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The family of an Argentine woman murdered by her husband in Europe asks to recover the baby that was left in an orphanage


Antonella Orihuela, a neighbor of Almirante Brown, was a victim of femicide. Her husband killed her and committed suicide. Their one-year-nine-month-old daughter has no one there.

Malena Banos Pozzati

08/03/2021 18:47

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Updated 08/03/2021 18:47

A young Argentine woman was murdered by her husband, also Argentine, in



The femicide committed suicide a few hours later, all in

front of their little daughter


The maternal uncles of the baby, barely

one year and nine months old

, ask that bureaucratic times be accelerated to bring her to our country.

"My niece is completely alone, without a family, in a childcare delegation in Barcelona. We are in contact with the psychologist who treats her and we have met with the consul, but they tell us that among all the paperwork,

fifteen days or three months

. We need to be with her as soon as possible, "asks Ezequiel Orihuela, brother of Antonella, the murdered young woman.

From their home in


, Admiral Brown's party, the family did not stop moving to retrieve the baby.

They found out about the femicide after several days without having contact with Antonella and

through an Instagram story shared by a



of the victim.

"My sister stopped answering messages on Thursday at 11 in the morning," says Ezequiel.

"After my brother and I wrote in a family WhatsApp group saying hello," she recaps, "she answered with a question that was disturbing to me: 'Do you talk to Adrián?' That day I wrote to her husband to see what happened. He



normally and sent me a photo of the girl

sleeping, at around 6.30 pm ".

It is believed that at that time Adrián had already killed Antonella.

Femicide and suicide

During the night of Thursday the man would have put the woman's body in the car and also their daughter.

He drove with dangerous maneuvers, apparently

looking to overturn the car

and pass the femicide through a traffic accident, but he did not succeed.

Antonella Orihuela was murdered by her husband in front of their little daughter.

Witnesses from that Catalan area called the police several times until they saw a fire source.

When the firefighters arrived at the scene, they found Antonella's remains and, ten meters away, the car with Adrián inside, who had just hanged himself.

The daughter was in the back seat, unharmed.

"We believe that she

witnessed everything

, including the murder of her mother. They were all in the house because they had covid and because, despite the repeated complaints of domestic violence that my sister made, they

forced her to live under the same roof

as her husband ", denounces the brother.

The couple had met in Argentina in 2011, he went to work in Barcelona in 2016 and a year later he returned to marry Antonella.

On August 1, 2017, both of them moved permanently to Spain

and less than two years ago their daughter was born together.

Antonella's family communicated with her daily from Argentina on WhatsApp and once a week through video calls.

In March, precisely during one of those video communications, they witnessed

a domestic accident

in which the girl spilled hot water on herself.

"He touched a cup in which Adrián was making himself a tea and it burned. We heard the cries of the father insulting my sister, blaming her. She cut the communication and we were very worried but without being able to do anything from here," says Ezequiel .

That would be the beginning of a

violent divorce process


With the baby still hospitalized for the burn, the man took legal action.

"I had the intention of taking the baby from my sister. She suffered psychological and verbal violence throughout the hospitalization. At the home, he grabbed Antonella by the arm, pushed her. She called the police but

as she had no visible injuries

, they took it as a case of verbal violence, "says the brother.

Antonella requested that

her husband be evicted from

the home, but since the house was in his name, the Spanish justice allowed him to stay.

Moreover, according to the family, Antonella had to continue living under the same roof because otherwise it would be considered that she was abandoning her daughter.

"She denounced him many times for abuse.

In a week the Police went three times.

Only one night my sister and my niece were in a shelter, the next morning they had to go home. My sister could not be absent without telling her. Where was he going. It was as if she had house arrest, "denounces the family.

A trial date was set for the allegations of violence in October, but last week Antonella was murdered by her husband.

"Now they even tell us that the official confirmation from the police has not yet arrived here that the body found is that of my sister. Everything is taking time due to bureaucratic issues and paperwork and

while the days go by and my niece is still alone

. passport to travel as soon as they tell me, but we are totally stuck, "denounces the brother.  

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