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The Great Escape Israel today


3,000 American soldiers were in Afghanistan. About 35,000 troops are stationed in Germany, about 80,000 in Japan and South Korea. Probably the fate of the women in Afghanistan is less important than the fate of the rapist and Helena, Adolf and Elsa

Biden and Linken are pumping that "Kabul is not a Saigon," but it was the "presidential moment" of the American president, and it will be engraved on America's humiliation and trauma board.

Although the fall of Kabul and the ensuing shock occurred on Sunday this week, it all started more than a month and a half ago.

July 2, Friday.

"One night they (the Americans) lost all the good will built up in 20 years, the way they left, at night. Without saying a word to the Afghan soldiers whose job it was to patrol around the air base (in gram)," an Afghan soldier said in an island report. .times.

"Within 20 minutes, in the quiet abandonment, the electricity was cut off. The base was engulfed in darkness. The sudden darkness was a signal to the looters."

They came in swarms.

Later began the Taliban race that no one noticed, perhaps also because of the Olympics in Tokyo. Now everyone is memorizing the best-known statement about Joe Biden, which former Secretary of Defense Gates wrote: "There has not been an important foreign and security event in the last four decades that Joe Biden has not made a mistake about." It is said to have been very close for five decades. There are those who recall the statement of Bernard Lewis: "As a friend, the United States cannot be trusted; And as an enemy, it does not frighten anyone. "

Comparisons and Associations Familiar: The fall of Kabul, which only last Thursday was expected to take maybe three months, is on the table of great traumas and humiliations alongside Pig Bay in 1961, the last helicopter to take off from the embassy roof in Saigon in April 1975, and the Revolutionary Guards' takeover of the embassy. In 1979.

But maybe this time it's worse.

Secretary of State Linken and President Biden have corrupted so many words to protest that it is not a saga.

Commentator Walter Russell immediately called this week's events no less than Biden's "Chamberlain Moment."

Three points for thought on the part of Israel, which anxiously overlooks America: a.

An American strategic act that is entirely ideological, and is devoid of pragmatism.

This is the perception that the United States should not hold forces in the Third World no matter what happens as a result.

B. How the military and political elite of the superpower that is Israel's ally behaves. The Americans were unable to predict what had happened. They were unable to plan and carry out the retreat so that it would not be seen as a disgrace and humiliation.


Israel's top security is invested in the American defense system.

Amos Yadlin noted the reconnection with the Americans as a top priority.

The appointments of Mike Herzog and Shimrit Meir are also intended, first and foremost, to connect with the failed democratic government.

Israel needs to find its way back to Netanyahu's doctrine.

Partnership between the great power and the small power - yes.

But no sponsorship, no subordination.

There is no room for distortion even towards important countries when it comes to Israel's security and the region.

President Putin may not have written the latest B'Tselem report, but for quite a few years he was an important partner, a stabilizing factor in Israel's security and the Middle East. .

He was accused of conspiracy.

Along with the American plans, the plan of the Israeli top security officials is also shattered.

The American friend looks like a broken reed and the distorted dream of returning to the nuclear deal goes down.

Now what?

The hinge that held the door

The US was frustrated

that it did not move in a positive direction in Afghanistan, but forgot that the second option is a dramatic collapse

. The universal lessons are clear. walks of life, your values, freedom - even if it is relative - then all statements handsome invalid.

Kabul and other cities in Afghanistan has been developed layer population advancing equality, education and a lifetime of interaction with the western world. it seems that the situation improved the most that Afghanistan could reach it It's the status quo that existed until President Biden's decision a few months ago, to completely evacuate the entire American presence in the country. There were 3,000 and then 2,500 American troops. It's a small force. But that force was like a thin hinge holding the door. .

The American detachment from the area was symbolically expressed in the colorful LGBT flag that was hoisted in the center of Kabul, in the embassy yard, in June this year.

These are the advanced and moral values ​​that General Millie, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, promoted in his army.

He concentrated on purges of army lines from enemies suffering from "white rage."

Military planning and execution were a low priority.

The thing is, there has been no progress.

The question kept coming up, what are our "soldiers" doing in Afghanistan?

3,000 soldiers.

About 35,000 American troops are stationed in Germany, about 80,000 in Japan and South Korea.

Probably the fate of the women in Afghanistan is less important than the fate of the rapist and Helena, Adolf and Elsa.

It is the mental inability to bear a temporary state that does not develop in a positive direction, which ultimately leads to a hasty decision that has the appearance of a decision: to leave!

The main thing is that something has already been done.

Forget that the lack of positive progress does not mean that there can be no sudden collapse in the most negative direction, and who like us knows the dynamics: the one-night withdrawal from the security zone in Lebanon, and the withdrawal within a few days from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria.

It is a fact that the minimal military presence of the Americans enabled the glorious Afghan army that Joe Biden was so proud of, to fight the Taliban and keep it low profile.

As soon as the Americans demonstrated in front of everyone that they do not count the Afghan forces, and fled Bagram more than a month and a half ago, business collapsed.

The difference between Israel and America is that after the events of our collapse, the one-channel and mouth-watering media, which is challenging and haunting, celebrated and closed lines around the perpetrators of the collapse, Ehud Barak and then Arik Sharon.

