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Libra: We have found the perfect date for you - Walla! Breeze


Libra people will do well with the goat and the lion but are likely to have a problematic relationship with the scorpion and the fish. Check pair match

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Libra: We have found the perfect date for you

If you are Libra - or considering a relationship with Libra - you should first check a couple match.

Libra will succeed beautifully with the goat and the lion but are likely to have a problematic relationship with the scorpion and the fish


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Yair Tribalsky

Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 11:43 p.m.

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After we told you which zodiac signs are most suitable (and least suitable) for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo - it's time to move on to whoever celebrates this month's birthday, Libra. So who is most suitable for you scales? Who do you prefer to stay friends with? And are scales built for a stable relationship at all? Choose your luck and the luck of your potential / existing partner and examine the level of matchmaking as indicated below.

Libra and Libra

two zodiac signs. Libra, the same classic debater, this serious philosopher who thinks most of the time about the essence of life, meets another philosopher, who likes to hesitate and sometimes even hesitate - no less than him. Yes, here is someone who understands the meaning of the ambiguous words, the strange reflections and the need for spice and personal freedom precisely when it seems so close. By and large - the relationship can certainly succeed, if at least one of the two will be assertive enough to take the first step.

Libra and Scorpio

Air sign with water sign. There is indeed a strong chemistry between these neighboring zodiac signs, perhaps even more so than between other neighboring zodiac signs. Many bothered to understand the meaning of the mystical connection between the two and were unsuccessful. This relationship can be very frustrating, especially the scorpion that requires so much presence and closeness - and fails to get right inside the scales that keep itself in amazing shape. Difficult, frustrating and can take a long time - if at all.

Libra and

Sagittarius Air sign and fire sign. Precisely here there is a good combination that can guarantee the two a lot of action. The rainbow is a very active sign, with a lot of fire in the eyes and heart - and thorns where silence is good for it. Sagittarius loves to travel and takes the scales for wonderful adventures outside the house, with the above sitting next to the assertive driver and pondering - as always - the meaning of life (with Sagittarius). Just the opposite direction.

Libra and Capricorn

Air sign and Earth sign.

There is a strong and not always explained chemistry between these zodiac signs - and the connection formed between them can be stronger than usual.

One explanation is that the two work a lot with the head and with logic and manage to gain control of the emotional area by the intellect, the logical ability and the stubbornness to explain everything.

From a place like this, they definitely feel comfortable being with someone who is similar to them, who is no less smart than them and with whom one can develop cute musings.

An excellent relationship that can last for many years.

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Libra people will succeed beautifully with the goat and the lion but are expected to have a problematic connection with the scorpion and the fish (Photo: ShutterStock)

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Libra and Aquarius are

two zodiac signs. Here comes to the scales someone who is similar to him in many areas, who also likes to explore the boundaries of the close relationship between friendship and friendship and sometimes stretch the rope as far as possible, who wants like him - lots of spice and personal freedom, and like him willing to give to others. The thing is that with someone like that it's really fun to be a friend and comrade, but somehow he might be a little too distant, because the spice he needs is a little bigger than what the average Libra requires. By and large - a fun relationship, but more suitable for friendship.

Libra and fish

Air sign and water sign. There are some common denominators for fish and scales: both like to hesitate a lot before the action, both are really kind-hearted and like to help, and both are really champions at getting into shells of different kinds, and just shutting themselves in there until they finish rejuvenating and sticking their noses out. But together? Here it is already changing, since together somehow they do not always have a positive effect on each other. Light-hearted waves of depression are in the air quite a bit and occasionally threaten to bring unnecessary dramas and lose direction. More suitable for friendship.

Libra and Virgo

Air sign and Earth sign. Two neighboring zodiac signs that are definitely attracted and there are between these two also from a strange attraction that is a bit difficult to explain. Seemingly, the airy and a bit lazy scales can certainly draw a lot of fire from the pedantic virgin who sees every little detail and passes criticism. Libra has a hard time with criticism and over time has a hard time withstanding it. Sooner or later she annoys him and the two start a fight. If the virgin can stop visiting and the scales can contain - a connection has come out here that may be reasonable.

Libra and Leo

Air sign and fire sign. This is one of the best combinations for Leo, who desperately needs an intelligent son or spouse, who can break it in a good conversation and also know how to treat him - because he is always at the center. One can be proud of them in the company because the scales are stylists and show presence. The scales are very comfortable in the company of the lion, both in terms of class, both in terms of the shoulder that can always be trusted and because of the good word at the right time. A relationship that is definitely worth the investment and can last for many years.

Libra and Cancer

Air sign and water sign. There is a strong chemistry between these two, but they are quite different, although this difference can sometimes also complement - not just interfere. Libra is a very social sign and needs two or three people around him regularly, though one at a time. On the other hand, cancer is very shy and the need to philosophize and receive feedback on every subject does not exist in him. Cancer also loves warmth and intimacy and Libra is a little cool for him. If the balance sheets do not show real closeness, the relationship will end pretty quickly.

Libra and Gemini

Two air zodiac signs. These two zodiac signs know how to use words in an amazing way. They are very intelligent, need people around them and love to talk - and a lot. By and large, however, there is something cool in their attitude towards an intense relationship and towards intimacy in general, and they do not really excel in intimacy over time unless they work on the subject. The fact that they both need a lot of personal freedom definitely helps the relationship, the only question is what do they do in that personal freedom together. More suitable for friendship.

Libra and Taurus

Air sign and Earth sign.

These two are basically controlled by the planet Venus, and each represents a different side of it: in Libra Venus is intelligent, rational, diplomatic and a bit distant.

Taurus Venus is very basic, but needs all these basic things in quantities: good food, good sleep and of course that basic-basic commodity, which are made together in bed.

By and large, there is something a little distant between the two, because the scales are a little less accessible, and the bull - more feeling.

The connection between them may be a bit strained - but it can work.

Libra and Aries

Air sign and fire sign.

Two opposites that can certainly complete, but also be the greatest enemies.

The vigorous and decisive cast reveals a very diplomatic partner - but also a very hesitant one.

In fact, Libra accepts the lamb as it is, but the balance and hesitation and hesitation together with his need to consider everything over and over again can take the lamb out of his composure.

If Aries manages to understand why Libra takes so long - and Libra will be stimulated easily and consistently - a wonderful connection will grow here.

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