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Annalena Baerbock, the I-pretend-go-on


How the top woman of the Greens is doing in the election campaign. How China is tricking the world's climate. And why unvaccinated people no longer get any money if they have to be quarantined. That is the situation on Wednesday evening.


Hi, my name is Annalena

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Baerbock with child reporters and a gift of money

Annalena Baerbock may have given up hope of becoming the Chancellor. But because the television stations completed their program planning months ago, she continues to tinker as an I-pretend-keep-up-as-if candidate through the Trielle and talk shows and play the future head of government. Yesterday evening she faced the children's questions from Pauline and Romeo at "Late Night Berlin" on ProSieben. Not an easy task, as Armin Laschet recently found out, who was asked a nasty professional question about the next via children's mouth. Of course he should have guessed that the cute little ones had a button in their ear.

My colleague Felix Bayer watched Baerbock's performance. Apparently she had prepared better than the Union candidate. "Hi, I'm Annalena," she started off sympathetically, brought her second favorite topic "Fight against child poverty" and did not let herself be disturbed when the children, referring to the green energy money, asked her 75 euros, although they did but is already so rich. Why did she beautify her résumé and copy it for her book? Well, Pauline and Romeo had to be satisfied with the answers that Baerbock got rid of elsewhere.

»It is actually clear that in such an entertainment format at this point in time, no gain in knowledge of the content is to be expected.

It all depends on the attitude grade, "writes my colleague Felix:" Annalena Baerbock was very affectionate when dealing with the two children.

In the course of the conversation she laughed heartily again and again - she would think playing catch during breaks in meetings would be a good idea, but she so often wears unsuitable shoes.

The two uncles from the previous week looked a bit more tense. "

Perhaps Annalena Baerbock will become Chancellor if Pauline and Romeo are allowed to vote.

  • Read more here: "Is it your fault that the Greens are losing?"


China's coal bluff

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UN general debate in New York on Tuesday

Photo: Wang Ying / Xinhua / imago images

Anyone who gained the impression in the Bundestag election campaign that saving the global climate depends on when Germany bans the combustion engine experienced a reality shock at the start of the UN General Assembly. China, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia are not even thinking of setting themselves an ambitious climate protection target. But without these countries, any climate deal is worthless. China's head of state and party leader Xi Jinping announced that he no longer wanted to build any new coal-fired power plants abroad. Unfortunately, that does not apply to China itself. ”Over 80 percent of all power plants whose planning was initiated in 2020 are to be built in China. In this light, the announcement looks nice, but it doesn't solve the coal problem, «writes my colleague Susanne Götze in a report today.

These are difficult starting conditions for the climate summit in Glasgow, which starts in five weeks.

In order to achieve the two-degree target, global greenhouse gas emissions would have to decrease significantly.

But the climate plans submitted by the states to the UN look that emissions will increase.

Another bad sign for Susanne is that neither the Russian nor the Chinese president was personally present at the UN.

They sent video messages, as they did in 2020. According to the logic: whoever moves first, loses.

  • Promise at the UN General Assembly: Will the climate summit fail before it has started?


No vaccination, no money

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Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn


Unvaccinated people who have to be quarantined because of suspected corona will no longer receive financial support from November. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) agreed on this today with his specialist colleagues from the federal states; some countries had already advanced. "Why should others pay for someone to decide not to be vaccinated?" Said Spahn before the consultations. My colleagues from the job department have put together what working people need to know now.

The aim of politics is to increase the pressure on the unvaccinated.

There should be no general compulsory vaccination, which is why it is now coming through the back door and shifting the conflict into the companies and operations.

The chairman of the German trade union federation, Reiner Hoffmann, thinks that is wrong.

But after Spahn's latest vaccination campaign week has fizzled out with little effect, it is now time for tougher measures.

  • Read more here: Health ministers decide to end quarantine compensation for unvaccinated people

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What else is important today

  • Suspected right-wing extremist exposed in the Ministry of Defense:

    The Bundeswehr secret service MAD has tracked down a suspected right-wing extremist in the defense department.

    According to SPIEGEL information, the suspected speaker had access to sensitive data.

  • Trump team knowingly lied about "stolen election":

    An internal memo proves: The Trump team knew it was spreading lies about the allegedly rigged US election.

    The employees stick to their allegations.

  • Attempted

    murder of a close adviser to the Ukrainian head of state:

    The car of Sergei Schefir, a close adviser to the Ukrainian President Zelenskyi, has come under fire, according to the authorities.

    The driver of the car was apparently seriously injured.

  • "To Charlie!":

    It was their first concert since the death of Charlie Watts: Before their performance in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the Rolling Stones remembered their longtime drummer and dedicated the show to him.

My favorite story today: Jack Sparrow in Kabul

My colleague Anna-Sophie Schneider from the foreign affairs department noticed the great care with which the Taliban portray themselves in photos. They like to show themselves with beards and their traditional robes, show off their weapons and pose on pick-ups. And there is something else about their appearance that is remarkable: the black eyeliner that many of them use to accentuate their eyes like only Nefertiti, Amy Winehouse or pirate captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean". The make-up gives them a dramatic expression. At least to western viewers, she seems a bit more feminine than one would expect from men who treat women like second-class people.

How did the Taliban come to paint their eyes?

Apparently they attribute a health-promoting effect to the antimony powder used.

It protects against sunlight and prevents infections.

According to tradition, the Prophet Mohammed is said to have smeared his eyelids to strengthen his eyesight.

"Make-up eyes are not considered female," writes Anna-Sophie.

What we recommend today at SPIEGEL +

  • Beijing and the $ 300 billion problem:

    The Chinese real estate company Evergrande is facing bankruptcy, the global economy fears.

    Can the leadership in Beijing still avert the worst - and does it even want to?

  • A quantum of hope:

    four Long Covid patients are doing better after being treated with a drug that has not yet been approved at the Erlangen University Hospital.

    Is BC 007 a product with potential - or just media hype?

  • How YouTube wants to please everyone:

    YouTube has made user satisfaction the most important goal of its algorithm.

    Does that prevent the spread of conspiracy theories and disinformation?

    An experiment with thousands of YouTube users.

Which is less important today

Enlarge image

Nicole Richie 2020 in Beverly Hills

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Lacroix / AFP

  • Fire hairstyle: Actress Nicole Richie, 40, set her hair on fire when she tried to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

    She shared a video of the mishap on her Instagram account.

    The situation looks ominous.

    Jets of flames rise up on either side of her face.

    But Richie apparently took the incident with humor.

    "Well ... so far it's 40 🔥," she commented on the recording.

    Husband Joel Madden, singer of the band Good Charlotte, affirmed: "This is hot."

Typo of the day

, corrected in the meantime: "I think it's unfair that I'm sitting in the investment bank with the gentlemen I warned you about."

Cartoon of the day:

fear of traffic lights

And tonight?

Enlarge image

Archive picture from Oktoberfest 2011: »A Guadn!«

Photo: Alexandra Beier / Getty Images

The Munich Oktoberfest is canceled due to Corona - but there are replacements on the Internet.

At least that is what the party organizer Michael Haberland promises.

“We do it using a zoom video call,” he explained to my colleague Max Polonyi: “Groups of 25 to 1000 people can book us, all participants get a Oktoberfest box and a zoom link.

Then it starts.

A Guadn! ”But is there any mood at all?

Well, says Haberland, in the beginning it is rather cautious.

But after the first beer it starts.

Like at the real Oktoberfest, but without fights, puke, rubbish.

I wish you a nice evening.

Your Alexander Neubacher

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