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It was long, hard, and nerve-wracking - but Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States. To the White House and what is its attitude toward Israel? • Profile

After a long and nerve-wracking saga of vote-counting, major U.S. television networks began announcing that Joe Biden had been elected the 46th president. CNN was the first media organization to announce this. In the Twitter tweet election: “America, I feel honored for choosing me to lead our great country.

The work that awaits us will be difficult, but I promise you this: I will be the president of all Americans - whether you voted for me or not.

I will make sure to justify the trust you have placed in me. "

Incumbent US President Donald Trump has commented on US television network predictions that Joe Biden will be elected the 46th president.

He said that "this election is far from over."

He added that Biden "was in a hurry to present himself as a fraudulent winner", noting that his campaign would open legal proceedings on Monday.

On Friday night Saturday, Biden refrained from announcing his victory, but expressed optimism that he would become president: "We will win this race with a clear majority, and with the nation behind us," he said in a speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, with his deputy Kamela Harris standing by him.   

At the start of the race, it seemed that Biden, who had previously tried to run for president, would no longer be the Democratic candidate.

The former vice president lost in the first two key states - Iowa and New Hampshire - and then was also defeated in the Nevada primary.

In fact, there is no precedent for a candidate who has lost in these three countries and subsequently won a presidential nomination.

Biden, however, managed to return to the race contrary to all expectations with a sweeping victory in the state of South Carolina. Those who gave the former vice president another chance in the primaries were members of the black community, in which he traditionally enjoys high support. After the victory in South Carolina, the trend changed, and Biden also won in a large number of states on Super Tuesday, including the key state of Florida, and moved to lead the race at the expense of his socialist rival Bernie Sanders.

As the wind in the sails of the emerging Democratic candidate increased, stability in the U.S. only faltered, with crisis after crisis. It began with the first reports of the Corona virus. Biden has downplayed his public appearances and largely moved to running a virtual campaign. In what will become a key feature of his campaign, the former vice president has tried to walk between the drops - on the one hand he has expressed support for the president in times of crisis, and on the other he has criticized his conduct.

Biden has come under heavy criticism from his camp for claiming he is too soft and conciliatory, and while Trump has received endless media coverage daily, Democrats have struggled to gain public attention.

But his strategy began to show in the polls, and the gap in his favor began to widen.

Biden went on to consolidate his status as a "responsible adult."

Biden has chosen Sen. Camela Harris of California to be his running mate and vice president.

Harris will be the first vice president, and she is expected to fill Biden's place if he is not fit for the job. 

With Harris by his side, Biden continued to run a balanced campaign, some would say even boring, and tried to position himself as the opposite of the current president, who created public outcry and drew fire almost daily.

Step by step, without large rallies and with very few public appearances, the former vice president came to a moment he had been waiting for perhaps his entire political career: the official announcement of him as the Democratic presidential candidate.

The Democratic convention, which was supposed to be one of the highlights of the campaign, was finally held in the spirit of these days - with no audience and remote broadcasts.

Biden made his big speech on the last day of the conference as someone who positioned himself as the clear favorite on the one hand, but on the other hand as someone who barely spoke, and earned Trump the derogatory nickname "Sleepy Joe."

But while the entire U.S. seemed to be waiting for the mouthpieces typical of a former vice president, Biden delivered a stately, coherent and unifying speech. "The president has been enveloping America in the dark for too long," Biden said, staring at the camera. Former Vice President Mark V for his speech at the conference, which many commentators hailed as the best speech of his career. The Republican convention, held a few days later, failed to surpass the Democratic one, and Biden's lead in the polls only grew. 

When he seems to have only something to lose, Biden arrived in late September for his first televised confrontation with Trump.

Almost from the first moment, what was supposed to be a civilized debate slipped into conflict, with President Trump interrupting Biden over and over again.

The former vice president did not remain obligated, calling Trump "the worst president America has ever had."

It seems that no one will remember from the meeting promises or plans, but mainly insults that the candidates hurled at each other, including when Biden shouted at the president "Maybe shut up, man?"

To the delight of the Democratic candidate, he may not have won the confrontation, but Trump seems to have lost more.

A few days after the first confrontation, Trump fell ill in Corona, and Biden's numbers in the polls grew even more pronounced.

The second and final confrontation, which took place about two weeks later, was a little more civilized, but did not fundamentally change the picture of support for the candidates.

The political experience

Joseph Rubin Biden Jr., is a professional, institutional and experienced politician who has known the American political system from the inside since the late 1960s.

Biden was elected by Barack Obama to serve as vice president precisely because of his extraordinary acquaintance with Washington, which was acquired during seven terms in the U.S. Senate, his high personal loyalty and adherence to the values ​​of the Renewable Democratic Party, founded in the 1960s and 1970s as a counter-reaction to the same democratic establishment. 

