time.

(Associated Press)


In the ranking match, the women's epee team defeated the Russian Olympic Committee 28:27 and bid farewell to the Tokyo Olympics in seventh place.

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Women's heavy groups thank all the people in Hong Kong for admiring Jiang Minwan

[14:45] The

sailing representative Luo Yayi played in rounds 5 to 6 of the women's laser laser single-handed boat, finishing 37th and 33rd, and temporarily ranked 37th in total.

Luo Yayi.

(Getty Images)


Zhang Yanyi, the only port player in the women's singles for badminton, made his debut for the first time, beating Israel's Ksenia POLIKARPOVA 2:1 in the group game.

At 10 o'clock tomorrow, she is hard to beat the strongest opponent in the same group, the last silver medalist, India representative PV Sindhu (PV Sindhu).

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Tokyo Olympics·Badminton丨Zhang Yanyi debuts and wins tomorrow morning to win the last silver medal in Xiandu to qualify

Zhang Yanyi won the women's singles first match, and tomorrow will usher in an important battle.


[12:35] In the

women's epee team rankings, they

lost to the

United States

at 31:42

, and later competed against Russia for seventh place.

[11:25] The

Hong Kong women's epee team performed well in the top 8 of the team, but the Chinese team was outstanding. The Hong Kong team lost 32:44 and entered the rankings.

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Hong Kong Women's heavy team lost to China in their debut

Jiang Minjian's Hong Kong women's epee team lost to the Chinese team.

(Getty Images)


Table tennis singles is currently the remaining women's singles Du Kaiyan, who is in the top 32 this morning, facing South Korea’s 17-year-old girl player Shin Yubin, who won two games and was tied. Fortunately, he stabilized his position and won two more games. Round, the top 16 qualifying.

At 18:30 tonight, there will be Dutch player Britt EERLAND (Britt EERLAND).

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Tokyo Olympics and table tennis丨Du Kaixuan adjusted to the top 16 in singles after being out of mixed doubles

Du Kaiyan obviously adjusted his mentality, defended the assault steadily, and played well at the end of each game.



"Smiling Sword Empress" Jiang Minjian's Hong Kong women's epee team met in the team match with the Chinese team with individual gold medalist Sun Yiwen in the top 8 of the team. The match is now going on.

Jiang Mingan played in the second quarter and scored 4 points to chase 4:4.


Badminton mixed doubles duo Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue got a good lot, and the top 8 will play against the British duo Marcus Ellis/Lauren Smith (Marcus Ellis/Lauren Smith).


He Shibei strives to become the first Hong Kong general to enter the swimming finals and compete in the 200m freestyle semi-finals.

She played on the 6th line in the first group, swimming 1 minute 55.16 seconds.

The Australian swimmer, Ariarne Titmus, who has won the 400m freestyle gold medal, ranked second and finished second in total.

He Shibei became the first Hong Kong swimmer in history and reached the Olympic finals.

The final will be separated at 9:41 tomorrow morning.

The latest report:

Tokyo Olympics hits directly

Hong Kong will be in the Olympic swimming history. The best before is to reach the semi-finals. It was He Shibei's creation of the 200-meter freestyle in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

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Tokyo Olympics hits directly | He Shibei hits the middle lane in the final "Tomorrow can swim faster"

He Shibei led out in the early stage and controlled the overall situation in the final stage, swimming out of the group second and qualifying for the final tomorrow morning.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

Summary on July 26:


Zhang Jialang competed with Rio Olympic champion Garroso for gold. "Hong Kong Sword God" defeated his opponent 15:11 in the final and won the second gold in Hong Kong history.

