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Stephen Hawking: Prediction of electric cars as the final message to humanity


E-cars are also the future for German car manufacturers like Daimler AG. The well-known physicist Stephen Hawking also wrote about electric cars.

E-cars are also the future for German car manufacturers like Daimler AG.

The well-known physicist Stephen Hawking also wrote about electric cars.

Stuttgart - Daimler AG * and other German and international car manufacturers are turning away from the veteran combustion engine and placing their hopes in the electric car. The company from the state capital Stuttgart * has ushered in a new era for the Swabians with the fully electric luxury sedan EQS. The EQS is the first model from Mercedes-Benz that is based on a pure electric architecture. Daimler only wants to build electric cars by 2030 *, and every Mercedes model should also be available in an electric version by 2025. The focus on e-mobility is also required by the EU, which has long been prioritizing an end to combustion engine production.

Climate change is advancing.

Extreme weather conditions are increasing worldwide, such as violent thunderstorms with floods and heavy rain in Germany or devastating forest fires in many European countries, but also in the USA and Australia.

To counteract this, the cars of tomorrow should be powered by batteries and hydrogen.

Stephen Hawking, famous physicist, astrophysicist and professor at the prestigious University of Cambridge, also spoke on the subject.

In a book published shortly after his death, the well-known scientist also wrote about the future of e-cars, as reported by the portal


Daimler AG and Co .: Stephen Hawking on the future of e-cars - "It's very simple"

The electric car has already become an indispensable part of the international auto industry.

In addition to Daimler AG, VW and BMW, which are increasingly converting their production from combustion engines to electric cars, the supposed market leader Tesla has always built exclusively battery-powered vehicles.

According to a study, however, almost every second German does not believe in the breakthrough of the electric car * in the near future.

Daimler boss Ola Källenius also mentioned an important prerequisite * for this.

According to the CEO, the infrastructure for e-charging stations must be significantly expanded.

The e-cars from Daimler AG and other car manufacturers are considered to be significantly more environmentally friendly than the petrol and diesel models.

Instead of burning fossil fuels and thus greenhouse gases

e-cars only run on electricity.

However, this is where the problem begins: If the energy comes from non-renewable energy sources, the e-car is not climate-neutral either.

However, according to Stephen Hawking, the focus on the electric car is a potential change that could help humanity fight climate change.

"It's very simple," wrote the world-famous scientist in his last book, "Brief Answers to the Big Questions," as

reported by


What is important are “the development of the fusion power for an unlimited supply of pure energies and the switch to the electric car,” says Hawking.

According to Stephen Hawking, nuclear fusion can provide an unlimited supply of energy

A major problem with diesel and gasoline engines, in addition to environmental pollution, is that the world's raw materials are not unlimited. The e-cars from Daimler AG and Co., on the other hand, run on electricity, which could theoretically be reproduced indefinitely. Nevertheless, electricity prices continue to rise, especially in Germany. However, international researchers have long been developing a way of generating electricity using nuclear fusion. “Nuclear energy could become a practical source of energy and provide us with an inexhaustible supply of energy,” writes Stephen Hawking in his book. "Without air pollution and global warming."

Although Stephen Hawking passed away in March 2018, his ideas are more relevant than ever. Generating electricity with the help of nuclear fusion could drive the breakthrough of the electric car and thus also benefit Daimler AG and other car manufacturers. However, such a process is still a long way off at the moment. The ITER fusion reactor in Cadarache, France, is to fuse atomic nuclei, reported the


. The federal government is also behind the technology. The merger is “the best technology” for “a clean, safe, affordable energy supply,” said Thomas Bareiß, CDU State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics. In all likelihood, however, a first merger will not take place until 2036.

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