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The little coup of Olaf S.


How SPD chancellor candidate Scholz makes the Union look old with his appearance on the finance committee. How well the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine works in children. And why British drivers are upset about a new license plate. That is the situation on Monday evening.


Through the back door

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Photo: Carsten Koall / dpa

The staging of politics is at least as important in the election campaign as the content

, probably more important. Yesterday, the SPD chancellor candidate

Olaf Scholz

not only succeeded in portraying himself as the experienced maker and convincing most of the viewers in the last TV triall. But today he and his team of advisors also managed to disrupt the staging of his political opponents - and that on a topic that Scholz himself is under pressure:

the raid in his ministry


The Finance Committee of the Bundestag held an unscheduled meeting today; the MPs had summoned Scholz because of the allegations against the money laundering unit FIU (more on this here). It cannot be ruled out that one or the other was actually about clarification. It is fairly certain that the Union and the FDP hoped to be able to present Scholz here six days before the election as someone who does not have a handle on his shop and muddles through every affair. And as someone who doesn't even appear in person, but can only be switched on via video.

But contrary to expectations, Scholz came after all

. He slipped through the back entrance into the conference room when an FDP man in front was furious about the supposed absence of the SPD finance minister: "Anyone who posters respect should also show respect for parliament and the public." A couple of election campaign dates In Baden-Württemberg Scholz had to cancel, but he thwarted the calculations of his opponents. A little surprise coup: "Scholz must have thought carefully about his maneuver," says my colleague Christian Teevs from our capital city office. "By appearing personally, his critics can hardly accuse him of trying to duck away."

Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet later tried to maintain the line of attack: "To even consider not being there was a weakening of parliament." Did he convince more people than yesterday at the Triell?

  • Here you will find the fact check on the last triell: which topics Scholz, Baerbock and Laschet stretched the truth about


+++ healing message ++++

In the early afternoon, the mobile phone beeps dozen of times, the editors send



Biontech and Pfizer present data on the corona vaccination for children aged five and over


Accordingly, the Comirnaty vaccine works just as well at a lower dose as it does in older people at a higher dose.

Instead of 30 micrograms per syringe, the younger children in the studies only received ten micrograms.

Like the big boys, they got this third dose twice, with a minimum interval of three weeks.

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Not in the picture: Parents jumping around trying to distract their child from the syringe.

And they promise: afterwards there will be glucose.


Then Tardif / LWA / Getty Images

The so-called phase II / III study was carried out with 2268 children between the ages of five and eleven;

They were recruited in the USA, Finland, Poland and Spain.

One month after the second vaccination dose, the children showed a strong antibody response.

According to the manufacturers, the effectiveness of the vaccine is 95 percent.

"This means relief, especially for parents of children who are at high risk of severe Covid 19 courses - such as children with previous illnesses or trisomy 21 -", says my colleague Katherine Rydlink from our health team.

"In any case, your children have a higher risk of infection in daycare centers and schools than others because they encounter many unvaccinated children."

Two differences in the breaking news in the German and international media stand out, one in terms of content and one in terms of style.

  • The content: The New York Times reports that, if everything goes well, the US authorities will

    carry out

    their approval process so quickly

    that millions of elementary school students can get their syringes before Halloween

    . In the German reports there are several paragraphs about Jens Spahn and the Standing Vaccination Commission, according to which it is


    to be expected

    at the beginning of 2022


  • The stylistic: In the headlines, the German media, including us, almost always Biontech, never mention Pfizer.

    In the American, Polish and Spanish headlines, it is rather the other way round.

    (Before you write emails: Yes, the Washington Post mentions both in the headline.) It's the same when I speak to acquaintances abroad - a friend from Johannesburg says she was vaccinated with Pfizer, a colleague from New York even.

    In Germany everyone says »Biontech«.

    Is it defiance?

    Or pride that something groundbreaking has finally been invented again in this country?

    The era of the internal combustion engine is finally drawing to a close, and MP3 also dates back to the last century.

Read more here: Corona vaccination for children from 5 years - Biontech presents positive study results


United Kingdom instead of Great Britain

Many British motorists are apparently

getting upset

about two letters:

In future, vehicles from Great Britain will have to have a sticker on the back with the words "UK" on the back for



or have such a label on the license plate.

The previous »GB« is no longer valid from September 28th, announced the Ministry of Transport in London.

Brexit makes the new regulation possible.

