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Diego Santilli and Facundo Manes negotiate how to 'assemble' the campaign to retain the votes of the PASO


They prepare a unified command, although the neurologist will maintain his differentiated profile. The first joint activity will be this Tuesday, at the expanded meeting of the national board of Together for Change.

Martin Bravo

09/19/2021 17:39

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Updated 9/19/2021 5:39 PM

While the Government seeks to get out of the crisis unleashed by the defeat in the PASO, Together for the Change remains on the margins of the disputes in the Front of All and defines the next section of the campaign. The national table of the opposition coalition will try to show itself as the

opposite of the ruling party

this Tuesday, in an extended meeting with candidates from all over the country, in a

staging of unity

after the victory in the primaries. Facundo Manes plans to attend and then play a role in the generals, with a

differentiated profile

from the PRO.

We are going to preserve our identity, we are not going to paint ourselves yellow

. The homogeneous nature of Cambiemos was one of the reasons for the failure ”, they advanced close to the neuroscientist. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta received him at his home on Libertador -Diego Santilli and Gastón Manes also attended-, and on that point

he agreed

: with the aim of preserving and even increasing the votes of Juntos, they consider that option more convenient than diluting both lists in the PRO speech. With the turbulence in the Government, and although they do not underestimate Kirchnerism, they estimate that they could exceed 40% in the province.

The strategists on the winning list, while contemplating from the outside the saga of public conflicts in the Frente de Todos (“it's their problem,” said Rodríguez Larreta), dedicated the week to a

detailed analysis of the districts by circuits elections

to plan the next stage of the campaign and reinforce specific areas.

“We have a lot to grow and this is another campaign.

With a different message and approach to the territory

”, advanced a PRO reference.

Diego Santilli, with the mayors Julio Garro and Néstor Grindetti, his campaign manager, during the celebrations in Gonnet.

For the PASO, Santilli prioritized 47 municipalities with the focus on the internal one with Manes, in which it prevailed in 45. By November it will point to the

direct dispute with Kirchnerism

, with the aim of improving the percentage from the growth of participation , the useful vote to "stop" the ruling party and show itself as an alternative for 2023.

“We did a primary school with Facundo in which we bet on

unity in diversity


We both made a good choice, each one contributed their own to the space.

The society voted Together, with their different looks.

Now we will go walking together to every corner of the province, "Santilli winked again during a tour of Ituzaingó. The plan had started the same night of the triumph, with the shared photo.

With Manes there will be

some activities together

, and in turn the neurologist will make districts on his own.

The larretismo proposed to set up an

integrated campaign command

, with representatives from each sector.

Negotiations prior to the primaries, for the bunkers and the staging of the unit, had been led by Néstor Grindetti, Jorge Macri and Julio Garro by the PRO, and Gastón Manes and Maximiliano Abad by the UCR.

The map with the results circulated by the UCR, with the red instead of the yellow of the PRO.


The teams are going to meet and we are going to think about the whole, but the decisions are ours,

" they said near the doctor about the next stage.

Before the PASO there were criticisms from Manes of Rodríguez Larreta and the accusation of a “dirty campaign” by the PRO.

The meeting between the head of the Buenos Aires government and the neurologist was on good terms and they addressed those crossings, according to


, although it was not enough to clear up the resentments.

“We did not answer the chicanas, because we knew we had to be together, like now.

Sometimes it is difficult to go back from what one said

”, marked a reference of the Santilli space.


We have a thick line in common, a model of a country different from Kirchnerism, but with nuances,

" confirmed near Manes. In the analysis of the results, the radicals stressed that the list headed by the doctor got more than 1,250,000 votes from the 8.5 million Juntos por el Cambio nationwide, and attributed the composition to the UCR electorate, disenchanted with the management of Mauricio Macri and a portion that had never chosen Juntos por el Cambio, even who were inclined towards Kirchnerism or Alberto Fernández in 2019.

"Not only are we not going to paint ourselves yellow,

if possible we are going to paint the coalition more red,

" they stated.

In recent days they circulated a map with the provinces and districts of Buenos Aires highlighted, in which the UCR was imposed.

The strategy as a whole, the common activities and the integration of the teams does not include negotiations for the integration of the list for the generals at the moment.

The internal regulations provide a distribution if the minority list exceeds 40% and another if it falls below.

Manes's ballot obtained 39.81%, according to the provisional scrutiny.

"There are rules signed by all the parties of the coalition and they must be accepted", they assured in the PRO.

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