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Söder announces innovation in Bavaria - Piazolo makes a big promise to schoolchildren and parents when they start school


The Bavarian cabinet discussed the consequences of the corona pandemic and today's school start on Tuesday. An overview of the results of the press conference.

The Bavarian cabinet discussed the consequences of the corona pandemic and today's school start on Tuesday.

An overview of the results of the press conference.

  • Piazolo talks about starting school in Bavaria and the new test options.

    (see update 1:18 p.m.)

  • State Chancellery Minister Herrmann speaks about the corona development in the Free State and rejects criticism by the Greens of the IAA.

    (Updates at 1:05 p.m. and 1:10 p.m.)

  • Markus Söder * had already announced an innovation for the Free State

    (initial notification)

  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

Update from September 14th, 2 p.m.:

The ministers did not announce much new at the press conference after the Bavarian cabinet meeting.

Söder had already announced in advance that the PCR pool test - in the form of lollipop tests - can now also be used in day-care centers if the respective municipality so wishes.

State Chancellery Minister Herrmann was pleased with the slight decrease in the corona numbers and gave a positive balance sheet for the IAA in Munich.

He firmly rejected the criticism of the Greens.

Piazolo summed up the start of school today and emphasized that it was still the top priority that the entire school year could take place in attendance.

The new PCR pool tests at elementary and special schools are another important step.

He also wishes all students “a good start to the new school year”.

Press conference after the meeting of the Bavarian Cabinet for reading

1.45 p.m.:

A journalist asks whether the decisions will still apply after the election.

Holetschek reacts indignantly: "Of course, the virus has no election dates." After this exchange of words, the press conference is now over.

1.40 p.m.:

The vaccination of adolescents from 12 years of age is continuing.

25 percent of young people are already fully vaccinated.

Holetschek expects an increase in those willing to vaccinate in this age group in the near future.

1.35 p.m.:

When asked, Holetschek explains that new measures will only be taken as soon as the hospital traffic light turns red.

Whether a 2G rule would then also be possible will be clarified as soon as the time comes.

In his opinion, vaccinated and convalescent people should no longer receive any new restrictions.

1:31 p.m.:

After a request from


, Piazolo emphasized again that the whole school year should take place in attendance. This is the ultimate goal. It was noticed that in distance lessons you often cannot “reach” all students properly. With regard to the mask requirement in schools, he says that it will soon be decided how to proceed with it. The measure is not easy, but it is still necessary to ensure classroom teaching and to make schools safe.

1:26 p.m.:

Holetchek has the floor and goes back to the hospital traffic light.

It is noticeable that the number of patients in the intensive care beds is increasing.

At the moment, Bavaria is still on green.

The topic of vaccination is again the focus this week.

“Vaccination is the way out of the pandemic.

We have to motivate people again, ”said the Minister of Health.

He is pleased that Stiko has now also recommended the vaccination for pregnant women.

He hopes that this will also come for the booster vaccinations.

The quarantine rules will be expanded in the near future.

Family Minister Trautner on the testing options in day-care centers

1:25 p.m.:

In some cases, vaccination offers will also be organized in schools.

The goal is still classroom teaching and as much normality as possible, says Piazolo.

He wishes all students a good start into the new school year.

Family Minister Carolina Trautner the floor and speaks about the daycare regulations in the Free State.

Children and parents adhere to the Corona rules in daycare centers, according to Trautner.

You have a comprehensive test concept, with rapid antigen tests.

In the case of employees who are not vaccinated, there is now an obligation to provide evidence of a test.

The test concept is expanded to include a further test option.

In the future, the municipalities will be able to decide whether they want to switch to PCR pool tests.

The Free State of Bavaria will cover the costs at a flat rate, according to Trautner.

Education Minister Piazolo on the start of school in Bavaria

1:18 p.m.:

Now Minister of Culture Piazolo has the floor.

The first day of school in Bavaria starts today with 1.6 million students.

Piazolo emphasizes that there have never been so many teachers in Bavaria as this year.

This year, schooling is again possible with both parents and siblings.

One would like to have as much normality as possible this school year, and school trips should also take place again.

