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Possible hostage-taking in the middle of Bavaria: New details on the coach drama on the A9


After a possible hostage-taking in a coach on the A9 near Hilpoltstein, the police arrested a man (30). Some questions remain unanswered.

After a possible hostage-taking in a coach on the A9 near Hilpoltstein, the police arrested a man (30).

Some questions remain unanswered.

  • Large-scale operation on the A9 near Greding.

    An armed man took hostages in a coach there

  • Around 9:30 p.m., a SEK stormed the bus - with success

  • The police confirm that a suspect has been arrested

Update from Wednesday, September 22nd, 6:07 am:

After the end of a hostage


in a coach on the A9 near Hilpoltstein, the police announced details of the course of the crime. The perpetrator is said to be a 30-year-old Serbian citizen. After an argument in the bus on Tuesday evening, there was a physical argument with several other passengers in which two people were slightly injured. After that, the 30-year-old is said to have taken the three bus drivers hostage. The police reported that he had previously threatened to kill all bus occupants.

The bus finally stopped and the man was left alone in the bus with the three drivers.

However, they were also able to leave the bus unharmed before the police access it.

According to his own information, the suspect was armed, as he told the police on the cell phone of one of the bus drivers.

When the police accessed it at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, no weapon was initially found, according to a spokesman.

Whether it was actually an armed hostage-taking, as initially reported, has yet to be clarified.

After a large-scale operation on A9: No weapon found on the perpetrator


picture also

reported on detonations during the SEK mission.

According to the spokesman, these were due to dazzling agents that the officers used to distract the perpetrator.

He was then arrested "without resistance" and should be interrogated that night.

At around 10.30 p.m., the officers declared the operation over and lifted the roadblock.

Questioning the witnesses turned out to be difficult, as many of them spoke little or no German.

After questioning the witnesses, they were also able to continue their journey.

The bus drove with the other occupants to Munich, from where it headed for its final destination - Serbia.

Update, 10:57 p.m.:

The hostage-taking on the A9 is over.

The police have meanwhile given further details, and the first photos of the operation on the coach are already available.

Update, 10:19 p.m.:

It seems as if everyone present got away with the horror: According to information from the


, there were no injuries during the hostage-taking or access.

As the news site continues, negotiations with the arrested person were difficult because the bus came from abroad.

Reports that a dispute was the trigger for the incident are initially not confirmed, the motive for the act is unclear.

According to a police spokesman, the detonations that were supposed to have been listened to are due to the use of blinding agents used by the SEK during access.

Update, 10:12 p.m.:

Now the police in Middle Franconia have also confirmed the arrest via Twitter.

“The perpetrator was arrested.

A weapon has not yet been found, ”it says there.

The bus will continue to be searched, however, and evidence will be obtained on site.

The full closure of the A9 is also to be lifted shortly.

In the course of the operation, Deutsche Bahn had also blocked the local train route between Munich and Ingolstadt, but this has already been reopened for traffic.

The perpetrator could be arrested.

A #weapon has not yet been found.

The bus continues to be searched.

#Securing of evidence takes place on site.

The lifting of the #autobahnblockung will be issued shortly.

# A9_2109

- Police Middle Franconia (@PolizeiMFR) September 21, 2021

Update, 9:57 p.m.:

Apparently the drama on the A9 has come to an end.

As the dpa reported, citing a police spokesman, a suspect was arrested during the access, which took place around 9:30 p.m.

Whether or not people were injured during the operation is still unclear at first.

Update, 9:33 p.m.:

As the


reports, there should have been access a few minutes ago by the SEK located on site.

Accordingly, three detonations could be heard.

A police helicopter circled over the scene.

It is still unclear whether the access was successful and the hostage situation ended.

Update, 9:16 p.m.:


writes, a dispute among several passengers should have broken out in the bus around 5 p.m.

What exactly was going on inside the vehicle is currently unclear.

According to

, however, one witness reported an armed man.

A specially trained negotiating group has been trying to contact the man for hours.


After a hostage-taking on the A9 near Greding, the motorway is completely closed.

© NEWS5 / Bauernfeind

First report from September 21st, 8.42pm:

Greding - major operation on the A9: On Tuesday evening, September 21st, the route between Hilpoltstein and Greding (Roth district) is fully closed in both directions.

The SEK is also in action.

According to

, there should have been

a hostage-taking in

a bus


Many details are not yet known.

A9: Large-scale operation on the motorway - Apparently an armed person in a coach


reported by


, a foreign coach was apparently stopped on the highway.

With the exception of a few passengers, everyone could leave the vehicle.

Two people are said to be on the bus with the hostage taker.

As the

dpa reported

, citing the police in Middle Franconia, the people who were still on the bus were the two bus drivers and the allegedly armed passenger.

All other passengers were outside on the hard shoulder.

According to


, a police spokesman has confirmed that a bus driver is currently trying to calm the passenger down.

According to the


, there should have been a dispute on the bus.

There is also talk of an armed person shouting weird stuff.

The motorway is currently closed for kilometers.

A police negotiating group is in action.

The exact background was initially unknown.

(han / kof)

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