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IDF Spokesman: "We used fraud to capture the terrorists" | Israel Today


The Prime Minister issued a statement praising the security forces for the impressive operation that led to the capture of Mandal Yaakov Anfiat and them as an image • The hunt for them lasted almost two weeks

State officials and the security welcomed the concept of the two remaining terrorists and successful operation that led to the IDF and the security establishment:

Once during the night (Sunday morning), caught Nadal Jacob Anfiaat and Aihm Cmamg, two suicide last among the group that escaped from the prison, "Gilboa", welcomed Rose " From Naftali Bennett, Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai, IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Ran Kochav and other senior officials, the security forces on the successful operation and the end of the unusual affair that took place in the last two weeks.

The IDF Spokesman, Brigadier General Ran Kochav, commented on the incident: "Intelligence capabilities beyond the limits of imagination. We will continue to act against anyone who tries to cause damage to Israel." In his remarks, the spokesman referred to the fact that overt forces entered the area of ​​the refugee camp before the arrest and drew attention to them.

According to Bennett, "It is over and done with. All six terrorists have been captured and will return to prison, in an impressive, sophisticated and rapid operation by the GSS, the police and the IDF. I would like to thank the security forces What went wrong can be repaired. "

Over and done.

All six terrorists were captured and returned to prison, in an impressive, sophisticated and rapid operation by the GSS, the police and the IDF.

I would like to thank the security forces who worked, day and night, also on Saturdays and holidays, to bring the event to an end.

What went wrong can be repaired.

- Naftali Bennett Bennett (@naftalibennett) September 19, 2021

The Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev, responded: "I would like to thank the Israel Police and the IDF and GSS forces for helping to complete the pursuit, from beginning to end.

From the commissioner, Superintendent Yaakov Shabtai, and the commander of the Northern District, Superintendent Shimon Lavi, to the last of the IDF fighters and patrol officers, I am proud of the forces that led to the detection and capture of the six fleeing terrorists. "

Bar-Lev added that "the hunt has ended successfully but the mission is not over yet, we must make sure that such an event does not happen again in the future - so in the coming days I will bring to the government for approval the establishment of a government commission of inquiry. And recommendations regarding all the individual and systemic aspects that the event provoked. '

The Commissioner of Police, RNC Yaakov Shabtai, also apprehended the remaining terrorists by the YMCA, GSS and IDF fighters: "The IDF in a joint operation with the GSS and the IDF to locate the two remaining terrorists in the house in Jenin and arrest them."

He added that "Since their escape, the Israel Police, led by the Northern District Police, has been reinforcing many forces, along with the rest of the security organizations, in a wide deployment of thousands of police, border fighters and volunteers, in an intelligence, investigative and operational hunt." "All the organizations, the police, the GSS and the IDF" succeeded in closing the circle together. "

Saturn added that "as time went on we knew their whereabouts were in Jenin. We prepared for several days for the complex activity, and tonight after receiving the information we had been waiting for, the signal for the forces' activity was given with the IDF fighters in front.

The entire security system and we, the policemen and fighters of the Israel Police, the police will continue to act resolutely and aggressively for the security of the citizens of Israel. "

As you may recall, after four of the six terrorists who escaped from Gilboa Prison were captured during the previous weekend, the last two terrorists, Mandal Yaakov Anfiat and them as Mamji, were captured tonight (Sunday morning), ending the hunt that lasted almost two weeks.

Source: israelhayom

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