Learn more about the story of Hong Kong sword god Zhang Jialang:

Zhang Jialang wins the gold final in the Olympic Games

Zhang Jialang's testimony on winning the Olympic gold medal

Presenting the gold medal to father as a birthday gift Hong Kong sword god: the most important thing is to persist

Believe that the lover wins the Olympic French coach: He turned from a boy to a man

The two most important people behind the success he turned the boy into a true sword god

The rugged growth path of the sword god 193 male god from lost to rebirth of the phoenix

Zhang Jialang's foil wins gold and creates the key to the cool and handsome sword god in history

Zhang Xiaolun's excitement and touch "witness that he never developed to win gold"

Let's walk through the growth of the sword god in Hong Kong and reach the top of the sports world through the World Youth Championship

Fencing gold medal player family is a basketball fan and sneaker fan

The secret code of Hong Kong Olympic medals is hidden from Li Lishan to Zhang Jialang

Zhang Jialang won the second Olympic gold medal in Hong Kong history.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)



Zhang Jialang, the representative of the Hong Kong men's foil team, faced Czech CHOUPENITCH Alexander in the top 4 of the Olympic Games. He advanced 15:10 and won the gold medal game and hit the gold medal at 8:10 tonight. .

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Zhang Jialang bravely defeated the Czech swordsman in the finals and won the Hong Kong team's first medal


Hong Kong team swimmer He Shibei competed in the women's 200m freestyle preliminary round. Group 3 finished second. Taking into account all the players entered the semi-finals tomorrow morning in 8th place.

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He Shibei competes in the 200m freestyle preliminary and advances to the semi-finals tomorrow morning in 8th place

He Shibei will strike again in 200 tomorrow morning and hope to enter the finals to create history for Hong Kong

He Shibei reached the semifinals of the women's 200m freestyle.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)

[18:00] The

Hong Kong windsurfing generation continued to attack Enoshima. Among them, Zheng Junliang and Chen Xiwen were ranked 8th in the windsurfing men's and women's RS:X respectively, and Luo Yayi was ranked 35th in the women's laser single-handed boat.

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Tokyo Olympics.

Windsurfing | Chen Xiwen ranks second in Asia the next day, Zheng Junliang holds 8th

【15:30】乒乓球男單32強,黃鎮廷總比數1:4不敵中華台北莊智淵出局。林兆恒亦以同樣局數不敵日本球手張本智和。了解更多:林兆恒力戰負日本神童 港乒一哥黃鎮廷反勝為敗出局

【14:50】男子花劍8強,張家朗遇上俄羅斯劍手保路達捷夫,進入局中落後3:9。張家朗一度落後9:14,陷入出局邊緣。此時,劍神發威,力追至13:14完第一節。他在第二節追和14:14,最終反勝15:14出線!張家朗將於黃昏18:20出戰準決賽,對手是捷克選手祖賓尼治(Alexander CHOUPENITCH)。

了解更多:張家朗驚天大逆轉 連取6分殺入四強力爭獎牌

We are Hong Kong!(高詩琦攝)


張家朗打出高水準,早早領先對手,大勝15:3,創下歷史。14:50舉行8強,將遇上俄羅斯劍手保路達捷夫(Kirill BORODACHEV)。蔡俊彥則以6:15被淘汰。

了解更多:東京奧運直擊|張家朗大炒世界一哥晉級 蔡俊彥不敵日本劍手止步

蔡俊彥首戰奧運的迷思 頂級劍手門檻竟在社交媒體


【12:30】男子花劍32強,今屆首度出賽的蔡俊彥對戰加拿大劍手Maximilien van HAASTER ,首節鬥得燦爛,分數咬住上。蔡俊彥在最後階段連連連取分,贏15:10晉級。

詳細戰况:男子花劍張家朗先挫法國劍手 蔡俊彥反勝齊晉16強


【12:10】羽毛球混雙組合鄧俊文/謝影雪與德國組合林斯富斯/靴德歷治(Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Herttrich),局數打成1:1。最終藉決勝局贏21:16,出線8強。

