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Verónica Monti made a terrible accusation against Moria Casán: the reaction of the diva when listening to her


Sergio Denis' ex-girlfriend was surprised when she told the supposed proposal that, according to her, One would have made her.

08/05/2021 1:19 PM

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Updated 08/05/2021 1:19 PM

The last couple of Sergio Denis,

Verónica Monti

, had been summoned by

Nosotros in the morning

(El Trece, Monday through Friday at 9.30


) to talk about his attempted robbery in a Palermo shopping center, but in the middle of the interview he launched a

very harsh accusation against the environment of Moria Casán.   

Since the singer's accident, in 2019, it emerged that

Monti was living a difficult economic situation

and that he had even slept in the Obelisk since he had nowhere to go.

Asked about that moment, the ex of the author of

I love you so much

 assured that in his worst moment they would have made

 a strong proposal.

"Twice I slept in the Obelisk. It does not come to the subject, but as I heard it, since I am clarifying it. It is the first time and the last that I am going to talk about the subject:

Moria Casán did not help me. I mean, He made me a totally crazy proposal that has nothing to do with me.

 The help meant that I had to do things that I was not going to do, "he said.

Monti became popular from his romance with Sergio Denis.

"But what things did you have to do?"

Carlos Monti

, a panelist for the cycle,

asked him


"What Moria has been doing since ... everyone knows. '

I give you a roof but you two or three times a week have to be with this rich, 105-year-old guy,' he told me



she replied.


Paula Trapani

, another member of the program, warned her that what she was saying was

"a very serious accusation



But far from backing down, the woman replied:

"What do you want me to do? It's the truth."

"Are you saying that

Moria told you 'I'll get you a roof, but you have to prostitute yourself

'?" Carlos Monti asked him bluntly. 

"Moria no, Maxi (her manager). I'm not saying anything that people don't know,"

Veronica attacked, leaving the entire panel surprised. 

At that moment, the conductor of the cycle, Pollo Álvarez took the floor:

"I did not know. What you say catches my attention and I work in the middle.

Excuse me, but it catches my attention. let it be known ".

At the same time, Sol Pérez defended Moria saying that he witnessed the help he gave him: "I worked with Moria at that time and I understood that they

had helped you find a place to stay because you slept in the Obelisk," he


"Do you have how to prove this?"

the entertainment journalist asked him again.

"In a phone call, when I say no, he says 'well, then you have to leave the hotel'. He automatically

blocked me (for Cardaci) from WhatsApp. He and Moria,

" Denis's ex-girlfriend sentenced.

Minutes later, Casán came to the crossroads of those statements through an audio that he sent to Sol Pérez.

"Ha, ha, ha ... Hello, my love, I'm making tape. My daughter just told me that she turns on the TV and they are accusing me of prostitution. She is beautiful. How funny!

This (by Monti) is also kleptomaniac She is a mythomaniac. Please! How crazy!

Who is she going to hang herself on? Me. No comment. "

It should be remembered that in 2020, Verónica was a guest on


, the program that Moria was conducting at that time, and the host asked her a strong question.

"Did you think about practicing prostitution?"

The diva consulted him just when the woman told about her financial problems.

Verónica Monti, last year, in the Moria Casán program.


they offer it to me permanently.

In fact, I have posts in photos where they publicly tell me 'I pay you so much for one night, I'm from Instagram, my name is'. The truth is, not. I had the opportunity, at 35, to interview to a couple of prostitutes and the suffering they carry inside is immense, and the truth is that it

does not give me my soul,

"he replied to Moria at that moment. 

The attempted robbery of Verónica Monti in a famous clothing store


was arrested this Sunday after trying to steal a pair of boots

in a well-known place in the Alto Palermo shopping center.

After the episode, she was transferred to Police Station 14 in the City of Buenos Aires.

There she was delayed for a few hours, until her lawyer, Martín Francolino, obtained her release.

On the fact, Monti clarified:

"I am not a thief, I am a kleptomaniac."

And he added: "I realized that I

had this disease when in shopping malls or clothing stores I grabbed objects that I could pay for

and did not have the need to steal them. I have a psychiatric pathology that with a good medication, they tell me, that impulse falls asleep" .

Monti, arrested by local security after trying to steal a pair of boots.


When theft is left as a kind of pothole

(in my memory), it is something cerebral, at that moment you cannot reason. I know that what I do is a crime," he concluded on the subject.

Previously, the former partner of the deceased singer had been involved in a similar situation: in June 2019 she

was arrested in a supermarket in the Belgrano neighborhood, accused of robbery.


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