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Funny triumph among students: Scholz “freaks out”, Baerbock sings - Laschet calls Spahn quickly


The chancellor candidates currently appear on TV almost every evening. Now they had to prove themselves in front of children in the classroom - and sniffed one time or the other.

The chancellor candidates currently appear on TV almost every evening.

Now they had to prove themselves in front of children in the classroom - and sniffed one time or the other.

Berlin - children can be cruel.

You hear this saying over and over again.

All the more exciting that the three candidates for chancellor faced schoolchildren in the classroom before the general election.

The politicians punched these holes with a multitude of questions on the Sat.1 program “Kannste Kanzleramt”.

Private, professional, anecdotes from previous life and a few tricky tasks were included.

The prominent visitors had to take a deep breath again and again.

Annalena Baerbock in the classroom before the general election: "Did you feel guilty about copying?"

Each of the candidates came to visit for around an hour. And the students were well prepared. For example, they wanted to know from Green candidate Annalena Baerbock why she is in favor of a speed limit and what actually is climate neutrality. But that was not enough: "Did you feel guilty when copying it?" Someone wants to know, referring to the plagiarism allegations about Baerbock's book. "Caught", one might think as a viewer, but Baerbock explained her approach in a few sentences. That she made a lot of notes over the years, read a lot. At some point she then forgot to indicate where the information came from. “That wasn't right,” she admitted to the children about her mistake.

A real mood arose when Baerbock was supposed to sing with the students.

“I can't sing at all,” laughed Baerbock, and added jokingly: “If I'm supposed to sing now, I'll definitely lose the federal election.” But the students persisted.

“We will rock you” is voiced at the end, everyone clapped their hands and hit the table in time with the rhythm.

(Left slide or traffic light - you can find out what comes after election day in our politics newsletter.)

Laschet asks himself questions from the students: "Do you still like Markus Söder now?"

Union candidate Armin Laschet also paid a visit to the students. A question about his friends in politics gave him a bit of thought. "I have a lot of friends outside of politics," he preferred to clarify first. “With your real friends, you know they're still there when you're no longer a politician. It could also be that you lose one day. ”But back to the question:“ In politics, that's one of the things. Of course, everyone is fighting to get their ideas accepted. But there is also a lot that I can very much rely on. ”He did not give any specific names. Later, however, a student hooked up to the dispute with CSU boss Markus Söder about the candidacy for chancellor. "Do you still like him now?" "Yes," replied Laschet. They called "now and then".Even after such tough days, you have to be able to work well together.

Schoolchildren want to know more about Laschet's laugh in the flood area

He did not want to give out in front of the children what Laschet laughed about in the flood area.

Instead he repeated: “That was stupid.” He couldn't hear a word of Steinmeier's speech, “and then someone made a stupid remark and then these pictures were taken.

That was stupid, I'm sorry too.

But it's not worth going into further.

It wasn't that important. "

In the end, the students had one more great wish: Laschet should call Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But Laschet explained: “I never call them.

I always write: 'Does it fit now?' ”Then periods of time would usually come back.

“It's not that easy to call the Federal Chancellor.” So another minister should be called.

Laschet took out his cell phone, a short time later Health Minister (and tandem partner) Jens Spahn (CDU) was on it.

A short chat over the loudspeaker about Corona, then everyone seemed satisfied.

Olaf Scholz shows children angry face when it comes to children's rights

SPD candidate Olaf Scholz was last on the show. “What are you most afraid of?” He was asked. “I am worried that the world will not be peaceful, that there will be war somewhere. I think that's the worst. And that's why you have to ensure peace when you are Chancellor. ”Another extreme that the children wanted to know:“ What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? ”The answer remained sober:“ Oh, there are many things and I prefer not to remember it. ”Scattered laughter in the room.

During the game of decision-making, Scholz kept forgetting a rule.

He should hold up the appropriate side of a ladle to answer yes-or-no questions.

On one side of the utensil was an emoji with sunglasses that should stand for "stay cool", on the other side an angry face for "I'm freaking out".

As expected, Scholz hardly used this second page.

But when it came to the issue of the lack of children's rights in the Basic Law, he “freaked out” and showed the red face.

"Because that would be very easy, just a few lines, and I would imagine that it would change quickly," said the SPD politician.

SPD chancellor candidate should play the recorder: "Oh white!"

At one point Scholz was surprised with a recorder. "Ohwei!" He uttered when he took it. He should play a song. But he couldn't really do it anymore. The last time he used such a flute was almost 50 years ago. Nevertheless, Scholz allowed himself to be spread: he blew a few notes and moved his fingers, while the corners of the mouths of some children twisted a little. There is still applause.


Source: merkur

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