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Corona precautions: Söder approaches Bavarian daycare centers - and confirms rule change for the coming week


The Bavarian government around Markus Söder draws an interim balance after starting school under corona conditions. A contentious issue was also discussed.

The Bavarian government around Markus Söder draws an interim balance after starting school under corona conditions.

A contentious issue was also discussed.

  • The Bavarian cabinet around Markus Söder * met on Tuesday (September 21, 10 a.m.).

    Topics were starting school under Corona * conditions and gendering.

  • Söder informed about the results in a press conference.

    He criticized Bavarian daycare centers.

    (Update from September 21, 12.30 p.m.)

  • Bavaria's Minister for Family Affairs urgently advises against the gender star.

    (Update from September 21, 12:52 p.m.)

  • All news in the ticker.

Update from September 21, 1:30 p.m.:

Major decisions were not made in today's cabinet meeting.

Söder and Piazolo spoke of a largely smooth start to school, but also emphasized that the equipping of schools and day-care centers with air purifiers continued to be slow.

Of the funds made available by the Free State for the purchase, 18 percent have so far been accessed at schools, while it is only 1.6 percent at day-care centers.

So far, pool tests have only started at around 30 percent of primary and special schools.

The ministers agree on the issue of gender.

It needs a "gender sensitive" language, but one advises against gender asterisks or the like.

The reason: They are not "barrier-free" legible.

Language should be understandable and easy to read.

In addition, so-called gender language should by no means be relevant for exams at universities.

The press conference after the Bavarian cabinet meeting for reading

1:21 p.m.:

Söder also expresses himself again on the subject of gender in exams at universities.

"It must not be relevant to the exam," said the minister.

Söder also confirms once again that the clubs will be allowed to open in Bavaria on October 1st.

The press conference is now over.

12:56 p.m.:

Bernd Sibler now

speaks about gender


The aim is to prevent the use of gender language in exams at universities.

It cannot be a criterion.

Sibler refers to the advice of German spelling.

“Language should be understandable, legible and correctly unambiguous,” he says.

It is good to point out again how the situation is from a state perspective.

It must not under any circumstances lead to a deterioration in the grade.

If there are cases, the ministry should be contacted.

Press conference after the cabinet meeting: Trautner on the daycare start

12.52 p.m.:

Carolin Trautner has the floor. Only six daycare centers are currently completely closed. Since yesterday, all educators who have not been vaccinated have been required to test, according to Trautner. This increases security. It was very well received by the parents and the daycare centers. PCR pool tests are now also possible in daycare centers. Municipalities are free to choose whether to opt for this additional test option. You can "get started very soon". Within the municipalities, however, one should decide on a test option.

Trautner takes up the topic of "gender" again.

The topic is “carried by a great deal of emotion”.

But one is obliged to ensure that the language is understandable for all citizens.

“Asterisks, underscores and the like cannot be read without barriers,” explains Trautner.

You therefore strongly advise against it.

12.50 p.m.:

"Tests in schools help contain Corona," said Piazolo.

It is a lot further than a year ago.

"Corona has not disappeared, but we have more and more methods and means to limit it," says the minister.

12.46 p.m.:

According to Piazolo, there have already been the first vaccination offers in schools, which have also been well received. Testing with the rapid antigen test continues to go well. The start of the PCR pool tests in elementary and special schools also worked. So far, they have been used in just over 30 percent of schools. The number is growing every day, says Piazolo.

12.42 p.m.:

Minister of Education Michael Piazolo has the floor.

This school year passed the 100,000 mark, said Piazolo.

So there would be more and more teachers.

“We started school successfully,” says the minister.

"Mostly smoothly." One hopes for more normality in this school year.

Graduation trips and school trips are possible again.

They also want to offer two project weeks on agriculture.

Piazolo would also like to see “more speed” with regard to the air filters.

Söder on PK about the corona situation in Bavaria and the controversial issue of gender

12:38 p.m.:

The second topic is rising inflation. Nobody would care about this issue. Söder calls for an inflation limit. The topic is important and one would advocate for it in the Bundestag. The last point that Söder addresses is gender. "Yes, we need gender-sensitive language," says Söder. That is a very clear goal. But: One is against excess. Correct balance is required here. "Everyone can say what they want". The goal here is a sense of proportion instead of sanctions.

12.30 p.m .:

The press conference starts punctually at 12.30 p.m. Markus Söder has the floor. He would like to address three points. On the one hand, the corona situation in Bavaria. The situation is stable, said Söder. The hospital traffic light is still green. Some hotspots are in Upper Bavaria. It can also be seen that the vaccination rate is lower there. Unfortunately, the vaccination progress is not going as hoped, said the minister. Corona is only an issue for the unvaccinated. Söder therefore makes an urgent appeal again to get vaccinated. There is particular hope for vaccinations for schoolchildren.

At the start of school, Söder says that overall it was a good success.

The 3G rule remains independent of the incidence.

The PCR pool tests have already started at 30 percent of the elementary and special needs schools.

At the start of the daycare center, Söder is disappointed that the air purifiers are rarely accepted.

Update from September 21, 12.15 p.m.:

Markus Söder will appear in front of the press shortly after the cabinet meeting.

The press conference was brought forward from 1 p.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Video: Listen to the whole press conference

Bavarian government takes stock of the start of school: Controversial topic is also on the agenda - Söder-PK live today

First report from September 21st, 8:19 am

: Munich - On September 14th the school in Bavaria started again after the summer vacation.

How did the start of the new school year under Corona * conditions go?

The cabinet around Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU *) will deal with this topic on Tuesday (September 21).

Corona in Bavaria: test strategy in schools successful?

Söder government takes stock

One week after the start of school, the government now wants to take an initial balance sheet.

The focus is on whether and how the expansion of the previous test * strategy has worked - in primary schools, PCR pool tests are to replace the previous rapid tests in the new school year.

Söder's cabinet advises: Controversial topic on the agenda

But there is also a controversial topic on the agenda.

CSU boss Söder had already announced on Monday that the cabinet was dealing with the issue of gender language.

The responsible ministers should submit a report on this.

Then you will decide how to proceed.

(By the way: Our Bavaria newsletter informs you about all developments and results from the Free State about the upcoming federal election - and of course about all other important stories from Bavaria.)

Söder-Kabinett advises on the subject of gender - Söder fear does not arise

Contrary to Söder’s criticism, students at Bavaria’s universities are obviously not threatened with lower grades if they do not gender in exams and work.

A survey at the universities showed that the linguistic guidelines were used for orientation and were "in no way compulsory", according to a statement by the Bavarian University Conference last Friday.

During the election campaign, Söder announced that he would have the universities' guidelines on linguistic equal treatment of the sexes reviewed.

“It cannot be that students might get a worse rating just because they don't use gender asterisks,” he said in an interview last time.

Guidelines for gender-sensitive language have been established at a number of universities in Germany for many years.

In this way, women and men should be addressed equally and women should be made linguistically visible.

The examination regulations of the universities, in which the framework conditions for the examinations and the grading criteria are specified, are independent of these general language recommendations.

Bavaria's cabinet meets: press conference with Söder live today

After the cabinet meeting, there will be a press conference at 1 p.m. with Söder, Family Minister Carolina Trautner, Science Minister Bernd Sibler (all CSU) and Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters).

(kam / dpa) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

The number of corona infections in Bavaria had recently decreased, but there was a significant increase in one group.

There is already a guess as to why.

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