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The reality that no one sees Israel today


Recent revolutions have turned Sirhan, the Palestinian terrorist who murdered Robert Kennedy, into some theoretical construction. Ideologically, many in America have lost faith in their prison system

The level of care for patients is declining, the elderly population is paying with their lives for a spineless policy - the main thing is that the government and the media that support it achieve industrial peace

One does not have to be melodramatic beyond the accepted learning, nor to mention periods and events from the past, in order to register that population groups in Israel over the age of 50 are eliminated. A rate of hundreds of deaths a month undisturbed and undistributed across the demographic spectrum means real danger. The government has decided to prefer the encouragement of economic growth at the national level while shifting the gaze and ignoring the harvest of the dead in certain sections of the population - age and income levels. Simply put, a government whose only achievement is industrial silence, pursues an anti-humanitarian policy. The automatic approval for mass performances is a vulgar translation of bread and amusement policies for the masses, including of course full football stadiums, to encourage voluntary blindness.

More than 500 patients are severe, as experts say, and the level of medical care is declining.

Beyond Corona, this policy discusses other patients in a difficult to moderate level of care.

In one of the hospitals, a doctor said: "At the hospital, we know that someone over the age of 65 will not receive Acmo (the cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine) even if he has to ... There is really not much chance over the age of 65."

The director general of Rambam Hospital slapped Nachman Ash that for every five people hospitalized, one died: "There was no such mortality."

There does not appear to be a specific policy designed to save the older populations other than the anemic call to get vaccinated.

Mortality has skyrocketed, and the complete disregard for the authority and authority of television studios and commentators-propagandists who do not have enough broadcast hours to name Bennett's many achievements.

We entered August with 6,473 dead. Towards the end of the week, Israel has more than 7,570. That's about 1,100 a month and a half. There are already journalists who understand that there is a big event, hidden from the eyes of the vast media. This is the madness of the tests that put a large part of the country's population in the carousel around the tents of the complexes. According to reports, the number of hours in queues and trips involved is more than half a working day of a Histadrut worker in his glory days. The one who stands out in the policy of compressing the corona bomb, as one of the ministers stated about the flight to Uman, is Transport Minister Merav Michaeli, who decided to adopt a policy contrary to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the National Security Council and the Counter-Terrorism Headquarters. "With the ISIS affiliate) to leave the area immediately and return to Israel", "the headquarters strongly recommends to all those wishing to go to Sinai to refrain from doing so", the language of the recommendations.High level of infection of the corona virus.

Merav Michaeli said about two weeks ago: "Our freedom of movement is a basic right and must be guarded. The Taba crossing serves as an axis of crossing for tourism ... It is also an important axis for our important connection with our ally Egypt."

It fully opens the Taba crossing while encouraging Israelis to travel to Sinai, to vacation on the shores of "our ally".

And that no one be harmed

Biden has already woken up and realized that if there is a crisis - it should be addressed, even if it means not showing understanding towards enemies. Israel continues to pursue a policy of "love of internal peace"

in the United States It has long been permissible to list in the media the series of crises that President Biden has plunged his country into on its own initiative: a mad crisis on the southern border with a steady flow of illegal immigrants. Global crisis of confidence in the US following the collapse in Afghanistan. Economic-budgetary policies that have already put the US economy in inflation are accompanied by very poor economic recovery. more and more. But it is not acceptable for us to name the political-security failures for which the media silence is beautiful (or ugly). Yair Lapid, while a founding article on foreign policy, condemns Prime Minister Netanyahu's "pessimism," as he calls it.

This is called realism and security-political activism. In the midst of all the crises, President Biden suddenly awoke. His latest move in the American-French-Australian triangle is very non-globalist, very retro, very hawkish and does not show much openness and understanding towards enemies, especially China and the raging North Korea. Yes, he turned his back on President Macron, took away from him the submarine deal, upgraded it and turned it into a deal to sell nuclear submarines to Australia.

The late conservative hawk, Robert Conquest, preached the dismantling of barren international bodies at best and harmful ones at worst, such as the UN, and instead built the Anglo-Saxon alliance. Zealand and the addition of India and Japan. Returning to memories of the past in the face of present threats. And that also includes expressing distrust in France. They are French.

"Our liberalism has made us collaborators with tyrants and oppressors," Arthur Kestler wrote in the 1950s. "Our love for peace invited aggression and paved the way for war." This lesson is valid today, as it was 65 years ago, and as it was in the 1930s and 1970s. It is especially true of Israel. The love of internal peace in prisons, the Gaza border and the Lebanese border, and the withdrawal from activism on Iran, as well as the unwillingness to confront the culture of robbery and murder in certain areas in the north, the Negev and mixed cities - is a disgrace,And it will of course lead to very violent confrontations and war.

Security, an abstract theme

Bennett said Israel should align with the Biden administration if it returns to the nuclear deal.

What will the government do now that the presuppositions of Middle Eastern policy are collapsing?

If it was a torch, one could call Netanyahu's video "The Fallen Head Affair."

If it was the Bible - "The affair of why did you fall asleep?" In fact, the former prime minister is trying to wake up the Israeli public on the Iranian issue. That he did not fall asleep), but much more than that: he could not wake him, just as he could not breathe life into the head sculpture of Bobby Kennedy standing on a shelf behind Biden.

