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[Leshan Story] "One meal a day" under the epidemic situation, Leshantang distributes free meals to help overcome difficulties


In Hong Kong, a meal costs tens of dollars. Coupled with the ongoing epidemic, many families are facing unemployment. Many grass-roots families pursue the concept of "Only adults eat less." Parents reduce their three meals a day to one meal a day.

In Hong Kong, a meal costs tens of dollars. Coupled with the ongoing epidemic, many families are facing unemployment.

Many grassroots families pursue the concept of "Only adults eat less." Parents reduce their three meals a day to one meal a day, and halve their monthly meal expenses of more than 3,000 yuan. This is not the only solution. Method.

In view of this, Kowloon Le Shantang upholds the spirit of benevolent and charitable, and promotes the "Meals Together" program to distribute nutritious meals for free to solve the urgent needs of the grassroots, the unemployed, underemployed, and the elderly, so that they can have two meals and adequate food and clothing. .

Among them, 90% of the project application cases are engaged in catering, retail, cleaning and construction work.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, their working hours and income have dropped drastically.

Taking a family of three as an example, the average family income is only HK$10,000, while housing rent, daily expenses, and children's study expenses account for 80%.

Under the impact of the epidemic, many families said that they still hadn't thought about receiving CSSA, and they all wanted to support themselves.

In order to save money, they will buy cheap vegetables and tofu before the market closes, with an average meal of HK$25. "Sometimes the housing estate sends blessing bags with canned luncheon meats and sausages in them, so they are used as "additional dishes"! "

A $20 lunch box contains priceless hearts

Through the "Meal Together" program, kind-hearted people can subscribe for two meals at Le Shan Tang for $20 to provide the disadvantaged with a nutritious meal.

The chef of Leshantang Jiabao Nutritional Food Center said: "In difficult times, one person walks more than one step. We can buy some delicious ingredients, cook more and more. The most important thing is good food and enough food." $20 cost price The lunch boxes made are by no means sloppy. They are carefully made by the Leshantang Jiabao Nutritional Food Center. Each time they provide two choices of meals. There are homemade chicken burgers in tomato sauce, salt and pepper chicken chops, steamed ribs, etc., for friends who receive the lunch box. Enjoy with dignity, and help them tide over difficulties temporarily.

The food center has obtained ISO 22000 international food safety certification, and also refers to the recommendations of nutritionists to ensure that all meals are of safe quality and nutritionally balanced.

In addition, the center will also produce festive food, such as winter solstice, group New Year delicacies, etc., hoping that low-income families can also receive the blessings of the good people during the big festivals and eat more.

There are not many staff in the center, and an extra group of enthusiastic semi-retirees and students participate in voluntary work such as packaging, meal delivery, and delivery. Even the social enterprise manager has to go to the stage in person: "There was a street sleeper who saw me serving meals. Look around. But there is no extra lunch box that day, I told him to wait a while, I told the kitchen to cook a few more immediately. I think the value of the lunch box is a part of your heart, when you hand it over, share it. It's so practical."

Two-hearted meal made by Leshantang Jiabao Nutritional Food Center

There are two kinds of nutritious rice for two kinds of love each time, hoping that every friend who takes the rice can enjoy it with dignity.

After receiving the case registered by the social worker, Le Shan Tang will distribute meal coupons to eligible registered persons within two days.

At the beginning of the project, the project has been supported by the donations of HK$100,000 from Chairman Peng Zhihong of Leshantang, Vice Chairman Chen Jianping, JP, Vice Chairman Li Shenggen and Legend Charity Fund; and the strong support of corporate volunteers from liaison with Premier Wang Shaoji JP.

Other companies and good leaders have also continued to support, contribute money and help, and organize volunteer teams to personally distribute lunch boxes.

Chairman Peng Zhihong of Le Shantang personally participated in the meal distribution operation and served hot meals to those in need.

BBS and JP, vice chairman of Le Shan Tang, Chen Jianping, not only supported the donation, but also distributed hot meals in person.

Standing Prime Minister Wang Shaoji JP and volunteers deliver hot meals to those in need

The benevolent enterprise organizes volunteer teams to contribute money and effort to provide hot meals for the elderly.

Tiehan's tenderness expresses concern with action

Some of the people who came to fetch the food were elderly people on crutches, some were truck drivers in a hurry, and some were led by the workers' sisters.

Le Shantang’s colleague recalled that the most memorable thing was that a middle-aged man in a suit came to pick up the food. For the first time, he sweated profusely and furiously: "Oh, it’s so patience. Hurry up!" He took the lunch box and left immediately.

Every time he was sweating and hurriedly took the meal and left.

Once, he wanted to apply for a meal ticket for his wife. When a colleague wanted to learn more, he flushed and said, "I must explain? If I do, I don’t want to do it. I will leave it to me. Don't want people to sympathize." Yubi walked away in a hurry.

Later, every time he came back, his colleagues took the initiative to deliver him two boxes of lunch, and smiled and nodded to express condolences. His eyes began to express gratitude.

Infected by a colleague from Le Shantang, his attitude gradually changed. He would whisper, "Thank you for the sun, thank you so much!" He would add a few more words: "My wife didn't get to bed... I rushed back. Thanks a lot..." Under the hot summer of 30 degrees, every time he came and went in a hurry, his suit was soaked all over, just for two boxes of lunch.

The story behind each person is different.

A meal is insignificant for some people, but for others, it may be necessary to overcome numerous psychological barriers before they are willing to go to this stage.

In any case, Le Shan Tang colleagues are willing to express their care and respect for the recipients through actions.

The Le Shan Tang "Meals Together" program provides free nutritious meals to grassroots families

Le Shan Tang appeals to the kindhearted people to support this project. Every $20 donated can provide a nutritious meal for those in need.

The Leshantang "Meals Together" project started in April. The donations will be transformed into loving meals, providing at least 60,000 lunch boxes, and doing a little bit during difficult times.

About Loksintong’s "Meals Together" program:

If you would like to donate to support Loksintong, Kowloon, please click the following link:

(Information and photos provided by the customer)

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