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Italy accelerates against coronavirus: begins third dose campaign and approaches 80% of vaccinated over 12 years


This Monday he began to apply booster vaccines in fragile populations. Then they will follow people over 80 and health personnel.

Julio Algañaraz

09/20/2021 2:18 PM

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Updated 09/20/2021 2:18 PM

This Monday the vaccination of the

third dose

was launched at the Italian national level

, from three million fragile people: immunosuppressed, cancer patients and undergoing dialysis.

Those over 80 years of age and the elderly in nursing homes will continue.

Then another two million will come: health operators led by doctors and nurses.

At the end of 2021, the task of strengthening the immune systems of Italians will reach its climax, in January it will be the turn of giving the third dose

to those over 65 years of age.

In September a new critical moment is experienced.

By the end of this month,

80% of those vaccinated over the age of 12

should be reached

, the goal proclaimed when the massive inoculation campaign of the two doses began, especially from Pfizer and Moderna.

Everything indicates that it will be reached on Thursday 30. Today the percentage of vaccinated over 12 years is


As for the total population of 60 million inhabitants, it has reached 41 million inoculated with the two doses this Monday.

A bar in Milan offers drinks named after vaccines.

Photo: Bloomberg

With these objectives focused, it is expected that the autumn that arrives begins this Tuesday, the 21st with the first colds,

does not become the nightmare

of last year, when the end of September spread two waves, the second and third of the virus, which caused a large number of victims.

The problem is that this summer was ruined by an unexpected fourth wave, at the hands of the Delta variant, of great contagion and viral load.

But so far the dreaded variant, which came from India, has not caused the havoc that was feared, thanks to the mass vaccination of the majority of the population.

This Monday, 2407 infections and 44 deaths were registered, reaching a total of 13,200 deaths.



per million inhab.




per million inhab.


Johns Hopkins






Vaccinations, which have recovered the rhythm lost in part in the summer, thanks to the extension to almost the entire population of the Health Passport, have received a new push with the third dose that began this Monday

throughout Italy.


Studies carried out in Israel and the United States revealed that after four months after the first doses were inoculated, in the case of Pzifer the efficacy of the vaccine dropped from 91 to 77%.

Moderna resisted better: from 93% it fell only to 92%.

Both achieved splendid results above 90% for hospitalizations and intensive therapies, reducing the aggravation of patients by 90%.

Moderna proved the best vaccine

with a defense of the immune system three times higher than Pfizer.

So far, 60 million Italians have been inoculated with Pfizer and 10 million with Moderna, also American.

Both achieved efficiency levels of 93.1% in hospitalizations and 95.4% in intensive therapies.

Health pass in Italy to enter the cinema.

Photo: AP

In Israel, the Ministry of Health reported a "significant immune response benefit" with the third booster dose.

The government decided to extend the third dose booster to everyone.

The US Scientific Committee that works with the FDA, (the body that studies and rules on the effectiveness of drugs and foods) put a stop to the vaccination fury of the third dose.

He indicated that it should be inoculated up to the level of 65-year-olds.

And then he put the STOP.

New studies will establish whether minors need their immune system boosted.

The United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain have third-dose plans in place.

In Italy there are no obvious signs of a drop in vaccine efficiency, as happened in Israel and the United States.

In all of them, it is clear that the number of infected people can be high, but

the reduction in hospital admissions,

intensive therapy occupation and deaths

is notable

, thanks to the growing percentage of those immunized with vaccines.

All vaccines have an efficacy that

tends to weaken over time


In some it occurs quickly, in others it does not.

That is why the main vaccines provide for three supplies.

Decades of studies have shown that it is with the three doses that the efficacy already demonstrated with the first two is stabilized.

Tests to enter the ruins of Pompeii.

Photo: EFE

Virologist Carlo Perno pointed out that childhood vaccinations such as anti-polio, anti-tetanus, anti-diphtheria and anti-measles fit into this logic "which allows to reinforce the antibody response."

Against the flu the frequency is annual.

“It is that the influential viruses change every year.

The vaccine is not a new dose of a substance already made, it is always a first vaccination against a new virus ”.

Be ruthless and kill

The scientist highlighted that Sars Cov-2, the coronavirus, “has biological characteristics that



to be eradicated

, a bit like it was with measles and it will be with polio.

It will also happen with measles thanks to the immunization program. "

He added that "the fundamental criterion is to

reduce the replications to close to zero

. If within a year we will not have vaccinated everyone, most likely we will have an endemic, that is, a low-medium speed circulation of the virus. If we vaccinate everyone, the virus will be eradicated, it will no longer exist. Against Sars Cov-2 we have to

be ruthless and kill it



The virologist Perno highlights the importance of masks.

"Since the restrictions were removed in Rome and it was allowed not to use the masks in the open air, the other respiratory viruses have appeared again, which did not circulate for a year and a half."

The chinstrap, essential

“The mask is a device that has an extraordinary efficiency and allows to reduce the circulation of Sars and so many other respiratory viruses.

Especially in closed environments.

In this phase of the global pandemic, it remains

an inalienable instrument.


October will be a critical month

, as is September, because on the 15th the mandatory use of the Health Passport begins

at workplaces.

The government announced the arrival of the green card for public and private workers.

In total 15 million people.

But immediately, aware that a giant step had been taken to effectively enforce the vaccine requirement without proclaiming it, Prime Minister Mario Draghi took advantage of the general consensus in favor of the use of the Health Passport to extend its mandatory nature in practice.

Currently they are marginal numbers that are left out.

Five million people.

This reality prompted a boom in reserves of stragglers from the puncture, who show up at the 2,850 vaccination centers to receive their first dose.

From October 15, the green pass will be mandatory for all workers, including the self-employed,

but not for the entire population


All those who guarantee the functioning of the services will also be obliged: in bars, restaurants, businesses, cinemas, theaters, cultural centers, sports activities.

The objective is that all those who request the pass from those who use these services,

are in turn vaccinated.


taxi drivers, domestic workers, the millions of caregivers

for the elderly in Italy, who come from Eastern European countries, must obtain a Health Passport.

The green pass has become

the government's greatest weapon

to revive vaccinations at its most critical moment.

A fearful, ignorant, doubtful minority are influenced by the campaigns of the aggressively active "no vac" movements.

The "no vacs"

With sometimes delusional arguments, such as saying that vaccines do not work, that they are secret maneuvers to

inoculate even technological chips

to people, the non-vacs arguments are spread by social networks.

The overwhelming majority of patients in hospitals and intensive care units

are unvaccinated


Some of them are so aggressive towards doctors and nurses that they force the operation of psychological assistance services for health personnel.

Non-vacs are

sworn enemies of the Health Passport


Violating its rules imposes fines of between 400 and 1200 euros.

Workers who do not present them risk suspensions from their jobs.

But at the request of the unions, there is no danger of layoffs: the employment relationship is maintained with the suspension until December

31, when the state of emergency

declared since the beginning of the pandemic will end.

Rome, correspondent


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