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Opinion | The token went down in August 2023, when Bennett and Shaked shifted power to the left Israel today


Once Bennett is replaced by Torch, the government will be more of Michaeli and Zandberg, and less of Shaked and Elkin - that is, what is left of them ideologically • This simple truth, the "babysitters" see clearly

I start from the assumption that the extent and intensity of popular opposition to the Lapid-Bennett government also surprises the publicists of the offices of the prime ministers - the incumbent and the alternate.

No matter how much they label it as a "rampant incitement" of "burnt-out babysitters" - this resistance movement is burning, and probably expanding as well.

And the reason it surprises the architects of change is the paternalism typical of their districts: after the shock, they told themselves and the cameras, come reconciliation.

People will see that the sky is not falling, that there is life even after Netanyahu, that they even manage to work together and bring achievements.

The bitterness will pass.

Indeed, there are achievements, or at least visual images of branded achievements: vaccination and fourth-wave containment ("Delta"), a visit to the White House ("historic"), the capture of most fleeing terrorists ("quietly and professionally"), a visit to Egypt ("New Winds") ") And of course - the transfer of the budget (" end to chaos ").

Even as remnants of decor - it's not bad for three months.

What until the election was "unthinkable" is now becoming a political ideal that only those who are still in the wilderness of the old world have not yet realized

The shock did pass, but the rage did not subside.

Far from it.

And this pushes the backdrops of imagery to produce a narrative of a "marginal cult" that is incapable of releasing and advancing, or, alternatively, of describing the aversion to the right and new hope as a psychopolitical response in the face of "successes."

In other words, bibists eat the heart.

It is not always clear whether these logics are stated outwardly or inwardly, whether they serve political marketing goals or self-satisfaction impulses. But one clear, conspicuous and spectacular thing is happening here, and that is a metamorphosis in the justification repertoire of the change government. From "Never" before the election, we continued to "Abdominal Pain" and "Heavy Heart" immediately after, then "We had no choice" and "Last resort before the disintegration of the state" on the eve of the signing of the coalition agreement.

Gradually the discourse shifted to "contain the difference" and "progress only in the things we agree on," and within a short time we had already reached the idealization districts of change.

"If Bezalel (Smutrich) understands that the future is to know how to sit with Meretz, Lapid and Merav Michaeli," Edith Silman told the arrogance of a New Age preacher to Israel Today, "this will be the beginning of true redemption."

Indeed, Silman, Shaked and their friends make every effort to show that they have more in common today with Zandberg and Michaeli, than with Regev and Struck.

There is no brush that can smear them. "Demonstration of right-wing activists, August 2021, Gideon Markovich

This immortal sentence was said just before the inauguration of the government, and has since become a motto to be emphasized in every way possible: what until the election was "unthinkable" is now becoming a political ideal, a heavenly fulfillment of a sublime vision that only those who have not yet emerged from the darkness Who are still in the primitive wilderness of the old world, have not yet understood.

Thus we are destined to listen to sermons on the new wave of statehood, the bride, progress and political maturity, from figures who not only have no serious electoral validity, but who have fallen into our lives as a result of gray and troublesome pragmatism (Nir Auerbach), conforming to the stereotype of "security values" Matan Kahana) or stretching the Norwegian stunt to the absurd (Yom Tov Kalfon).

Israel's new political aristocracy - in effect, an unelected minority aristocracy - preaches to the electorate and voters of the great (and almost the only) People's and Democratic Party in Israel basic concepts of "proper" political behavior, and mostly teaches them how to "work."

For before them there was no democracy, and no one worked for the public.

The disappearing hand made economic prosperity and security stability and political bloom - not their "predecessors".

The truth in its nakedness

In this climate, Yoaz Handel - the man for whom an partnership with an Arab party was a red line that justified running for another election or violating a core election guarantee on steroids - can say on the radio that he will not sit with the dangerous and dangerous Itamar Ben Gvir, but with Walid Taha - yes. This is what a political incarnation on a mystical scale looks like: Yesterday's 'never' is the longing district of the present. The courage to be a darling of the New York Times. How familiar this melody is to us.

If there is one thing that the growing core of opponents of this government picks up, it is the deep meaning of the metamorphosis - the one that now forms the deep common denominator of the democratic partnership in Israel. Here's another thing that becomes ideal: to present the government and its leader as those who have been liberated from their "base". Ben Caspit put it in a chilling euphoria in Maariv: "He has been released. He can act completely freely. He can do only the things that need to be done, net. Without political weights or millstones around his neck. He should not want voters."

In other words: the public who chose him specifically, and the political camp whose values ​​he once pledged to represent with a lot of pathos on his shoulders, are now a kind of oppressive constraint, a piece of filth clinging to the sole of the shoe that can be scratched on the grass and move on. Orwellian to "the opposite of what you promised."

This is the moment when political deception in Israel has become a legitimate, and even desirable, practice.

It is reminiscent of Yuli Tamir's fantasy of a 12-month dictatorship - provided it brings peace.

When it will no longer be possible to say "there was no choice", Bennett and Shaked will hand over the leadership to the Israeli left on a tray, leaving a national camp dismantled and neutralized for years

And this thing also has an operative expression, and it also smells like miles of "babysitter" miles.

They know that everything is currently manipulative masking noise, and their eyes are already on August 27, 2023 - the date when Yair Lapid will enter the Prime Minister's Office, and Bennett will move to the Interior Ministry.

At that moment, this government will become a little more of Merav Michaeli and Tamar Zandberg - and a little less of Ayelet Shaked and Zeev Elkin, that is - what is left of them on the ideological level.

So, it will no longer be possible to say "there was no choice" and "we saved the country from elections".

In this Shakespearean moment, Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked will hand over the leadership of the state to the Israeli left on a platter, leaving the national camp divided, dismantled and neutralized for years.

This simple and clear truth, the burnt, disturbed, noisy, vulgar and fanatics of the deep and "inflamed" right - is clearly seen.

And they will continue to see her that way, as she is, naked, because even Klughaft does not have a brush that can smear them.

Source: israelhayom

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