This month will mark the 78th anniversary of Biden, an unprecedented age for an American president beginning his term.

In contrast, Ronald Reagan, a senior U.S. president, has ended his term and second at Biden's age today. However, it should be noted that Trump is a total of three years younger than him.

Biden was born into a lower-middle-class Catholic family who moved to the Delaware state.

Already at school age the young Biden discovered, in addition to talent in football and baseball, leadership ability and a political conscience.

He participated in a protest against the racial segregation and discrimination of African Americans in housing.

He began his political career as an intern with a Republican congressman.

Biden admits to this day that he identified with the Republican Party's historical values, but disliked her then-presidential candidate, Richard Nixon.

The personal tragedy

After completing his doctorate in law, Biden joined the Democratic Party and was elected a councilor in New Castel, his county of residence.

Biden married Neila Hunter and the couple had three children, two sons, Bo and Hunter and a daughter named Naomi Christina.

In 1972, Biden ran for a Senate seat on behalf of the state of Delaware.

Biden, who was then a young and anonymous candidate faced a veteran and well-known Republican opponent named James Boggs.

No Democratic candidate wanted to face the veteran Boggs but Biden, an energetic and handsome young man, managed to sweep voters behind him and defeat Boggs.

But alongside the impressive victory, Biden suffered a severe disaster.

His wife and toddler daughter were killed in a car accident and his two sons were moderately injured in the accident.

Biden was sworn in to the Senate in a conference room at the hospital where he was hospitalized in New York.

So his political path, he started while mentally broken and taking care of two boys in the process of rehabilitation. 

Despite this, the energetic Joe did not give up on his political career and went on to win post after term in office in the Senate.

He is considered an eloquent speaker, albeit somewhat lengthy, and took part in some of the important reforms passed by the Democrats in the second half of the twentieth century.

Biden is considered one of the "poorest" senators with a personal fortune estimated at a few hundred thousand dollars.

He remarried in 1981 to Jill Jacobs and they had a daughter.

Biden claimed that his relationship with Jill saved his life and his political career.

Another tragedy that befell Biden occurred in 2015, when his eldest son died of cancer at the age of 46. The late son served as Delaware's attorney general and planned to run for governor.

This was one of the reasons for his decision not to take part in the 2015 presidential race. 

The Obama administration and its attitude toward Israel 

In 2007, Biden ran for the Democratic nomination in the presidential race.

It was the second time Biden had tried his luck among the Democratic voter and he had a hard time raising funds and attracting fans.

An unfortunate utterance towards an African-American candidate has sealed the lid on Biden's campaign.

The same African-American candidate was Biden's partner on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Barack Obama.

The two were not political allies but Obama was impressed with Biden's ability to appeal to middle - class voters and the energy he puts into his campaign. 

Later, Obama elected Biden as his deputy, beginning eight years in which Biden served as vice president.

During his tenure as Vice President, Biden dealt with a wide range of areas of legislation and took an active part in shaping the Obama administration's foreign policy.

During his tenure in the Obama administration, Biden took part in disputes that arose between the administration and Jerusalem.

Biden himself even took a clear stance when he boycotted Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress in 2012. 

However, Biden is considered a clear representative of the pro-Israel camp in the Democratic Party, parts of which are increasingly officers in their anti-Israel policies.

Biden's legislative record is clearly considered pro-Israel, and over the years he has not spared sympathetic statements to Israel. 

Biden offers a kind of compromise regarding President Trump's policy toward Israel.

On the one hand, Biden refrained from declaring that he would return the US embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, as his rival Bernie Sanders did, but he stated that he would work to reach an agreement with Iran similar to the nuclear deal he signed as part of the Obama administration. 

Affair and big mouth 

Along with his rich experience and familiarity with the political system in the United States and the global arena, Biden is not without scandals.

One of the cases that cast a heavy shadow over his election is the involvement of his son Hunter in a corruption case, in which the activity of the lobbyist son of an American company was suspected before the authorities in Ukraine.   

Although no criminal proceedings have been instituted against Hunter, the affair and President Trump's involvement in an attempt to investigate it have succeeded in casting a shadow of involvement in capital-government ties on Biden Sr. 

Another case that hurt Biden's dealings is a complaint filed against him by Terra Reed, who worked as an intern in his office in the 1990s, because the senator sexually assaulted her.

Six other women claimed Biden sexually harassed them, but did not file a complaint.

Biden himself denied the allegations, but even liberal media outlets have questioned his conduct. 

In addition to these issues, Biden is known in the Democratic Party as having provided a host of problematic statements.

President Obama even once asked in frustration that "Is there a possibility that Biden will not say something stupid?".

The current electoral system also had things to say about Biden was forced to apologize, for example, when comparing black students poor students. 

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