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[Leshan Story] Make good use of social resources to build social housing "Le House"


Since 2017, Le Shan Tang has been self-financing the social housing "Le House" project, and has been actively discussing with the government and all walks of life how to make good use of idle buildings and land from the government, developers or private individuals to build transitional social housing

Since 2017, Le Shan Tang has been self-financing the social housing "Le House" project, and has been actively discussing with the government and all walks of life how to make good use of idle buildings and land from the government, developers or private individuals to build transitional social housing, including the launch in recent years Reconstruction of primary school buildings, construction of modular houses and hotel-style social housing projects.

Lok Sin Tong is currently operating 249 "Le House" units, benefiting more than 850 people.

The first modular housing project on Songhuangtai Road, built on the use of idle government land, was officially completed in April this year, and 110 units have been occupied.

Launched the first hotel-style social housing project in Hong Kong

During the epidemic, the hotel industry's occupancy rate was greatly affected, and working youth and grassroots families also experienced unemployment or underemployment.

Under the promotion of the Transport and Housing Bureau, Lok Sin Tong launched the first hotel-style "Le House" project in To Kwa Wan to provide transitional social housing for grassroots families and low-income working youth who have been waiting for public housing for 3 years or more. , In order to relieve their housing and financial pressure, and provide appropriate community support.

The application for the project was closed in July this year, and more than 400 applications were received, of which about four were working youths and six were grassroots families.

In addition, considering the inability to cook in the hotel rooms, the hotel will reserve 2/F as a shared kitchen and event room for residents to cook and hold events.

The first hotel-style social housing in To Kwa Wan will be officially occupied in September this year, providing a total of 161 units.

Help young people solve housing difficulties

This hotel-style social housing has received many low-income working youth applications. One of the applicants, Mr. Law, was originally a sports coach. Due to the epidemic, he has no income for one and a half years and needs to move to the New Territories. The rent is cheaper. Industrial building.

However, the environment of the industrial building unit is poor and there are risks, which makes him feel the pressure of living and life, and his physical and mental health is also greatly affected.

He said that because the hotel-style social housing is located in the convenient area of ​​Kowloon, and the supporting facilities are good, it greatly solves the urgent needs he is facing. He sincerely thanked the hotel and Le Shan Tang.

Another applicant, Mr. Huang, who is currently a teaching assistant, has been waiting for public housing for 8 years. He originally lived in a sub-unit of less than 80 feet in Sham Shui Po, but his monthly rent was $5,800, which accounted for more than 55 of his monthly income. %.

After he learned about the social housing plan from the Internet earlier, he immediately applied for it.

He said that hotel rooms have a better sanitary environment than subdistricted rooms, and the monthly rent including utilities costs only about $4,000. It is impossible to find such a unit in the city for the same price.

The two of them have signed a lease at the end of July this year, and the remaining successful applicants will also receive notices, and they will formally enter the premises in September.

Comfortable living and perfect local support to improve body and mind

In addition to addressing the housing needs, Le Shan Tang also understands the importance of community support programs to the beneficiary families. Therefore, it has previously co-founded the "Le Shan School" with the local art organization HART to provide children from the "Le House" families. A series of environmental protection creative activities and learning experiences inspire children's artistic creativity, strengthen neighbor interaction and family's understanding of the community.

One of the residents of "Le House", Mrs. Wu, said that since his son participated in the activities, his environmental awareness has been greatly strengthened. She often reminded her to pay attention to environmental protection, such as recycling items. It also helped him to learn about different plants and his characteristics. .

She went on to say that since staying in the "Le House", her son can participate in different types of activities, so as to realize that new friends of the same age do not only need to stay at home to play game consoles or mobile phones, and the relationship between people and family has improved.

Le Shan Tang and the local art organization HART established the "Le Shan School" to provide a series of environmentally friendly creative activities and learning experiences for the children of the "Le House" family.

Children learn different plant characteristics and environmental protection concepts through five senses such as smell, taste, touch, etc.

At the same time, Le Shan Tang also makes good use of the resources of the organization to support the residents of "Happy House". For example, through the food center in To Kwa Wan, it provides $25 nutritious meals to the residents of social housing, and provides medical treatment through the Kowloon City Primary Medical Center and community pharmacies. support.

In addition, the open space of the Songhuangtai modular house and the transitional social housing project of Leshantang Elementary School are used to regularly organize festivals, family and educational support activities.

The various services are connected to each other to make the regional support network more complete and residents to feel more physically and mentally.

The Vice Chairman of Le Shan Tong Li Shenggen (third from right) established the "Le Shan Tang Li Shenggen Social Housing Fund" to provide support to residents. Lunar New Year also cooperated with Deputy Director of Transportation and Housing Bureau Su Weiwen (first from right) and former Chairman of Li Shengpo (second from right) Li Peiya and Executive Premier Li Peiya made a special trip to Lewu, and together they distributed Lishi and lucky bags to the residents to spend the New Year together.

Vice Chairman Li Shenggen of Leshan Church (middle) during the Lunar New Year with Deputy Director Su Weiwen (second from right) of the Transport and Housing Bureau, former Chairman Li Shengpo (first from right) and Executive Premier Li Peiya (first from left) made a special trip to Lewu, and together they distributed the peace Lucky bags to residents.

Help others to live in peace and continue to develop social housing projects

The "Le House" project is supported by the Transport and Housing Bureau and the Legislative Council Subcommittee on Transitional Housing and Subdivided Housing Matters

Promoted by Chairman Peng Zhihong’s donation, Le Shan Tang will establish a "Social Housing Academy" this year to organize different work skills courses to help residents of social housing improve their life skills, and provide job matching and employment opportunities.

And Lok Sin Tong is actively preparing for diversified transitional housing projects, including Choi Hung Choi Hing Road modular housing, reconstruction of the former Tsuen Wan Lutheran School, and Wheelock Properties leased to the church at Yellow Fish Beach in Plover Bay, Tai Po at a nominal rent of 1 yuan. Combined housing project.

The project that is expected to be completed will provide more than 1,800 units and benefit nearly 3,200 people.

Although the epidemic has hit the economy, it has not hindered Leshantang's good intentions.

Leshantang will never stop because of this, and will continue to make good use of social resources, explore different models of social housing, provide more support services, and help the grassroots in need.

If you want to donate to support the Kowloon Lok Sin Church, please click the following link:

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