Disaster Joe has no luck.

The last dose of intellectual integrity remains in the American safe, and no one - not even the most disturbed Trump haters - presents the escape as an achievement.

But the left in Britain and the United States, and especially the Islamists who have taken root in the West, are celebrating. "This is an important defeat for the American empire, politically and ideologically."

Mocked the clogs.

Wells // Photo: EP,

Between Kabul and Durban

The attempt to provoke an antisemitic celebration on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the conference, encounters a reality: the "just" Durban going up



at the end of the month will

mark the 20th anniversary of the

Durban conference. It was proof that the flags of the fight against racism could be wrapped up and the flames of hate and venomous anti-Semitism fired. Few have noticed that the Durban conference closed just days before the 9/11 attacks, in which the Twin Towers were toppled and the Pentagon damaged.

Will the intention to solemnly mark the Anti-Racist Hate Conference really materialize? That's probably not going to happen. Fate wished and the city of Durban became a city sunk in its ruins. In the last two months South Africa, the most just country in the world, has gone up in flames. Commercial and business centers were destroyed in riots and protests. A slightly more extreme version of the devastation riots that took place in the US following the killing of George Floyd.

When you see the punishment that fell on Durban, you might think of something that is a little more than the laughter of fate.

Something more than "thin irony."

But the lesson is that a country like South Africa, which has adopted within its post-apartheid ideology the banner of anti-Zionism and the struggle against the State of Israel, has apparently lost direction.

Part of what seemed obvious at the time, that the fight against Islamist terrorism is just and must be fought by all means, is no longer self-evident.

The Durban Conference, dubbed by some as the Postmodern Venice Conference, breathed life into the monster of defining Zionism as racism.

The left refuses to perceive that the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIS, Fatah and al-Aqsa Brigades are closer to Nazism than to Islam.

Even on this there is a war of ideas, and the good ones in retreat, in defense;

And the bad guys in the onslaught.

B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence organizations have in fact adopted the doctrine of the Durban Conference for the Elimination of the State of Israel by isolating it from all international institutions, and through a campaign of boycott and sanctions.

But hey, that's freedom of expression, no?

This encouraged Goldreich behind the lines of the High Court.

Who silences poets?

There is a difference between "populism" and "decent populism", and it is evident in loud interviews and pre-labeling of "suspects"

The poet Yitzhak Laor once used the phrase "decent populism."

It means they said about you.

This means that an unbearable situation has arisen in a free country, where poets or artists will no longer be able to publish.

Or view.

Because they said about them.

Decent populism is an important concept.

The recent fashionable discourse on the left is against "populism," and refers to the era of seemingly vociferous populism of the right, of Benjamin Netanyahu.

This is in contrast to the current inclusive and thinking coalition.

But decent populism corrupts deeply while outspoken populism, as in one of the recent Yedioth interviews, is meant to mobilize political power.

The "decent" court decisions.

For example, Prof. Oded Goldreich and the Israel Prize.

The award is simply necessary so that he can attach his name to letters and petitions in the foreseeable future.

Decent populism corrupts because silence is accompanied by piles of text that nullify the presumption of innocence, and instead of legal proceedings comes the procedure of silencing the poets.

The citizen is still serving

80 years to

Orson Welles 'masterpiece, perhaps a new and courageous version of what is happening today

is not too late to commemorate 80 years of Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane." At the Jerusalem Festival, which opens next week, Wells' film "Like a Fake" will be screened. A great movie in itself. But even though at the end of last year, in honor of the 80th anniversary, David Fincher's film "Maneck" was released, it seems that "The Citizen" kept a low profile.

There were no reruns of the film. In the last two years Orson Welles has been brought back to the center of the stage when "The Other Side of the Wind" came out, an attempt by Peter Bogdanovich to fulfill Wells' latest cinematic dream. But the mythical citizen Kane deserves a re-examination these days. In the last generation it has been on the decline - in the eyes of some of the classic film rating impressions.

This is due to his past involvement in the directing, writing and filming techniques of the film.

The young creators once admired it.

Today less.

But the content, there is also such a thing in cinema, may seem more intriguing.

There is no familiar American fascination here with the violence of criminal organizations.

Not sex either.

Except for "Rosebad."

What is there are motifs of politics, business and the press.

"You'll take care of the pictures, I'll already take care of the war," Kane quotes William Hurst as saying.

"But what will people think ?!"

Warns Kane his friend Jedidia Leland.

"What I'll tell them to think," Kane cuts.

In "G as in Fake," Wells also mocks the cologne of art when he portrays the mythological painting forger Elmir de Hori, the Hungarian whose professional dignity made him proud that he paints "Matisse" better than Matisse, and much faster.

The audience, even in the well-known museums, is sometimes confronted with a replica (forgery?) Of a masterpiece without knowing that the source is in the restoration in the cellars.

In 1941 William Randolph Hurst, the mighty press mogul, was not strong enough to suppress the production of "Citizen Kane"; Nowadays, the Salzberger on duty is strong enough to prevent in advance the creation of "Citizen Arthur" on the newspaper that showed sympathy for the Nazis, and moved the Holocaust to page 6 below. The pre-scripts are a dramatization of editorials in the New York Times. 

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