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"Hard but fair": Lindner is late for the show and immediately has a suitable explanation for Plasberg ready


Corona, taxes, electoral plans: In "Hard but fair", a round of six from the largest parties wrestles with vigor and provocation for content.

Corona, taxes, electoral plans: In "Hard but fair", a round of six from the largest parties wrestles with vigor and provocation for content.

Berlin - At the beginning of “Hart aber fair” on Monday evening, Christian Lindner's empty desk was noticed.

The round of introductions reveals that he is late.

"Christian Lindner's satnav just said 9:29 pm, but he might need a new satnav," jokes moderator Frank Plasberg, looking at the clock (broadcast starts at 9:30 pm).

When Plasberg then asks the first question about what plans the parties are pursuing in the first hundred days, the politician Alice Weidel (AfD) immediately takes the floor: “The restoration of fundamental rights!

The withdrawal of the corona measures, which from my point of view are completely excessive and unconstitutional. ”The other guests, on the other hand, rely on courtesy, the politicians Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) and Rolf Mützenich (SPD) let their colleague Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens) do the same Right of way: "I think we have to set the course immediately so that we can still overcome the climate crisis, that we stop global warming."

From the Corona crisis to Merkel's successor: What is particularly burning for the top candidates

For Christian Lindner, who then arrives, presenter Frank Plasberg has the suggestion ready to buy a new watch within the first hundred days. But he answers while he is sitting down: "No, I'll take care of the transport infrastructure," grins Lindner back. “Not bad either,” replies Plasberg and cannot help but be punished by the voters, you know the saying. ”Lindner explains:“ It was a complete motorway closure, now we hope, maybe it was an accident that nothing bad happened. "

In his following answer, Lindner speaks of a “jump start” for the economy, which is the basis for climate protection projects and the financing of social benefits.

Rolf Mützenich sums up the most pressing issues facing the Social Democrats as follows: “In any case, a minimum wage of twelve euros for at least ten million people.

We would definitely lay out a clear expansion path for renewable energies.

And on the other hand 400,000 apartments, including 100,000 social housing. "

"Hard but fair" on ARD: "Just let it do it"

Ralph Brinkhaus explains why his Union's Hundred-Day Plan makes a difference, despite 5782 days of government responsibility: “I think we have a change now, we have a new situation. We get new people who will join the government accordingly. And that's why many things are important to us. ”Brinkhaus lists three of them: better interlinking of internal and external security, acceleration of planning processes and the general call for less state. “Just let it do it. During the pandemic, the state entered private and economic life very, very strongly. I think it has to stop now. "

The politician Amira Mohamed Ali (left), on the other hand, first mentions the child welfare of low-income families, which was impaired by the Corona crisis: "All children have suffered in this situation, but especially the children from families where there is little income, they have particularly strong suffered and they have been left behind particularly badly.

This is a point where we really have a big job. "

"Hard but fair" - These guests discussed with:

  • Ralph Brinkhaus

    (CDU) - politician

  • Rolf Mützenich

    (SPD) - politician

  • Katrin Göring-Eckardt

    (Greens) - politician

  • Christian Lindner

    (FDP) - politician

  • Alice Weidel

    (AfD) - politician

  • Amira Mohamed Ali

    (left) - politician

“Hard but fair” before the federal election: Brinkhaus contradicts Weidel on the subject of vaccination

The subsequent Corona topic sometimes doggedly discussed the sixth round, again Weidel had a say as a buzzword: “You just have to leave people alone who decide not to have a vaccination.

That is perfectly legitimate.

And accordingly, this debate has to be conducted objectively.

It's a personal decision and you simply shouldn't stigmatize these people. ”A two-class society of vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be created, which is not compatible with the Basic Law.

Weidel also rejects the federal government's test regime: "If the state decrees that someone should be tested, then they should kindly pay for these tests as well."

Brinkhaus strongly contradicts: “First of all, it is a personal decision to get vaccinated or not to get vaccinated. And in contrast to Ms. Weidel, there are also some people who really think seriously about it, who wrestle about it: Do I get vaccinated or do I not get vaccinated? But if you make a decision, and that is part of a free society, then you have to bear the consequences of the decision. "

When Göring-Eckardt defended the position of her party leader Annalena Baerbock, who did not want to rule out compulsory vaccinations for certain professional groups, Weidel interfered again.

It is not true that those who have been vaccinated have a lower risk of infection than those who have not been vaccinated.

“You can ask the scientists and you can do that at some point and then you question it,” Göring-Eckardt replies acutely.

Corona vaccination mandatory for everyone?

In the case of “hard but fair”, the major parties are still against it

Meanwhile, Lindner is trying to create its own profile: “I found neither Ms. Weidel's position nor the position of colleague Brinkhaus convincing. We have a common interest in really reducing social severity after the pandemic. That is why I promote vaccination, I am also convinced that it is correct. "Although work must continue to be carried out on a comprehensive, low-threshold offer, the FDP boss insists:" In the state of the Basic Law, where self-determination is in the Constitution says that you do not want to be vaccinated and that there is no statutory vaccination requirement, then there must be a way to participate in social life. With a negative test it must be possible to take part in social life. "

“Solidarity is important, but the Constitution is just as important. And that's why we of course have to pay close attention to how much we can possibly introduce legal measures that are still covered by the Basic Law, "Mützenich continues the SPD position until Weidel interrupts him and accuses him:" You are doing the opposite. "Plasberg does not let the two discuss this, instead Mohamed Ali confirms that the Left Party is against compulsory vaccination:" Because in fact, compulsory vaccination would be far too much of an encroachment on fundamental rights. Mainly because there are also milder means, for example through the tests. "

The fact that Plasberg nevertheless argues in the direction of a de facto mandatory vaccination is annoyed by Lindner: “If there is no threat of overloading the health system because, for example, younger people are now carriers of the infection, Mr. Plasberg, then this is the measure that you are currently taking labeled with 'gentle pressure', disproportionate, it is simply not necessary to avert overloading of the health system. "

CDU and SPD on "Hard but fair" in tax clinch: "You cheat the people"

With a view to the tax plans in the Union election program, SPD man Mützenich raises serious allegations in the direction of the Union: "You have just talked about education, we have just talked about Corona, we have not yet talked about climate-neutral business - all huge challenges where you have financial resources have to take in hand. And that's why what you're doing is a milkmaid bill. You are cheating people because you are not creating any initiatives for the next four years that we need to move this Germany forward. "

CDU / CSU parliamentary group leader Brinkhaus outraged Mützenich's announcement: “Well, Mr. Mützenich, we have worked well together for years, that's why we should cheat, maybe we should delete that from our vocabulary.

We may have different opinions, but I think it is not appropriate for the election campaign that we now say that we are cheating. ”However, Plasberg immediately put an end to the conflict that flared up:“ Not that the separation talks develop into couples therapy. ”

"Hard but fair" - the conclusion of the show

The “hard but fair” round debates on several topics mainly on the matter. The late arrival politician Christian Lindner (FDP) again demonstrates openness towards the Greens, guest in the person of the parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt. The politicians Rolf Mützenich (SPD) and Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) remain somewhat colorless in the debate, while the politician Alice Weidel (AfD) does not miss an opportunity to position herself as an antagonist.

Source: merkur

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