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Abandoning a monthly salary of 60,000 actuarial work and returning to Hong Kong. Girls born in 1995: I don’t regret it


At the age of 5 and a half, he immigrated to the United States with his parents. Yao Yixin has been growing up in the way his parents expected, attending a prestigious school and working as a professional. By chance, he came to the University of Hong Kong for undergraduate studies in 2013, and since then he has established an indissoluble bond with Hong Kong. although

At the age of 5 and a half, he immigrated to the United States with his parents. Yao Yixin has been growing up in the way his parents expected, attending a prestigious school and working as a professional.

By chance, he came to the University of Hong Kong for undergraduate studies in 2013, and since then he has established an indissoluble bond with Hong Kong.

Although she returned to New York to study after graduating from her undergraduate degree, she still plans to work hard in Hong Kong. A job as an insurance actuary brought her back to Hong Kong.

With a monthly salary of 60,000 yuan, Yao Yixin leads a decent life, just as his parents expected.

She prefers to play games. She noticed the strong development of the game companion industry in the Mainland, but the lack of the Hong Kong market. In addition, the fast pace of life in Hong Kong and the alienation between people made her even more aware of the importance of companionship.

After several struggles, she quit her high-paying job to start a game-playing website. Although it is not easy to start a business, working 15 hours a day is basic, but the fun of the business world also makes her linger. In only half a year, the website has more than 50,000 users and gross income. It also reached 500,000 US dollars (about 3.88 million Hong Kong dollars).

Abandoning the golden job of actuarial science, Yao has no regrets about returning to Hong Kong to start a business.

Yao Yixin was born in 1995 and spends most of his time in the United States.

In 2013, she went to Hong Kong to study by chance, and since then established a connection with Hong Kong.

(Photo by Yuan Shu)

Fleeing from emotional failure

Going to Hong Kong to study may be Yao Yixin's first risky decision.

At the age of 5 and a half, she immigrated to New York from Beijing with her family. She has adapted to living in the United States.

Learn the piano, become a professional, and do everything according to your parents' expectations.

However, when she graduated from high school, she suffered a emotional failure. She wanted to escape from the United States and change to a new environment. Hong Kong became her choice.

The impulse to come to Hong Kong did not make Yao feel regretful, all because of the diversity and friendliness of the city.

She said that there was once carelessness when she lost a backpack with her ID in a taxi.

When she was frustrated and desperate, the school notified her that she had received a package. It turned out to be a kind driver who helped her to return it. "The documents and money are all the same, but the sender did not leave a name." The incident made Yao Yixin feel warm. Increased the love for Hong Kong.

When she went to the United States to study for a master's degree after graduating from her bachelor's degree, she was determined to return to Hong Kong to work.

Fortunately, at the beginning of 2019, she got a job offer as an actuary with a monthly salary of 60,000 and returned to Hong Kong.

When she graduated with a master's degree, Yao Yixin received an invitation to the position of an actuary in an insurance company with a monthly salary of 60,000 yuan.

However, a profligate life is not suitable for her, and after many thoughts, she is determined to start a business.

(Photo by Yuan Shu)

High-paying squandering life makes her tired of resigning and creating a game to accompany the website

Living in a big house and sighing about wine, Yao Yixin is a bit profligate and has no concept of financial management.

Over time, this kind of life made her tired, and outside of work, she came into contact with the "League of Legends" (League of Legends) game.

In the virtual world, she felt fulfilled. She kept thinking of playing Mario Racing with her brother when she was a child. She realized that the fun of the game is not only to upgrade and fight monsters, but also to accompany each other and share life.

"Challenger One" stills

Yao Yixin said that in the movie "Ready Player One" (Ready Player One), the protagonists help each other in the game world, eventually changing the world and gaining friendship and love.

This story not only made Yao feel empathetic, but also allowed her to see business opportunities.

The mainland game accompany website has already developed and grown, but Hong Kong is still a blank.

After thinking about it for a while, in April 2020, without discussing with her family, she resolutely quit her job as an actuary and embarked on the journey of a game-playing website.

The creation process was not easy, and Yao Yixin had to check every detail of testing, revision, and marketing.

She said that working 15 hours a day is normal, and communicating with an outsourcing team also requires a lot of skills.

Yao said that she was full of hardships and tears, but she was finally excited to be able to make all kinds of decisions.

In February of this year, the website underwent a major revision, and the number of users increased to 50,000 in half a year.

The memories of playing the game "Mario Racing" with his elder brother in his youth prompted Yao Yixin to establish a game-playing website.

In order to avoid pornography, she chose the naive panda as the mascot of the website.

(Photo by Yuan Shu)

Refuse to play soft pornographic cards, hope that the main live broadcast of games will become civilians

The development of game accompaniment in the Mainland has been on a large scale, but it is often hard to escape the reputation of soft pornography.

Yao Yixin has done a lot of work in this area, including designing the website mascot as a naive panda, or specially setting the appointment time, live broadcast, and chat functions in the website, etc., hoping to return the website to the play and training itself as much as possible , "If you really become friends through sparring, we also encourage you."

In the real world, if you want to make a living by playing games, in addition to being a professional player, you are also a live game broadcaster (Streamer) on different websites, but the market has become saturated.

Yao Yixin said that she hopes to make a living for gamers through the website, so since she founded the website, she has tried hard to bring some niche live broadcasters into the website, hoping to change the status quo of the industry.

It is not easy to quit a high-paying job. Yao Yixin said that everything is worth it and he has grown a lot.

She said with a smile that she used to think that a 150 yuan glass of drinks was not expensive, but now she has more concepts, "now only think of the 150 yuan advertising investment, which can attract about 4 users."

Catching up with the rapid growth of gaming platforms under the epidemic, Yao Yixin's website gross income has exceeded her past income.

Facing the future, she hopes that more Hong Kong users will be able to play with the game website and feel the companionship and peers through the website. "(Entrepreneurship) is a good process of exploring yourself, and I also hope to do something that can have an impact on the future."

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