There are numerous rules for this, such as the mask requirement and testing.

What is new here is that PCR pool tests are now being used in elementary and special schools.

Two samples are taken each, which are then sent to the laboratories.

The parental consent is still pending.

Piazolo appeals to all parents to do the same.

The results of the tests will come at around 7 p.m.

Before the next day of school, the second sample should make it clear which student it is.

State Chancellery Minister Herrmann rejects Greens criticism of the IAA

1:10 p.m.:

According to Herrmann, the criticism of the Greens' parliamentary group of the IAA is incomprehensible.

Of course, everyone would be free to look at everything again.

The criticism of the Greens was due to the election campaign, according to Herrmann.

The Bavarian security strategy works very well at major events: "De-escalation through strength".

We are therefore satisfied with the work of the police in the context of the IAA.

1:07 p.m.:

Herrmann goes into the IAA auto show.

All those involved are satisfied with the process.

400,000 thousand visitors to Corona conditions are "very remarkable".

The media reach was also enormous.

It was the third largest media event after the Olympic Games and the European Championship.

The IAA is warmly welcome again to Bavaria next year.

Corona in Bavaria: Herrmann sees a slight decrease in the corona numbers

1:05 p.m

.: The hospitalization, which you can read out in the hospital traffic light, has increased compared to the previous week.

"Thank God we are still a long way from the red value," said Herrmann.

Most of the patients in the intensive care beds are not vaccinated.

Hence another appeal by Herrmann to please get vaccinated.

"Vaccination is the answer".

1 p.m .:

The press conference starts on time. Minister of State Herrmann has the floor. For the first time, the meeting took place in attendance again, said Herrmann. He takes a look at the current corona numbers in Bavaria. “Finally a slight decrease compared to the previous week,” explains Herrmann. That is good news. The incidence has also decreased slightly compared to the previous day. Herrmann describes the development as a “somewhat reduced and less dynamic increase”. The end of the vacation could, however, be a slight increase again.

Update September 14, 12.50 p.m.:

The press conference starts in ten minutes after the cabinet meeting.

State Chancellery Minister Florian Herrmann, Minister of Education Michael Piazolo and Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek will provide information on the results of the consultations.

Update September 14, 12.20 p.m.:

There are still forty minutes until the press conference with Minister of Culture Piazolo.

It will be interesting to see whether the cabinet around Prime Minister Söder will decide on new regulations or whether everything should go as explained last.

First report:

Munich - Today, Tuesday (September 14), around 1.64 million boys and girls in Bavaria are going back to schools.

With regard to the Corona Ordinance, the Free State relies on mask requirements and Corona * tests in schools.

The start of school is also the focus for the Bavarian cabinet (10:00 a.m.).

After the last session, Söder announced numerous new corona relaxations * and introduced the new hospital traffic light for Bavaria.

Corona in Bavaria: Cabinet is dedicated to starting school and the consequences of the pandemic

Today's meeting will probably deal with the question of how pupils who are older than 12 years can be offered vaccinations in the coming weeks and how the risk of infection can be kept as low as possible for younger people.

One will also talk about the consequences of the corona pandemic, according to a message from the Bavarian State Ministry.

At the beginning of the school year, the incidence, i.e. the number of new infections within a week, is no longer primarily decisive for the course of the lessons, but the occupancy of the hospitals.

In younger people, the course of the disease is usually less problematic than in older people.

Nevertheless, there are also risks here, including with regard to possible long-term consequences.

Söder announces an innovation in advance

Bavaria also wants to introduce the so-called lollipop tests at the Bavarian daycare centers.

"We want even more security in the daycare centers," said Prime Minister Söder of the

Augsburger Allgemeine

(Tuesday), "we will therefore enable the lollipop tests at the request of the parents." The municipalities should therefore have the choice of whether they want the lollipop tests with the PCR standard introduce or continue to rely on voluntary self-tests.

"The Free State will take over the costs," explained Söder.

(tkip / dpa) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

By the way: Our Bavaria newsletter informs you about all developments and results from the Free State about the upcoming federal election - and of course about all other important stories from Bavaria.

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