詳細戰况:鄧俊文謝影雪激戰3出線 待抽籤結果決定8強對手


【11:43】男子花劍32強,張家朗出戰法國對手 Julien MERTINE,首節領先8:6,最終贏15:12,晉16強,追平上屆成績。


【11:20】羽毛球混雙組合鄧俊文/謝影雪正在分組賽最後一仗出戰德國組合林斯富斯/靴德歷治(Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Herttrich),爭取出線權。港隊首局險勝22:20,第2局亦要戰至刁時,結果負20:22。

【08:57】「花美男」出鞘!男子花劍個人賽展開,首踏奧運舞台的36歲劍手張小倫,在首圈64強對德國Andre SANITA。第一節完結,落後6:7。第二節開始,張小倫反先8:7,一再藉防守反擊取分。雙方一度因碰撞而休息,張小倫休息後繼續取分,一度領先至14:8,完結時領先到14:10。第三節展開,張小倫連失兩分後,因為投訴被罰多1分,被追平至14:14,最終連失5分,負14:15出局。了解更多:「大師兄」奧運初登場 首圈憾負德國選手出局

賽後報道:窮追半生踏上五環劍道 張小倫不放棄:我仲未死心 我可以打




了解更多:奧斯卡創港將三項鐵人歷來最佳成績 挪威選手封王


【18:10】「美人魚」歐鎧淳出戰女子100米背泳初賽,被編至第3組第6線的她,首50米游出29.38秒,結果以1分01.07秒完成,在小組排第4,未能躋身總成績前16名,無緣準決賽。了解更多:歐鎧淳100米背泳小組第四出局 「我會繼續努力」



【17:15】香港3名帆板代表在江之島亮相,鄭俊樑及陳晞文出戰滑浪風帆男、女子RS:X;洛雅怡就參加女子激光鐳射型單人艇。鄭俊樑成績暫時較突出,首日比賽後暫位列第8,排名是亞洲選手中最高。了解更多:滑浪風帆港隊鄭俊樑一度進佔前三 陳晞文暫排第12位

【17:10】香港乒乓球球代表蘇慧音出戰女單次輪,面對西班牙球手蕭瑶茜,激戰55分鐘後以局數2:4飲恨,64強出局。了解更多:港乒小花蘇慧音粉紅髮戰女單 憾負西班牙球手次圈出局


【14:00】港隊乒乓球男單林兆恒,昨於首圈打足7局獲勝,今天次圈再次出現「搶7」。林兆恒打出氣勢,連追3局反勝。下一圈硬撼日本「神童」張本智和。了解更多:「七局哥」林兆恒劣勢下爆發 32強硬撼日本神童


【12:20】港隊羽毛球混雙組合,鄧俊文/謝影雪在分組賽第二戰直落兩盤不敵中國隊王懿律/黃東萍,分組賽1勝1負。二人明早與同樣1勝1負的德國組合林斯富斯/靴德歷(Mark LAMSFUSS/Isabel HERTTRICH)爭取出線權。

了解更多:謝影雪鄧俊文不敵中國世界第3 明鬥德國生死戰爭入8強




決勝局,港隊一度落後4:7,此時發力連追至7:7,又再落後7:10。港隊組合連救3個決勝分,更追至反超前11:10,可惜未能把握,被法國再次反超前。最後一球發球,黃鎮廷接球落網後指對手發球觸網。惟反對無效,決勝局負11:13,總比數3:4出局。詳細戰况:黃鎮廷杜凱琹乒乓混雙8強激戰7局 爭議判決下憾負

賽後跟進:乒乓混雙爭牌夢碎 黃鎮廷杜凱琹沒哭聲的悔恨



【20:30】石偉雄較早前在跳馬資格賽出場,兩跳後得14.274分。經過下午其他選手登場之後,他已跌出前8位,無緣躋身決賽。了解更多:石偉雄跳出最高難度動作 惜未能躋身前8無緣決賽


【20:25】香港女子游泳隊晚上出戰4X100米自由泳接力預賽,因何詩蓓留力備戰主項200米自由泳,港隊今日派出譚凱琳、鄭莉梅、歐鎧淳及何南慧出賽,結果游出3分43.52秒,位列小組包尾出局。了解更多:港隊4X100自接力得第7 奧運新丁擔起重任:好緊張



