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Cristina Kirchner's rage at the bunker meeting with Alberto Fernández


They met before the presidential speech. It was hard for her to accept failure. Behind the scenes of the talks between the President and his vice president, José Pablo Feinmann struck down Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, and surprised Mauricio Macri with praise First survey in Province for the general: it was carried out by the consulting firm that has been forecasting the best in 2021

Nicolas Wiñazki

09/14/2021 19:02

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Updated 9/14/2021 8:48 PM

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández had a meeting alone at the worst time, in the place they could, both

angry, frustrated.

Humiliated and offended

. It was last Sunday night. The defeat of the Front of All in Open, Simultaneous and Obligatory Primaries (PASO) had been confirmed in fact. Until eight o'clock at night, the leaders of the government coalition believed that, at least, the candidate for the list of deputies of Buenos Aires, Victoria Tolosa Paz, would obtain between three, four, five, six, seven, eight percentage points of votes for those of his two main adversaries added together, Diego Santilli and Facundo Manes. It was the other way around. He won the opposition in the district where the united PJ was supposed to be invincible. The tide of votes against the ruling party also occurred in emblematic provinces where the K's successes used to be sung: Santa Cruz, Chaco, La Pampa, Entre Ríos, to give examples among several others.

The Fernándezes had to face society not only with the worst possible electoral scenario.

Although the true general elections that will change the system of forces in Congress, the true all-or-nothing power struggle, will be on November 14, the first test of Sunday's elections shocked the leaders of the ruling party.

The triumphalist mood of the afternoon was uneasiness and anger on the night of bunker K.

The intrigues and internal affairs of the Frente de Todos had been unleashed several weeks ago.

Part of the K coalition was trying to advance over

the already relative autonomy that the Fernández government has


The vice had suggested that she should change her Cabinet.

The group La Cámpora does not stop in its objective of adding spaces in a management that they describe as lackluster, disjointed, full of forced and unforced errors.

The defeat in the PASO accelerated on the same Sunday night the feeling that the electoral failure had a main responsible: the President.

The meeting alone with his vice, at the same time, took place in the midst of that climate of mistrust and multiple reproaches.

The dialogue between the two Fernández had the tone that two political leaders of that stature usually have when analyzing an unexpected electoral catastrophe.

It cost her more than others to face failure


The vice was upset and at times angry but with a cold mind at the same time.

He lived a thousand choices in his life.

The confirmation of that talk between the Fernándezes, without witnesses, was confirmed by Clarín by qualified sources of the ruling party.

In that meeting, organized in a hurry in an office in bunker K, she would have listed to him what she considers were errors that affected the common political space.

He, to her, interferences in the daily management that end up entangling the bureaucracy and confronting officials who belong to genealogies other than that dysfunctional family that is the Frente de Todos.

La Cámpora versus the more "orthodox" PJ, or "albertista", two ethereal identities The vice would have asked the Head of State to hurry changes in the Cabinet.

Although the return of the Fernándezes could be understood as a meeting of reproaches, raised in tone, between leaders who disagree on bad terms without being able to agree on a consensus, the sources insist that it was a nervous dialogue for obvious reasons but with a common objective and conciliation .

"We are all at the top of the Front of All, we all have to do well and the worst thing we can do is divide or escalate the internal fights that exist, of course," described a source familiar with the meeting on Sunday between the President and vice president. .

In that meeting it was agreed that the speech accepting defeat would be given by Fernández (Alberto) and that she would accompany him in silence.

The vice, say those who saw and spoke with her that night, was under altered emotions.

Political anxieties and concerns.

Beyond what was agreed in the face to face, at midnight, and even more so, the next morning, the officials closest to her who began to promote in the media that the Government should change ministers of immediate mud to start the new campaign with another style and other protagonists.

Fernández (Alberto) resists this advance and made it known in various ways.

On Monday he arrived at the Casa Rosadas together with the first lady, Fabiola Yáñez (criticized in the K oor "Olivosgate" intern), and led an announcement along with several ministers, such as the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmán;

that of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas;

and the Chief of Staff, among others.

Yáñez accompanied his partner during those announcements.

On the other hand, the head of Labor, will call a meeting to discuss an increase in the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary, a measure that the vice asked to be specified in the closing act of the electoral campaign.

The ministers mentioned are the exact ones that Fernández (Cristina) considers that they should be replaced.

It would not happen.

For now.

On the same Monday, the vice met in the Senate with the Interior Minister, Eduardo de Pedro, with his son Máximo Kirchner, and the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kiciloff.

"It was a diagnostic meeting," one source described it within its content.

Guzmán and Cafiero were criticized in that other summit of the ruling party.

"You have to be patient to see what we do and with whom," explained a leading La Cámpora leader.

The vice was worried, among other defeats, by the fall of the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza, one of her "favorites" among the "camper" militancy.

The new campaign started.

The old intrigues of the Frente de Todos continue.

Source: clarin

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