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Who is Facundo Tignanelli, the camper who rises from the hand of Máximo Kirchner and defends Amado Boudou


His four grandparents were Peronists so he grew up in a basic unit. He dreams of ruling La Matanza. He had posted a Christmas letter from the former vice president from jail.

Pablo de Leon

08/16/2021 10:47

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Facundo Tignanelli

is a name little known to the general public, but he is a significant player in Buenos Aires politics and in Peronism in the country's largest province. This young man from La Matanza is a provincial deputy of La Cámpora and a

man of absolute confidence of

Máximo Carlos Kirchner, who elected him, some time ago, to preside over the block of provincial deputies of the Frente de Todos, a task of an armed complex since representatives coexist there of the different Peronist tribes, such as the former mayor of Florencia Varela, the stainless Julio Pereyra.

Tignanelli cultivates a low public profile but has an intense network with the provincial chieftains of Peronism as well as with his peers in La Cámpora.

Born in the shelter of Andrés "Cuervo" Larroque, over time the development of Tignanelli led them to a distancing

that, with the ascendancy of "Cuervo" to the Ministry of Development with the Community -in Axel Kicillof's cabinet-, was ordered and he resumed the calm of his political beginnings.

That political dawn happened in La Matanza, because Tignanelli was born and still lives in Lomas del Millón, a neighborhood located east of Ramos Mejía. According to the deputy himself, his place of belonging has a factory and a workshop in each block. "It is a neighborhood of laburantes," he described in an interview for the La Cámpora portal, where he relates that

"my four grandparents were Peronists

. the laburantes was war and misery-, they arrived here in the middle of Peronism where they found everything there they would not have even dreamed of. "

"My paternal grandparents, opened their basic unit at the end of the 40s

that still exists today. My grandfather's basic unit was one block from my house, so there I started everything ... for me it was normal from a very young age to be in the meetings, "he says to illustrate his Peronist cradle.

Facundo Tignanelli in Deputies of the province of Buenos Aires

Tignanelli's moment of militant action began in 2004 when, with his friends, they took over the neighborhood club to prevent it from closing.

Four years later, he began to participate in some talks and activities at La Cámpora together with referents of the Kirchnerist youth group such as Miguel Funes, Facundo Ballesteros and Martin Alaniz.

Facundo Tignanelli with Máximo Kirchner and Mayra Mendoza

Today, at 34 years of age, he is the head of the La Matanza district and the organizational secretary of the Province of Buenos Aires for La Cámpora, as well as leading the block of provincial deputies of the Frente de Todos.

Tignanelli does not hide his maximum desire: to lead the destinies of La Matanza, where today the hardened Fernando Espinoza

, political ally of Cristina Kirchner and her son Máximo,


, who together with the current Vice Governor Verónica Magario have built their political base, succeeding in that populous district the leadership exercised by Alberto Balestrini.

Within the framework of his political arming of his district,

Tignanelli has generated a landing of Máximo Kirchner in La Matanza outside of Espinoza's knowledge


As in October of last year when together they went to visit Father Tano Angelotti, from the Matanzas town of Puerta de Hierro, after the "priest villero" suffered violent intimidation by drug gangs, when he was intercepted by 8 individuals in 4 motorcycles, where he was beaten by these men who fired 6 shots at the ground, before taking his vehicle and his cell phone.

Facundo Tignanelli with Máximo Kirchner

Before being a provincial deputy, Facundo Tignanelli was undersecretary of Youth, within the orbit of the national Ministry of Social Development.

During his time in the Christian administration, he built an affinity with Vice President Amado Boudou, whom he did not abandon when the liberal-born economist fell from grace.

For this reason, the young man was going to visit him in the Ezeiza prison.

That became known when

Tignanelli was the public bearer of a Christmas message from the Ezeiza Prison


"Dear comrades: Merry Christmas and a lot of strength in this just fight for our Homeland," read the message signed by Boudou and dated December 25, 2019, in a letter addressed to the militancy K.

The letter that Amado Boudou sent from the Ezeiza prison this Christmas.

(Twitter Facundo Tignanelli)

The message was written on a cardboard and it went viral, thanks to the management of the Buenos Aires deputy of La Cámpora.

But Tignanelli also has his photo with Nicolás Maduro and Raúl Castro, presidents of Venezuela and Cuba, respectively, whom the young camper extols.

Facundo Tignanelli with Nicolás Maduro and Raúl Castro

Beyond these gestures of alignment and political definition, Facundo Tignanelli is a pragmatic leader thanks to his role as conductor of the Buenos Aires provincial deputies, where he receives advice and directions from his boss Máximo. And where it

must mediate between the requests of the mayors even of powerful organizations, such as the Evita Movement

, which politically disputes with La Cámpora. Some traditional Peronist leaders define him as "an excellent operator, very intelligent" but assure that he has no relationship with the social entities of Matanza. "Nobody knows him," they graph. And they add that

he lacks "charisma"

, something that those who prefer to travel the paths of negotiation rather than those of territorial work or profile themselves as candidates lack.

Tignanelli has a pending matter here.

Facundo Tignanelli in the Buenos Aires governorate.

Photo M. Nievas

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