了解更多:謝影雪鄧俊文旗開得勝 港隊首戰勇挫馬來西亞組合

羽毛球混雙鄧謝配首戰奧運即贏波 一場勝仗兩種意義

【17:30】乒乓球代表林兆恒出戰男單首圈,面對世界排名90位的波多黎各球手阿分拿度(Brian Afanador)。他與對方激戰7局,兩度落後之下,以4:3反勝入次圈,遇上印度的格拿斯卡蘭(Sathiyan Gnanasekaran)。了解更多:港將林兆恒兩度落後下反勝 驚險闖乒乓球男單次圈




戰情報道:江旻憓憾負俄羅斯小將8強止步 仍創港隊歷史最佳

東京奧運直擊|江旻憓出局三次道歉 微笑劍后強忍淚水向港人許諾




【13:15】江旻憓在女子重劍16強,15:8力克拿碧美亞莎(Renata KNAPIK-MIAZGA),晉身8強。對手將是淘汰港將佘繕妡的俄羅斯劍手梅塔莎伊娃(Aizanat MURTAZAEVA)。詳細戰况:東京奧運直擊|江旻憓輕取波蘭劍手闖8強 創香港劍擊奧運歷史




【10:25】港隊女子重劍手江旻憓旗開得勝!她在32強面對秘魯劍手Maria Luisa DOIG CALDERON,在中段起領先, 贏15:11。本港時間13:05,江旻憓將與波蘭劍手拿碧美亞莎(Renata KNAPIK-MIAZGA),爭入8強。

東京現場直擊:劍擊|江旻憓旗開得勝 32強力克秘魯劍手晉級


【10:00】羽毛球男單,伍家朗在分組賽首仗輕鬆取勝,以21:9、21:10輕取墨西哥選手 Lino MUNOZ。

【08:27】港隊女子重劍手出場。佘繕妡及連翊希在64強出局,而「微笑劍后」江旻憓將於32強登場,對戰秘魯對手,且看上屆16強出局的她,今屆能否創出佳績。了解更多:女重港將出師不利 佘繕妡連翊希64強止步

東京直擊:兩種落敗一種失落 劍擊小花強忍眼淚洗禮

東京奧運|江旻憓爭牌勁敵逐個數 惡鬥五國劍手往績不輸|劍擊

連翊希(右)不敵新加坡選手,首輪64強出局。(Getty Images)

【08:00】港隊艇手洪詠甄於單人雙槳艇復活賽獲次名,敗部復活得手,晉級明早半準決賽。了解更多:港隊賽艇女將洪詠甄復活成功! 晉身半準決賽

洪詠甄在賽艇單人雙槳艇敗部復活,爭入決賽。(Getty Images)







▶▶▶撐香港運動員必讀攻略 數字拆解今屆香港代表團

▶▶▶從另一角度了解港隊 實力顏值兼備的型男美女

▶▶▶穿金戴銀不是夢 你必須要知的港隊六大獎牌希望

東京奧運|香港女運動員IG全錄 歐鎧淳逾13萬Followers最多

東京奧運|香港男運動員IG全錄 游泳Ian騷肌 兩個家朗最受歡迎


東京奧運.洪詠甄丨她堅持的是 畀盡力仍追不上 還是努力地

東京奧運.江旻憓|我們記掛的江旻憓世一 膝頭傻了還是再堅持

東京奧運.歐鎧淳|四段奧運篇章告訴我們 堅持從來不止一個模樣

東京奧運.蔡俊彥|在太多可以「算啦」之中 守住那條堅持的底線




▶▶▶新項目滑板懶人包 街式賽與公園賽不同之處是?


讀得又打得! 香港「學霸」運動員: (按圖放大)


▶▶▶十個搜尋器關鍵字 看你必需知道的奧運十件事

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