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Itamar learns that he should reduce Karin, and this is a recipe for disaster Israel today


Itamar and Karin fought, and again Karin was the one who apologized, only this time she took it too far • Where are the experts? We would have expected a couple meeting rather than a one-sided gesture

The episode that aired last night (Saturday) began with smiles, hugs and kisses, and continued with gestures of reconciliation and unilateral investment on Karin's part towards Itamar.

I want a moment to compliment Karin, because she deserves it.

She has an amazing ability to put the sediment and ego aside and move on, it's really not obvious, and I take my hat off to her face.

This ability of hers allows her to reach higher and better places in a couple system.

Her investment, as seen in the episode, was very high.

Both an accurate reconciliation gift and an evening in a restaurant, when everything is tailored to Itamar's dimensions, after listening to him and sewing a perfect evening for him.

There is no doubt that he enjoys the attention and investment, just as any man would enjoy the investment of his partner.

Neither do we.

Karin, from "Wedding at First Sight"

At the same time, this excess investment is a bit jarring in light of the situation from the previous chapter and in light of past scenarios.

During the two weeks that Karin and Itamar were together, we watched three quarrels, in the end Karin was always the conciliator.

The previous two times she hurried to apologize to Itamar, the third time she brought him a present and organized an entire evening for him according to his measurements.

What will be next time?

This connection of a quarrel, Itamar who is offended and shuts down and Karin who hurries to apologize, does not do good to their relationship and certainly does not serve her.

In fact, he reduces it.

She does not stand on her own, she does not explain what made her behave the way she did, she does not blame Itamar for his mistakes that caused the quarrel.

What does she do?

She dismisses herself and hurries to apologize.

It's good for the short term, but very bad for the long term.

Itamar's mistakes in the last quarrel were bigger than Karin's mistake, so it's hard to accept the big gestures she makes towards him.

Remember when Omri behaved negatively about the turtles while he and Maayan were on a honeymoon?

In this quarrel we saw the conversation between them after the incident, and also Omri's small gesture of reconciliation towards Maayan, when he bought her a present and put her on the bed.

To me it was lovely.


Because it was done in the right proportions and because we as spectators witnessed the incident, the quarrel, and the conversation that followed.

In the case of Itamar and Karin, we witnessed the incident, we did not witness the quarrel itself (but fragments of information from what each one said separately to the camera), not the conversation that followed, not the apology, but the gestures of reconciliation that followed.

Karin's Reconciliation Facilitator,

Beyond the holes in the plot, it seems that Karin is simply reducing herself in front of Itamar.

When did she stand on her own in front of him?

He humiliated her (and not for the first time), bullied him when he got up in the middle of their conversation and left (according to her testimony, we did not see) and ignored her feelings when she went to bed alone.

For us, in the morning she wanted to go without a hug and a kiss, and after all that she came home with gestures of reconciliation and organizing an entire evening for him.

Itamar points out that every time he abuses her, belittles her and humiliates her, she will try to please him and appease him with various gestures.

He points out that it is not only okay to treat her like that, but even desirable, because there is a reward for the happy winner.

Trendy editing

Because we as viewers understand a thing or two in life, we understand that there are holes in the plot here.

Hence, the biggest mistake in yesterday's episode is not that of Karin or Itamar, but of the editors.

We did not see the quarrel, we did not see the way it was done until reconciliation, we did not hear the arguments of the parties and the point of view of each of them, we did not hear apologies, we did not see who took the first step.

We saw nothing, we only saw the reconciliation.

I want to ask why such a quarrel, which was the biggest quarrel so far this season (even Ben and Manor did not quarrel when they decided to separate), does not lead to a session at the clinic?

It is requested that the couple was invited to a media conversation in which each one presents his side accompanied and guided by Yael.

Isn't that part of the show?

If there was such a session, in which Karin would understand that Itamar feels that she does not appreciate his investment, that for him he only gives and gives and she does not give anything back, we would see Karin's reconciliation gestures in a much more positive way than we saw yesterday, we would see the learning process its.

If there was such a scene, in which Itamar would understand his mistakes, explain and apologize, even then we would accept the reconciliation between them in a much better, sympathetic and positive way.

The author is the author of the practical guide to creating a relationship: "From all my educational educators" - all the secrets that have never been told to you to create a relationship.

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