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Who are the new communal heads of Lomas de Zamora and Malvinas Argentinas


Marina Lesci will occupy the position of Martín Insaurralde, who joins Axel Kicillof's cabinet after 12 years as mayor. The same is Noelia Correa, who replaces Leonardo Nardini.

09/20/2021 17:24

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Updated 09/20/2021 5:36 PM

The aftershocks of the earthquake that caused the defeat in the PASO are still being felt.

To the abrupt movements in the National Cabinet after the fight between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kichner, the changes in the Greater

Buenos Aires are added



Axel Kicillof

appointed two Peronist mayors with a strong presence in the GBA, both winners in their payments.

Martín Insaurralde

from Lomas de Zamora and

Leonardo Nardini

from Malvinas Argentinas.

In charge of both municipalities, women remained.

who have long responded to the mayors on leave:

Marina Lesci


Noelia Correa.

Máximo Kirchner with Martín Insaurralde in Lomas de Zamora.

The appointments of Insaurralde and Nardini as Axel Kicillof's Chief of Staff and Minister of Infrastructure generated unforeseen movements in the municipalities that surprised many.

And it is not for less: the one from Lomas has governed for

12 years

and the one from Malvinas for six. 

Two women will assume.

Noelia Correa will be the first mayor in the brief history of the Malvinas Argentinas party (it was created in 1994) and Marina Lesci, the second in Lomas de Zamora.

The only antecedent in that district is that of Mirta Quiroga, who ruled for 40 days in 2002, in the midst of an institutional crisis.

Lesci, loyal to Insaurralde and with the support of La Cámpora

With the departure of

Martín Insaurralde

to the government of the Province of Buenos Aires to be

Axel Kicillof's

Chief of Staff

, for the second time in its 160 years of existence, the Lomas de Zamora party will be governed by a mayor.

Marina Lesci,

who is responsible for filling the vacant post in the Municipality in accordance with the Organic Law of Municipalities, is a 37-year-old lawyer with more experience as a leader of neighborhood clubs in the South District of Buenos Aires, than in politics traditional.

Martín Insaurralde, mayor of Lomas de Zamora, and Marina Lesci, his brand new secretary for Gender, Women and Diversity.

In December 2019, she came to the Deliberative Council of Lomas in second place on the list that accompanied the re-election of Insaurralde and a year later she was elected

president of that legislative body

occupying another vacant position, the one left by the historic local leader

Santiago “Beto” Carasatorre,

who died in December 2020.

His choice at the time was somewhat of a surprise as it relegated other names with more experience.

But Lesci arrived with the support of characters with a lot of weight in the decisions made in Lomas de Zamora.

The first was that of the mayor himself but also, and mainly, that of

Daniela Vilar,

a national deputy, a local reference for

La Cámpora

and one of the most popular options to go for the mayor's office in 2023 if Insaurralde does not seek re-election.

Another surname behind the growth of Lesci's figure is that of the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the province of Buenos Aires,

Federico Otermín,

Vilar's husband.

With all of them, Lesci shares the

closeness with the Kirchnerist ideology

- a position that Insaurralde deepened in recent months, based on his support for the election of Máximo Kirchner as president of the Buenos Aires PJ - but also something that is a dogma of Peronism of Lomas: there is no "ism" that is above insaurraldism.

Lesci is first and foremost loyal to the outgoing mayor.

Alberto Fernández, Martín Inasurralde, Axel Kicillof and Marina Lesci in December 2019.

Moments after it was learned that his political boss would go to the provincial Cabinet, he tweeted: “The privilege that we Lomenses have, whose lives you changed, will now be that of all Buenos Aires residents.

Congratulations @minsaurralde, Chief of Cabinet of the Province of Buenos Aires ”.

On the other hand, he did not make any reference to the position that he has to assume.

The approach to politics of who will now be the mayor of Lomas occurred through her management in the

Banfield Defenders Club

- which together with other partners saved from bankruptcy and has led for about a decade - and later as president of the National Union of Neighborhood Clubs.

Their exposure began to grow there, especially from 2016 when the complaints of the clubs against the rate increases became commonplace.

And a couple of years later he took over the Directorate of Institutional Relations of the Municipality.

In 2019, as soon as she assumed her seat in the Council, she was summoned to integrate the Insaurralde Cabinet as Secretary of Women, Gender and Diversity, a position that she later left to preside over the communal legislature.

Two years ago, when the list of candidates for that election was put together, it was probably not in Insaurralde's mind that Lesci was his successor.

In compliance with the gender parity law, he ranked second between two heavyweights such as Carasatorre (1st) and Guillermo Viñuales (3rd), then head of the municipal Cabinet.

Then things followed a different path than planned: Carasatorre died, Viñuales fought with Insaurralde and last June he resigned from his bench and approached Juntos por el Cambio.

So now in the succession of Insaurralde there are two women, since the one who comes after Lesci is



María Eva Limone

, with 27 years the youngest councilor in Lomas.

Correa, a militant "since she was 14 years old"

With the departure from

Malvinas Argentinas

of the mayor Leonardo Nardini, appointed as the new Minister of Infrastructure of the Province of Buenos Aires, in the municipality that has governed for six years they are already preparing an agile succession.

The one designated to take charge of the local Executive is

Noelia Correa

, who was elected first councilor in


as a running mate of the communal chief, and now she was serving as Secretary of Services.

"To my neighbors, I tell them that this opportunity also drives Malvinas, because everything we are doing will continue day by day, as always, but new challenges will also come," Nardini published in an open letter, where he presented his replacement .

"As mayor on an interim basis, she will continue with everything we are doing, and everything we said we are going to do," he promised.

Correa is directly related to the president and also has the political support of

Luis Vivona

, provincial senator and political godfather of Nardini, who played a central role in decision-making alongside the mayor.

Now, Vivona (also the first candidate for Buenos Aires senator for the Frente de Todos) will assume a more prominent role in the management of Malvinas.

Militant with Nardini "since she was 14 years old," as she herself says, she began in the ranks of


20 years ago.

“We did a lot of social work, I loved helping people.

There I began to participate among the youth, we held events and meetings ”, the official who will be the first female mayor of Malvinas describes herself on the Municipality's website.

Correa touring neighborhoods with Leonardo Nardini, before the pandemic.

Correa worked in the local Deliberative Council, in the Secretariat of Housing and in the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation.

Today he is 38 years old and, with Nardini as mayor, he passed through the General Directorate of Management and Local Policy and, for more than five years, through the Services portfolio.

Like all the leaders of the ruling party in Malvinas, where Kirchnerism coexists with the historic PJ of a district that the Macrista leader Jesús Cariglino ruled for 25 years, Correa made a strong campaign in the networks and streets of the localities.

Two days before the news of Nardini's promotion to the Buenos Aires Cabinet was known, the now interim mayor Correa published on Twitter a work in a kindergarten in Grand Bourg, one of the most populous towns.

"Look how the new paths of the Kindergarten 'Angelitos de la Guarda' of #GrandBourg were left! This is possible thanks to the program 'We do it Together' that continues to visit #MalvinasArgentinas, improving the circulation of families in the area", published Correa.

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