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Maischberger guest reports violently in the broadcast: "Laschet's lies are questionable"


FDP and AfD are at “Maischberger. Die Woche “was invited to the election campaign. Journalist Herrmann pillories Laschet.

FDP and AfD are at “Maischberger.

Die Woche “was invited to the election campaign.

Journalist Herrmann pillories Laschet.

Meet on Wednesday evening at “Maischberger.

Die Woche “the politicians Marco Buschmann (FDP) and Tino Chrupalla (AfD) face each other.

Moderator Sandra Maischberger tries to work out what the two have in common, but Buschmann intervenes directly: “The AfD is a party of the New Right.

This is a line of tradition that emerged at some point to fight liberalism.

That is the traditional line of my party and therefore there cannot be anything in common. "

Germany before the election: “Maischberger.

Die Woche “asks AfD and FDP for the studio election campaign

Chrupalla replies that he used to vote for the FDP: “When the FDP was still trying to attract small and medium-sized businesses and crafts.

That’s over by now.

In the meantime they are even overtaking the Greens on the left when it comes to issues.

This party does not represent medium-sized businesses and crafts.

That’s why we’re here too. ”“ Do you actually believe that someone believes what you are saying? ”Buschmann assures himself with a smile,“ that we are more left than the Greens.

Who should believe you? "Chrupalla thinks:" When I see your election manifesto and your immigration plans, then you are even further than the Greens with 500,000 more immigrants per year. "

Buschmann explains the FDP position: “That's true, because we want to promote medium-sized businesses and the skilled trades. Because when you speak to your colleagues, master craftsmen, at least when I speak to them in the Ruhr area, their first names are often Mustafa, they have taken over the tiling business, they are desperately looking for people who can train them and who do the job do. They would be happy if we could ensure that we fight demographic change through a more sensible immigration system with which we get people who want to and can work to Germany. And then the apprenticeship positions can be filled and the craft businesses again have people who can do the work. Because you also know that demographic change cannot be ignored."Orderly immigration to gainful employment is therefore necessary, says Buschmann:" Otherwise Germany will go down the drain. "


The week “controversial: Chrupalla stirs up fears, Buschmann speaks against it

"That is of course the typical lobbyism to further stimulate migration," says Chrupalla.

Host Maischberger is interested in what the AfD is proposing to counter the shortage of skilled workers.

“By first looking at the cause,” explains Chrupalla.

We can't just keep tweaking the screws and then try to solve these problems with further immigration.

By the way, we have had a lot of immigration over the past few years.

Where are the specialists that you promised us? "

The Bushman I spoke to would like to answer that there is a difference between humanitarian immigration and immigration for work, but Chrupalla cuts him off: “When I look at that 50,000 young people leave school every year without a degree: That is the first scandal.

The second is that in the age cohort of 20 to 34 year olds, 2.2 million young German people have no professional qualifications.

That shows the problem. "Chrupalla demands that these people" need to be encouraged and challenged. "


The week "- these guests discussed with:

  • Marco Buschmann

    (FDP) - politician

  • Tino Chrupalla

    (AfD) - politician

  • Dieter Hallervorden

    - cabaret artist

  • Ulrich Wickert

    - author and moderator

  • Ulrike Herrmann

    - journalist

  • Wolfram Weimer

    - publicist

“That's just not enough,” says Buschmann, and explains his point of view: “Of course, it is right that everyone should graduate from school, that we should do everything for it and should also acquire a professional qualification. But you will not be able to close the demographic gap that we have in this way. The German workforce has been shrinking since 1976. If we hadn't had immigration, the problem would be much bigger. ”When asked about the AfD election platform and the demands on migration, Chrupalla finally discovers the anti-colonialist in himself:“ Of course we don't want to start this modern colonialism that we are now in countries go and look there specifically for skilled workers. In doing so, we are doing these countries an injustice. So there is also a suction effect,in terms of migration to our country. "

In a similar way, Buschmann and Chrupalla then negotiate the corona issue.

In response to Björn Höcke's (AfD) position presented on Monday in Dresden that vaccinations are a “gene therapy”, Chrupalla says: “That is not my position.

Everyone has to decide for themselves.

If someone thinks that they want to obtain protection through this vaccination, or that they need it, then they should do so.

That is certainly also useful for vulnerable groups, for older age groups, I do not want to deny that at all.

However, for younger generations, for children, I think it's really dangerous. "

Vaccinate against corona: “Maischberger.

Die Woche “puts the AfD and FDP positions side by side

As a liberal, Buschmann also advocates voluntary vaccination, but in contrast to Chrupalla he does not consider vaccinations dangerous, the data is now reliable enough: “I am in favor of being vaccinated. I promote it. But it is of course the case that this cannot be enforced against the will of people. Everyone can bear this in mind: We don't want to be a country in which two sergeants hold a person and then the state is forced to put the syringe in the upper arm. We can't imagine that for ourselves, nobody wants to imagine that either. I still advocate getting vaccinated. "

The fact that Chrupalla then speaks of a “so-called pandemic” lures Buschmann from his reserve: “It's interesting to hear that it is no longer a pandemic.

They are mistaken.

In the beginning you were the ones who shouted in the most panic: the best thing to do is close the Bundestag immediately and proclaim emergency rights. ”Only when the AfD discovered the target group of lateral thinkers for itself did the party's position solidify.

Buschmann, on the other hand, considers the line of his own party to be straightforward: “Throughout the pandemic, we have tried to find ways to seriously enable opening perspectives with concrete government policy where we have been responsible.

And nobody can deny us that. "

"Maischberger": Journalist accuses Laschet of lying

Meanwhile, journalist Ulrike Herrmann is harshly targeting Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. She described the handling of the Osnabrück public prosecutor's office with the searches in the finance ministry led by Scholz and the justice ministry as "completely excessive". This had issued an "exaggerated press release", a "judicial scandal". According to the business journalist, Scholz was also right that the matter could have been inquired about in writing. She is convinced that the raid is purely an election campaign.

“The CDU fights unfairly and in a populist way.

Mr. Laschet knows all of this too, but that he brings it across so strikingly in the trial, and these are false assertions of fact, that is actually questionable.

I don't want a chancellor like that, who always lies when necessary. ”He knows that there is nothing in these allegations.

For the taz journalist it is clear: "Mr. Laschet is lying."


The week “- the conclusion of the show

The “Maischberger.

Die Woche “commentators group consisting of the journalist Ulrike Herrmann, the author and moderator Ulrich Wickert and the publicist Wolfram Weimer agree: CDU Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is an outsider ahead of the upcoming federal election;

SPD candidate Olaf Scholz still has the best chances;

and Green candidate Annalena Baerbock hardly has a real chance.

Source: merkur

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