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New crown pneumonia·newest|Middle-aged man's initial diagnosis of unknown source is unknown, local clearing situation may explode


There was a mutation in the new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong and Macau. There was no local confirmed case in Macau for more than a year. A family of four was infected and carried the Delta variant virus strain. The new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong was diagnosed on the 57th and the cable was disconnected. A 43-year-old man

There was a mutation in the new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong and Macau. There was no local confirmed case in Macau for more than a year. A family of four was infected and carried the Delta variant virus strain. On the 57th, there was no local diagnosis of new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong. A 43-year-old man yesterday (3 Japan) is initially diagnosed, and it is more likely to be a case of unknown local origin.

As of yesterday, the cumulative number of cases in Japan was 11,995.

According to sources, a close contact of a confirmed family in Macau entered Hong Kong earlier, took a bus in Hong Kong to a hotel and checked in. The authorities are tracking the whereabouts of this person in Hong Kong.

The government announced last night that starting from today (4th), Macau will be removed from the E-HKE program, and entry into Hong Kong from Macau will require quarantine at the residence for 14 days.

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▼On August 3, Macau enters the state of immediate prevention▼


Travel with peace of mind|Canada Baptist University's artificial intelligence operation taxis enter the license plate and automatically calculate the time to get off the bus

[08:00] The new crown pneumonia epidemic hit Hong Kong for more than a year and a half. In order to strengthen the contact tracking of confirmed cases, the government launched the "Travel with Peace" app at the end of last year to allow citizens to record the places they have been.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer adopts Baptist University’s artificial intelligence technology. Users get in a taxi and enter the taxi license plate. The program will calculate the time to get off the taxi according to the user’s dynamic changes, and more accurately record the user’s whereabouts. The relevant function is expected in the future. The review will be passed on the day, and citizens can update the app at that time.

OGCIO emphasized that the number of downloads of the program has reached 5 million, and the authorities have listened to public opinion. The technical specifications of the program, as well as the security and privacy report, etc., have been published at the end of last month. It is hoped that the public can relax their minds and emphasize that they will not consider public applications at this stage. Programming interface (API).

Some information technology experts pointed out that the content of the report is simple and it fails to explain in detail the privacy-related content such as encryption and decryption. It is difficult to dispel public doubts.


A boy infected with the epidemic in Macau had visited the hospital, the doctor violated guidelines and failed to test 80 people waiting to be quarantined

[04:13] The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced early this morning that the newly confirmed boy in Macao yesterday (3rd) was investigated from nearly 6 pm on July 28 to 00:00 on July 29 Xu went to the emergency department of Earl's General Hospital. At that time, the attending doctor followed the guidelines to test him for coronavirus.

The boy used to be in the same waiting room with about 80 people. Today (4th) the authorities will contact the relevant people for viral nucleic acid testing and quarantine medical observation.

All female friends in the exchange group of four infected daughters from a family in Macau announced that they have entered a state of immediate prevention

[01:04] A family of four in Macau was diagnosed with the variant new crown virus Delta after visiting the mainland, triggering the immediate prevention status of the Macau government.

The Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced in the early morning that from 6:00 today (4), except for cross-border truck drivers who guarantee the normal production and life of Zhuhai and Macao, passengers entering and leaving through the Guangdong and Macao ports must hold nucleic acid within 12 hours Proof of negative test result.

Negative results of nucleic acid tests at other ports to prove that the requirements remain unchanged.

The authorities checked contacts of infected families. Among them, 18 people in Australia who participated in the Xi'an Dance Troupe with their daughters tested negative for nucleic acid.

The group took a flight from Zhuhai to Xi'an on the 19th and took the same flight from Nanjing back to Zhuhai in Zhongshan and Zhuhai which are related to the Nanjing case. This is suspected to be the most likely cause of this family gathering infection.

New crown pneumonia | Four families in Macau infected with Delta within three days, nationwide testing and establishment of 41 nucleic acid stations in Australia

[00:12] The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center issued a statement late at night. In response to the 4 confirmed cases in Macau yesterday (3rd), the Response Coordination Center will promptly initiate zoning and grading precision prevention and control measures. Day) The National Nucleic Acid Testing Program will be launched at 9 am and will operate 24 hours a day. It is expected that the testing of all Australian citizens will be completed within 3 days.

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Consumer Vouchers|Online buying and selling platform emerges as discounted consumer vouchers Lawyer: buying and selling involves conspiracy to defraud

Coupons|Tap & Go apologizes for system problems and promises to refund within one week

Consumer vouchers|The flow of people in the Link Mall returns to the level before the epidemic, and the impact of Wang Guolong material lasts for 12 to 18 months

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Yesterday's overview: New crown pneumonia · 8.3 | Cleared and lost 4 people in Macau with Delta virus diagnosed in early Han

News of Hong Kong's fall: male worker at Kwai Chung Container Terminal was diagnosed with zero infection on the 57th, fearing to disconnect the cable

Macau was knocked out and returned to Hong Kong, vulnerable to infection, a close contact with Delta virus has arrived in Hong Kong

New crown pneumonia | A couple who had been to Zhuhai infected with the disease Macau announced this afternoon to enter a state of immediate prevention

New crown pneumonia | Macau loses a family of four infected with the epidemic

New crown pneumonia | Four families in Macau infected with Delta within three days, nationwide testing and establishment of 41 nucleic acid stations in Australia

New crown pneumonia | 4 more imported cases all carry variant viruses Turkish Airlines banned flights for two weeks

New crown pneumonia|​The government strengthens immigration prevention and control measures and reclassifies overseas regions into three risk groups

New crown pneumonia | Chen Zhaoshi said that there are still external instability factors without conditions to relax social measures

New Crown Vaccine | 52,000 people make appointments for injections and hit a new high for six months

New crown vaccine | CUHK found that more than 80 people received two doses of Kexing's low antibody level and the team developed the third injection

New Crown Vaccine | HA staff must be vaccinated compulsorily. Public Medical Doctors Association said there was no prior consultation

Resumption of classes|Yang Runxiong expects full resumption of classes in September

Vaccine lottery |Senhe sent 20 scholarships, each 200,000 12 to 17 years old can participate

Vaccine Lucky Draw|The Tourism Bureau will give you 20,000 rewards for your trip. 8.5 Accept registration and get a shot to participate

Hong Kong Cycling Festival|The HKTB plans to step on the Hong Kong section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to resume in November

New crown pneumonia | Macau couple tested positive and had been to Zhuhai. Two daughters had travel history in Xi'an. New crown pneumonia | Macau couple was infected with the virus and the government said the risk of outbreak is extremely high and enters immediate prevention status. New crown pneumonia | Hong Kong passenger planes banned from flying to the Tokyo Olympics for two weeks | 18 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia, including 1 Greek rhythm swimmer, new crown pneumonia | More than 1,200 people in South Korea have been diagnosed for the first time with two variants of Delta+ cases of new crown pneumonia | The Japanese government has basically decided to let Non-critically ill patients recuperate at home with new coronary pneumonia | Shanghai adds 1 local case, and the patient has been vaccinated against new coronary pneumonia at the airport | Danish study: "Gully injection" with AstraZeneca and mRNA vaccine has good protection


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