Not hard to see: British cars abroad (Switzerland)


"The change in the national identifier symbolizes our unity as a nation and is part of a broader step towards the use of the" UK "symbol throughout the government," the ministry said. The United Nations have been informed. Supporters emphasize that the people in Northern Ireland finally felt addressed. The British Province does not belong to Great Britain, but it does belong to the United Kingdom.

Traditionalists, however, reacted indignantly to the changes. "It's a waste of time, a waste of money, and I don't know why we're bothering about it at all," a Conservative MP told the Daily Mail. "It looks like a slap in the face of people who are proud of Great Britain." The President of the Automobile Association (AA), the British equivalent of the ADAC, criticized that with "GB" a symbol of the country was disappearing. There are many old-timers that have integrated or incorporated "GB" metal plates on the back.

The government defended its decision: Most British cars had no national proof of identity anyway.

It is not necessary within Great Britain anyway.

Some are also only traveling with Scottish or Welsh abbreviations or symbols.

As a philistine, I would think: outside of Great Britain, excuse me, the UK, even without a license plate, cars stand out - the steering wheel is on the wrong side.

  • Read more here: The British are arguing about new car country plates with meaningful links

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What else is important today

  • USA

    lifts entry ban

    for vaccinated Europeans:

    since the beginning of the corona pandemic, most EU citizens have not been allowed to visit the USA.

    Now the US government wants to allow people who have been vaccinated to re-enter - but not immediately.

  • Federal government warns Mali against cooperation with Russian mercenary troops:

    Should Mali engage the Russian mercenary troop "Wagner", Germany and France threaten to withdraw their troops.

    In order to emphasize this message, the Foreign Office has now asked Bamako's representative to speak.

  • Ukraine starts military maneuvers with NATO countries:

    Since Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula, Ukraine has been seeking closer proximity to NATO.

    Combat missions are now being trained with around 6,000 soldiers from a dozen countries.

  • Allianz board member Hunt is about to be replaced:

    Several pension funds are suing that Bafin is investigating, as is the US Department of Justice - now the board member responsible for Allianz has apparently to leave her post because of the hedge fund affair.

What we recommend today at SPIEGEL +

  • Playing on security:

    Franziska Giffey has realigned the SPD in Berlin - and made it more conservative.

    With her tactics, she could become the governing mayor.

    What does that mean for the left-liberal capital?

  • “I can't help the fact that I'm white and I'm a man”:

    When Florian Schroeder put maverick thinkers into it, he was a Twitter hero for a short time.

    Then he had to apologize for a misogynist podcast.

    Here he talks about hysterical debates and freedom of expression.

  • When mountains crumble:

    storms, rockfalls, deaths over and over again - global warming is changing the Alps rapidly.

    Tourists are still coming.

    But for some mountain guides the risks are now too high.

Which is less important today

  • A

    return flight rolled into one:

    a nameless


    from Alaska had to break off their trip to New Zealand and turned back after a 2000 kilometer flight, as the New Zealand Department of Conservation reports. The bird wears a radio transmitter on its leg, which the authorities can use to track its movement. According to the data, the male had started in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta in the direction of the South Pacific. After around 33 hours of flight, however, the adult bird encountered such strong winds that it had to turn around. After a 57-hour non-stop flight, he landed back in Alaska. This behavior is very unusual, said zoology professor Phil Battley of New Zealand's Massey University: “Over the years we've tracked about 70 woodcock who have left Alaska, and this is the first we know because of bad weather had to turn back. "

Typo of the day

, now corrected: "Numerous human rights organizations sharply criticize the actions of the US government"

Cartoon of the day:

Russia voted

And tonight?

Enlarge image

Advice on vaccination: The doctors (more here)

Photo: Jörg Steinmetz / Die Ärzte / picture alliance / dpa

If you want to feel young again, you could get a self-recorded mixing cassette from one of the boxes in the basement.

Or a CD from the box next to it.

And a suitable player from the attic.

If you've been socialized a little musically like me, there's a good chance you'll find a few songs from what they claim to be the best band in the world,

Die Doctors


From Berlin (from Berlin!).

There won't be an opportunity to hear Die Ärzte live again for the time being: The band has completely canceled their »In The Ä Tonight Tour« concerts planned for this year.

The corona rules are too inconsistent.

You could of course also wait for the new album to be released on Friday.

Without knowing it, as a trivialist, I would opt for the old mixer tapes or CDs.

You have a nice evening.


Yours Oliver Trenkamp

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