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'I am good and loving', the request of the author of the double crime of Congress before being sentenced to 45 years in prison


Juan José Navarro Cádiz (27) was the one who killed the deputy Héctor Olivares (61) and his adviser Miguel Yadón (58) in May 2019. His cousin Juan Jesús Fernández (44) was sentenced to life.

Virginia Messi

09/20/2021 17:16

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Updated 09/20/2021 5:16 PM

Both Juan José Navarro Cádiz (27) and his cousin, Juan Jesús Fernández (44) were very clear that it was their

last chance

to say something to try to twist the

harsh sentence

that was already floating in the air in the courtroom of the Oral Court in Criminal N ° 9, in the Palace of Courts.

"I never wanted to hurt

or even kill someone

. I ask you please forgive me," said Navarro Cádiz.


I am good

, loving, helpful, kind," Fernández described himself at the time of the "last words."

Everything was transmitted by YouTube and seen by about 45 people who, via the internet, joined as public.

But neither his apologies nor his version that it was all an unfortunate accident weighed on the conviction of judges Ana Dieta, Fernando Ramirez and Luis Salas who this Monday at noon imposed harsh penalties for the

crime of the national deputy for La Rioja Héctor Olivares ( 61) and his advisor Miguel Yadón (58)

occurred on the morning of May 9, 2019.

The court used the same qualification and amount of penalty that the prosecutor Ariel Yapur had requested in his plea: He sentenced

Navarro Cádiz to 45 years in prison

for being the person who fired a .40 caliber Bersa Thunder pistol at the victims while they were shooting.


around the Plaza de los dos Congresos.

As for


- who on the day of the double crime was sitting next to his cousin in his Volkswagen Vento -

they gave him "life imprisonment"

as a necessary participant.

The deputy Héctor Olivares and the advisor Miguel Yadón, assassinated in the Plaza del Congreso.


Justice was done

. The court did not consider the aggravation of murder committed for pleasure but it did consider that of


. The penalties were as we requested in the complaint,"

Ricardo Gil Lavedra, who represented the family of deputy Olivares

, told



"The family followed the hearings very closely and awaits the grounds. All of this brings back very painful memories of these

unusual and useless deaths

," added the lawyer. 

Different postures

The ruling, the grounds of which will only be known on October 4, walked through the middle of two

opposing positions

throughout the case.

For the Court, Navarro Cádiz and Fernández committed a "homicide aggravated by treachery committed repeatedly on two occasions in an ideal contest with the carrying of a weapon of war."

Photo Télam

On the one hand, the vision of the defense lawyers who argued that Navarro Cádiz wanted

to target a tree in the plaza

and did not see two men - Olivares and Yadón - entering his line of fire.

In this composition of place, Fernández (beyond escaping with his cousin), did not participate in the action.

The version of the

"unfortunate accident"

was on which the defenders relied to request the


of Fernández and the conviction of Navarro Cádiz for "manslaughter" or, at most, "murder with eventual intent."

Nobody ever disputed the authorship:

Navarro Cádiz came to the trial confessed


And, before that, he was scanned by dozens of security cameras in the area.

Faced with the version of the accident, the position of Judge Mariano Iturralde and prosecutor Estela Andrades, who investigated the case and brought it to trial, came into play.

They were convinced that the episode "was a shooting practice on two defenseless moving targets,

derived from the pleasure of venting the instinct to kill for

no other reason than to test the weapon."

At this point they were accompanied by the plaintiffs, both in the Investigation stage and in the oral trial stage.

But for the trial prosecutor, Ariel Yapur,

the "pleasure" did not exist

 although the aggravating factor of having attacked two completely defenseless people did. For this reason, in his plea, he maintained that he was facing an

"aggravated homicide by treachery committed repeatedly on two occasions in an ideal contest with the carrying of a weapon of war



The judges shared this rating with him.

The amount of the sentence was different between the two defendants due to a formal question: In order to extradite him from Uruguay (where Navarro Cádiz had taken refuge), Argentina had to agree not to impose a life sentence on him, prohibited in Uruguayan law.

That is why the prosecutor Yapur sought

the highest sentence allowed in the Uruguayan Penal Code and asked for 45 years

, which was what was finally imposed on him.

In this Monday's verdict, the situation of



people accused of related

but minor


was also resolved


Navarro Cádiz was extradited from Uruguay in May 2019. Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

María Rosa Cádiz Vargas (48, mother of Navarro Cádiz) came to trial accused of

hiding the murder weapon and was acquitted


In the same condition were María Argentina Cádiz Vargas (52, aunt of the main accused), Juan Jesús Fernández Cano (22, Fernández's son), Rocío Michel Montoya (22, wife of Navarro Cádiz) and the gunsmith Felipe Quevedo (50).

Luis Cano (66) -a friend of the defendants- received a suspended sentence of two years in prison because a weapon that he had illegally was seized from him and Miguel Navarro Fernández (57, father of the perpetrator) was sentenced to two years and eight months for the same thing: illegal possession of weapons.


the most surprising thing

about this Monday's


was the point at which a request from the prosecutor was made to

investigate Navarro Cádiz for sexual abuse


The reason: according to the accounts of the prosecutor Adrian Yapur, his wife became

pregnant when she was just 12 years old



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Source: clarin

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