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"Must contradict you": the farmer reacts with incomprehension - Baerbock stumbles when asked about milk


A farmer asks Annalena Baerbock on “Klartext” on ZDF about the climate-friendly supply of food. When it comes to the milk price, the Green Chancellor candidate starts to falter.

A farmer asks Annalena Baerbock on “Klartext” on ZDF about the climate-friendly supply of food.

When it comes to the milk price, the Green Chancellor candidate starts to falter.

Berlin - Annalena Baerbock had to prove herself again on Thursday evening.

The Green Chancellor candidate should speak “plain language” - in the ZDF broadcast of the same name.

For this she was pestered with questions from guests in the studio for around an hour and a half.

Including a woman who finally wanted a clear answer: a farmer from North Hesse.

On the topic of climate change, the lady describes her and the situation in Germany shortly before the general election.

As imports, food would be “transported halfway around the world in a way that is harmful to the climate”.

Hence your question: “What do you want to do to supply the German population with food in a climate-friendly way in the future?” Every day, family businesses, “which the consumer actually always wants”, would give up in desperation.

“Go in between”: Farmer contradicts Baerbock on “Klartext” broadcast

"By strengthening regional and, above all, organic products from the region," replied Baerbock, referring to the applause for the question.

But when the candidate speaks about regionality and healthy food, the farmer shakes her head with a smile.

"I have just had a heated discussion with the dairy farmers in Baden-Württemberg about the question of how we can manage that as a dairy farmer you can actually still make a living when we have dumping prices," continues Baerbock undeterred.

"And on the other hand, as the European Union, we also export chicken legs, for example, to African markets and endanger the smallholders there."

So what does Baerbock want to do?

"Fair trade agreements and, above all, EU agricultural subsidies that ensure that subsidies are not distributed with the watering can, but rather to local farmers who take care of public tasks, i.e. animals, healthy food and the soil" replies the Green Chancellor candidate.

Baerbock on “Klartext” on ZDF: Farmer contradicts Green Chancellor candidate

Moderator Peter Frey intervenes and animates the farmer: “You can intervene!” She does that promptly: “Unfortunately, I have to disagree a little.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes the same with consumers as it is with politicians.

They also promise, if you hold the microphone in front of the consumers' mouths on the street, they will all buy organic and regional. "

But in view of the facts, she does not seem to understand: “But why not even buy five percent organic meat?

Why do the milk tankers travel all over Germany with organic milk, don't they get rid of the organic milk and the organic producers only get the conventional price? ”Asks the farmer.

“Not really convinced”: Baerbock tries to give the farmer an answer about food - but does not get through

Baerbock jokingly suggests a survey of who wants to buy everything organic milk. In order to then say in a serious tone that the labeling of the products is important - this was seen in the example of eggs. “Finally, sensible meat labeling,” demands Baerbock. "Because the Minister of Agriculture has not been baked to say which meat is actually from good animal husbandry," she shares against Julia Klöckner from the CDU. "I agree with you, there is still a lot to be done because (...) many farmers say that I can't really live from the prices," the Green politician ends her statement.

The moderator intervenes again: “Are you convinced by the answers?

Will she give you hope if Ms. Baerbock became Federal Chancellor? ”The spectator answered straight away:“ Not really. ”Baerbock had to react.

“What is your suggestion?” She tries with a question to the farmer.


A farmer contradicts Annalena Baerbock on the program "Klartext, Frau Baerbock!"

© Screenshot: ZDF / "Klartext, Ms. Baerbock!"

Milk quiz for Baerbock: "Do you know what the farmer gets for a liter of milk today?"

Even one term is difficult, for example: “When do you start factory farming?” The farmer wants to know.

When she took over her business, she lived on 20 cows.

A short quiz question for Baerbock follows.

“Do you know what the farmer gets for a liter of milk today?” Baerbock thinks for a moment.

"Below the selling price ..." she began a little mumbling.

“Do you know?” The farmer inquires directly.

“I would say 50 cents?” Replies Baerbock questioningly.

"31 ridiculous cents," resolves the woman from Northern Hesse.

“A cow gives 30 liters of milk, that's nine euros that I get from the cow.

From what I have to pay my wages, water, electricity, and, and, and.

So you don't need to be surprised if there are more than 20 cows in the barn.

Then the discussion starts with factory farming. "

Baerbock before the federal election on ZDF: "No factory farming"

But Baerbock sees it differently.

“But 20 cows in the barn or 100 cows in the barn are not factory farming.” Instead, she describes barns in which thousands of chickens are crammed together on an area of ​​a DIN-A5 note.

“For me, that's industrial factory farming.” Funding should not go to such companies.

"But I see that there is still a need for discussion, we have to continue that in the future." And not only the politician recognizes this. You can see the questioner "the skepticism", "it remains", ends the moderator Bettina Schausten with the topic.

On the evening, Baerbock had to comment on pension policy, CO2 emissions in industry and the 2G rule, among other things.

You can read your answers in our ticker for the show.


List of rubric lists: © Screenshot: ZDF / "Klartext, Frau Baerbock!"

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