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Immigration Wave | The United Kingdom proposes to amend the BNO Visa holder’s certificate to "intentionally" live with the applicant


The British government plans to amend the "Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules", which covers the Hong Kong BNO "5+1" immigrant visa provisions. One of the amendments is listed

The British government plans to amend the "Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules" to cover the provisions of the Hong Kong BNO "5+1" immigrant visa. One of the amendments states that the applicant (ie, non-BNO holder) ) And BNO holders must prove that they "intend to live together in the UK." The provisions are expected to take effect on the 6th of next month.

Some immigration consultants pointed out that after obtaining visas, many family immigration cases give their children "children" to enjoy free education locally, while the parents or one of them return to work in Hong Kong to make money. Even if they stay in the UK for a sufficient period each year, the practice is contrary to "family reunion". The original intent of the policy is, "What will happen after 5 years? No one knows. Can parents return to work in Hong Kong to prove that they intend to live together?" If they fail to prove that the family "lives together in the UK", 5 There may be variables in obtaining the right of abode after the year, and it is estimated that the amendment is intended to fix the loopholes.

▼6.30 Airport drop-off scenario▼


The United Kingdom issued the "Immigration Regulation Amendment Document" on the 10th of this month to amend the provisions of immigrant visas in many countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Israel, EU member states, and Hong Kong.

Among the amendments to the Hong Kong BNO "5+1" provisions, it is stated that the applicant's partner must be a BNO holder and has been granted a BNO visa to enter the UK, and the applicant must live with the BNO holder intending to (intend to).

For paragraph HK 13.7., substitute

“HK 13.7. The applicant and the BN(O) Status Holder must intend to live together throughout the applicant's stay in the UK."

Immigration consultant: Parents return to Hong Kong for a long time or fail to prove that they are living with their children

Some immigration consultants pointed out that the British government’s immigration policy has always focused on “family reunion” and does not encourage “breaking up the first family”. "Tidy" developed in the UK.

However, many immigration cases now show that when a family arrives in the UK, the parents will entrust their children to the locals to take care of them, some of which involve fee-based services, while the parents or one of them return to Hong Kong to continue to work and earn money, which is contrary to the original intent of the immigration policy.

The immigration consultant analyzed that since young children can enjoy free education in the UK, the proposed amendments are aimed at plugging the loopholes. It is necessary to prove that the applicant and the BNO holder live together in the UK. "In fact, no one knows what will happen after 5 years. If I stay in the UK for 180 days a year, but when I return to work in Hong Kong, can I prove that I intend to live together? Eventually, it may be reviewed by the Home Office (Ministry of the Interior) or relevant departments."

Certificate of full support of the responsible child or no need to apply at the same time

The revised provisions also involve application procedures. In the past, applicants must apply for visas together with their parents who hold BNOs. After the revision of the provisions, after the parents who hold BNOs complete the application, they only need to prove that they have sole responsibility for the applicant. for the applicant's upbringing), both parties do not need to apply for a visa at the same time.

▼On 7.19 the airport reappeared to move to the UK residents and their relatives and friends to drop off the plane▼



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