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The Biden administration..Failure is piling up and the strategy of supporting terrorism is constant - Written by: Nasser Munther


In light of the interrogation plays directed by American lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives to the pillars of the Biden administration p

In light of the interrogation plays directed by the American legislators in the Senate and the House of Representatives to the staff of the Biden administration against the backdrop of the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, American officials find no logical justification other than invoking false allegations that the American goals have been achieved behind the invasion of this country, and that Afghanistan no longer represents any Threatening the United States, or blaming the previous Trump administration for the agreement it made with the Taliban without any clear plan for withdrawal, and what is worse than all of that, these officials are promoting other countries that are considered more of a threat to American security than Afghanistan, and Syria among them, because of The presence of ISIS terrorists in those countries.

Biden had paved the way for the marketing of these allegations when he considered that the greatest danger to his country comes from the terrorists of “ISIS and Al-Qaeda” in Syria, to be repeated by his Secretary of State Blinken, these allegations later, adding to them Iraq and Libya, and today the Director of the US National Intelligence Agency Avril Haynes considers that Syria and Iraq Yemen and Somalia represent a greater danger than what comes from Afghanistan, and without any doubt, the presence of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, and the rest of the mentioned countries poses a grave danger to the countries of the entire world, but not to the United States, because they are its creation, and it is the one who exports them to any country. It wants to tamper with its security and stability to achieve its colonial interests.

A few days ago, US occupation warplanes targeted Iraqi headquarters that secure the Syrian-Iraqi border strip from terrorist organizations, and this is the third time in the Biden era that sites in the Syrian-Iraqi border region have been attacked, with the aim of protecting ISIS terrorists whom the US administration claims pose a threat. On its security, is this administration’s claim correct, then, with its relentless attempts to restructure them and restore their ranks to consolidate their position along the Syrian-Iraqi borders? It is clear that the Biden administration’s justifications for defeat in Afghanistan are against reality. However, the aggressive American strategy towards these two countries will remain rooted inside the White House as long as failure remains inherent in its foreign policies, and if ISIS actually poses a real threat to American security, the United States would not have fought the Syrian Arab Army because it is fighting ISIS.Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra” would not have launched their brutal attacks on the positions of the Syrian and Iraqi armies and their auxiliary forces in the field, and logic requires in this case to extend a helping hand to these armies instead of fighting them.

It is clear that the repercussions of the defeat in Afghanistan, America lost what remained of its military prestige, and caused confusion to American policy, and divisions that reached the point of demanding the removal of Biden, demanding Blinken to resign, and asking Secretary of War Lloyd Austin to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for questioning, and this is what prompts American officials To escape forward, and to repeat the lie of fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq due to the continuation of the occupation and aggression against these two countries, ignoring that they did not leave Afghanistan until after ensuring that it would remain an international focal point for all terrorist organizations created by the United States, to use these organizations when their interests require it, and it is sufficient that they They deliberately left a large number of advanced weapons in the hands of the "Taliban" to become the most armed terrorist group in the world thanks to the United States, as described by one of the American lawmakers.

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