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Jorge Lanata dived during visits to Alberto Fernández at Quinta de Olivos and discovered a tarot reader


The host of Journalism for All dedicated a large part of his monologue to the President's meetings. Who is Natalia Di Capua.

08/08/2021 10:27 PM

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Updated 08/08/2021 10:27 PM

Jorge Lanata dedicated a large part of his traditional journalism for all monologue to the controversy over visits to the

Quinta de Olivos in 2020, in full quarantine due to coronavirus.

So much so that he even had a presentation: "La noche de Olivos", with a

bowling ball and special separator


In that survey, PPT Box reported on the visit of -attention-

a tarot reader who went to the presidential fifth.

"There are so many celebrities visiting La Quinta that this year the Martín Fierro

They are going to transmit them from Olivos.

To be in line with the visits, why don't they cut the soldier at the door and hire the director of (the magazine)


? "Lanata joked about the repercussions and controversies generated by the registration of the presidential residence, which already left several controversies in dance.

And he said this Sunday night: "It seems that before making the strict quarantine decision last year,

Alberto consulted a tarot reader.

On March 16

Natalia Di Capua

entered Olivos and spent

two and a half hours with the President

" .

The tarot reader who met for two and a half hours with Alberto Fernández in Olivos.

Photo Capture eltrece

"If Alberto wanted to know how his future was going to be, instead of a tarot reader, he would have called Cristina (Kirchner)," the journalist said in reference to his political link with the vice president.

And he finished: The head of

government of scientists consulting a tarot reader


Also a health coach

Lanata recalled that on the nights of April 2 and July 14, 2020 - Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yáñez's birthdays -

Sofía Pacchi

-model turned advisor to the first


entered Olivos.

and the television presenter,

Emanuel López


"Sofía Pacchi and Emanuel López

had more than 60 admissions

last year between March and November, when the restriction measures were in force. Fabiola's celebration, on July 14, 2020, was also attended by the 'health coach',

Stefi Domínguez

" , said the PPT host.

Lanata, then, looked at the camera from the side, ironic:

"Health coach? What does he do? Is your health coaching you?"

The health coach Stefi Domínguez, who entered the Quinta de Olivos, during the controversial visits to Alberto Fernández.

Photo Capture eltrece


Stefi became known

in the media when she

had an affair with

Juan Román Riquelme


On the night of Fabiola's birthday

another model, Florencia Fernández, along with her 28-year-old sister Rocío,

also entered the presidential villa


" he added in the monologue.

Florencia, whose last name is Fernández Peruilh, competed for

Miss Latina Argentina

years ago.

Florencia and Rocío Fernández, models who entered the Quinta de Olivos, during the controversial visits to Alberto Fernández.

Photo Capture eltrece

Lanata argued: "It was full of models, Giordano was missing asking them to

move their heads


Fabiola's hairdresser

But it is not all.

There were more visits in Olivos, in times of restrictions and distancing for the rest of society.

Lanata said: "Another who had no problems to circulate despite the ASPO DNU issued by Alberto was

Fabiola's hairdresser,

Federico Abraham. He not only went to the presidential Chalet to celebrate the birthday of the first lady: Abraham

entered Olivos 33 times

between March and November 2020.

In some cases, already at night.


can be

seen to

have unruly hair. "

For example, on May 14 - he commented in the monologue - Abraham spent

nine and a half hours

in the presidential house: he entered at 11.33 and left at 9.30. 

"Coiffeur Abraham was very meticulous," said the PPT host, "you can see that

the iron was passing it one hair at a time


The Taiwanese Contractor

As reported by Clarín days ago, the Taiwanese businessman Chien Chia Hong -who was going to Olivos as a companion to the model and presidential advisor Sofía Pacchi- competed for at least 21 contracts as a supplier to the National State.

And he won at least 9.


Be careful with the


that comes packed ...

At any moment it will keep the job of the photomultas. One doubt: Chien Chia, translated from Mandarin Chinese into Spanish, will not mean: 'Lázaro', right?", He said Lanata in ironic allusion to Lázaro Báez, and their presumption of prestanombres.

Alberto Fernández, Chien Chia Hong, his partner Sofia Pacchi and the first lady Fabiola Yañez, in a controversial celebration.

He continued: "Alberto said: 'I swear by my son that I have no idea what his name is, I know him as

El Chino

, Sofía's partner.'


it is El Chino, Sofía's boyfriend who is a friend of that girl who lives with him who does not remember his name. At least he did not say:

'What do I know, the Chinese are all the same' ".

Lanata explained that the publication of the meetings in Olivos

does not appear in the Register of Interest Management Hearings


"He not only violated the quarantine decree, but also the one to report the meetings in Olivos," a rule approved by Néstor Kirchner.

The complaint of Florencia Peña

Last week Florencia Peña announced the complaint against the national deputies Fernando Iglesias and Waldo Wolff, from Together for Change, for the statements he attributes to them about his visit to Quinta de Olivos.

About Pacchi, Congressman Iglesias had tweeted: "For me the lady was going to help him find the knob that turns on the economy to put Argentina on its feet," Iglesias wrote and his peer Wolff replied:

"But she was on her knees, right? ".

The statements of both legislators were condemned by the Frente de Todos and described as misogynistic and sexist, but also by leaders of Together for Change, such as María Eugenia Vidal.

Wolff, however, apologized, although he denied referring to Peña: his tweets, he assured, were prior to knowing his visit.

He also reported



The meeting with the actress Peña -remembered Lanata-

did not appear

in the registry established by Kirchner either.


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Source: clarin

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