American expert Reuel Mark Gersht (former CIA man) recently published his analysis of the current situation vis-à-vis Iran, mainly from an American perspective. In principle, he argued years ago that the nuclear deal - back in the negotiations six or seven years ago - makes the United States a partner of the Iranians in the horrific atrocities they and their envoys are committing in Syria. assemble a nuclear device one.

"If the Israelis do not wipe out Iranian nuclear facilities until 2025, when the regime will already be set manufacturing of advanced centrifuges, it will be a signal in terms of Israeli military operations are more than she can stand it," he wrote Gersht site of the Institute for the protection of Democracy. "The Mossad will still blow things up and eliminate personalities, but these actions will probably only set the Iranians back a bit."

Gersht accuses Trump of not responding militarily to the missile and glider attack on Abkayak's oil facilities in Saudi Arabia in 2019;

Suleimani's assassination created a certain effect, but that is not what American hawks and Israel expected at the time.

"And in Biden, it's hard to believe he's going to do more than Trump.

"In other words, 2025 is the last game in the last game and the whole game," Gersht writes.

"As far as the United States is concerned, if there is no Israeli intervention with all the riots that follow in the region, we will probably have already lost."

The new government of Israel (the new government of Israel?) And the American administration of Biden have come to power, holding misconceptions about Iran.

One of the principles of Joe Biden and his team was the rapid return of the United States to the nuclear deal. B returns to the nuclear agreement.

So what do we do now that the presuppositions of Middle Eastern policy are collapsing?

An integral part of the collapsing premise was adherence to the democratic government, after Netanyahu was accused of a one-party policy.

Israel is linked to a failed administration and, among other things, paid for it by losing its ability to maneuver with Russia.

But national security is also an abstract issue among some of the personalities around Bennett and Shaked;

Whereas the new government of Israel provides a kind of phlegmatic silence, "without venom and hatred," as Matan Kahana said.

Sirhan \ Photo: AFP,

No compassion, defiance

Robert Kennedy's killer will probably not be released even after the commission approves it, but the very discussion surrounding his release indicates the ideological detachment from the last generation's crime

unlike all previous times Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy's killer, asked to be released from prison - this time he got what he wanted. The parole board has approved his release, but it is probably the closest he will get to the prison gate. By most estimates, Governor Gwyn Newsm, who had just removed the California referendum from the threat to his seat, would not approve it.

But the very thought, the fact that by law Sirhan is entitled to be released, is absurd. It is difficult to see here Christian compassion in action. Maybe as a cover. What is here is a mental and ideological disconnect from crime. The revolutions of the last generation, and especially of recent years, have turned the Palestinian terrorist who murdered Robert Kennedy into some theoretical construction. Ideologically, many in America have lost faith in their prison system. What could be more symbolic and defiant than the release of the assassin of the regent, Gabriel Princip, the Arab, who came from the Middle East.

The Israeli consul in Los Angeles at the time was Dr. Moshe Jaeger. He said this week: "I watched the event on television from home, not far from the hotel. I saw Kennedy's speech. And then he went down the hall to the kitchen and he waited for him. "Jaeger says that as soon as the killer's identity, Sirhan Sirhan, as a Palestinian Arab became clear, a situation arose that greatly stressed Israeli diplomats, led by Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin." I went to meet a senior Jewish judge. . I told him I was worried. "I am afraid that the defense will make the trial anti-Israel," Jaeger recalls. The man involved in community affairs said there was reason to be concerned, He offered to prepare, he recommended collecting data, who Sirhan was, all the information about him and his family. "

The press began to fill up with materials. Among other things, they said that his family was once injured in an Israeli shelling. Well-known American terrorists in the 1970s adopted him as a hero. A great deal of material was collected in the country on everything around Sirhan, it turned out that he lived in a village near Ramallah and it is unlikely that the village was shelled or bombed. The material that Israel collected passed to the prosecution.

Jaeger updated Rabin, who warned him that he could be deported. "Keep going. Be careful. It's your responsibility," Rabin told the consul on one of his trips to Los Angeles. But Rabin will also instruct that one should stay away from it as much as possible, "this is not an Israeli matter." Jaeger says he remembers an American official saying at the time that pardon would not apply in Sirhan's case. "He will not see sunlight."

It seems that if he had only been identified as a terrorist who hates Israel, he would have been released.

But Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy four and a half years after his brother, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

The foreign minister in the early 1960s was Golda Meir, and she attended the president's funeral.

When she returned, she reported to the government that she thought that the assassination of President Kennedy was due to a political underground or something related to the Dallas police.

Police Minister Bechor Shitrit said the second option is more likely.

The suspicion arose from the very absurd legal situation that closed the investigation in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dallas Police Department with no possibility of FBI intervention;

And also because Lee Oswald's killer, Jack Robbie, was a familiar figure to Dallas officers and they allowed him to enter the police building.

So they say, the question of Sirhan's release actually depends on the identity of the murdered person.

In light of the scandals and suspicions surrounding the first Kennedy assassination, there is no doubt that there is something of the truth in this. 

Source: israelhayom

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