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Wireless and lightness: Logitech G435 - Walla! The gaming channel


The gaming headset giant's new headphones are extremely light and provide impressive sound and battery life

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Wireless and lightness: Logitech G435

The gaming headset giant's new headphones are extremely light and provide impressive sound and battery life


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Dudi Krihali

Thursday, 23 September 2021, 09:00 Updated: 09:05

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(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

The gaming accessories giant Logitech was the first company to go all in on wireless gaming accessories, which also manage to meet the highest demands of the most serious and professional gaming players with the help of a unique and extremely successful technology - Lightspeed.

With its help, the company manages to connect its accessories to the various devices, with a particularly minimal response delay of less than a single millisecond.

Over the past week and a half I have had the privilege of trying out the company's new gaming headphones,

the Logitech G435

, which with a particularly compelling price tag and no less marvelous feature set and market break in the price category of the model in question, are no less marvelous, despite one notable drawback ( Literally).

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Logitech G435 (Logitech)

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)


In terms of the design of the headphones, the G435, retains the unique look that started with its popular model, the G733, and continued with the discounted and excellent model - the G335.

These are extremely lightweight headphones, which are mostly made of plastic.

The ear pads of the headphones are made of a sporty, airy and extremely comfortable mesh fabric.

The same cushions sit on a hinge with a fairly wide angle of movement and are easy to adjust for any type of user and for any type of ear.

Unlike the previous two models I mentioned here, the G435 are the company's first headphones to use a virtual "microphone arm", which is supposed to replace the physical microphone arm that can be found in the previous two models in the series.

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

These are headphones with a pretty clean, and beautiful look, and I really enjoyed connecting to my work sessions with the color of the model sent to me, light blue and white, which did not really shout "user is a top notch gamer, mind you", and did not bother me at all, and vice versa.

Another element that has changed in the G435 compared to the previous two models in the series is the ski strap mechanism that is no longer with us, and in the current model, Logitech have returned to "sources" with a specially padded plastic arch with a sporty and airy mesh fabric that provides pretty good comfort when wearing the headphones.

Because of the change in the head adjustment mechanism, I think this is a model that fits a wider range of heads but loses some of its comfort, but after a while in which we are with the headphones on our heads, I no longer completely felt they were on me.

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)


In terms of sound, Logitech played it huge here in my opinion.

The G435 takes the impressive drivers we found in the G335 model, and manages to deliver the same impressive performance despite the wireless connection.

The same drivers provide a bouncy and fun sound here that despite the relatively low price of the headphones, with the right tuning done by the brand's sound engineers, we also get a surprising sound experience, great bass, and not bad audio quality at all, whether we connect with the adapter USB, or if we are connected using Bluetooth.

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

Connections + battery

In terms of battery life, in this case the headphones play it, with 18 hours of sequence use, so we will only need to charge the headphones after a few days using the USB-C connection that is on the headphones.

The most unique thing about the company's new model is the options of connecting the headphones to the user's various devices. The new Logitech headphones can be connected to a computer or game consoles using an ordinary USB adapter, and for the first time the headphones can also be connected to a computer, PlayStation 4/5 consoles, the switch (after the new software update), and our smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.

Usually such connection options can be found only in much more expensive models, which allow the user to connect the headphones to both the computer and the smartphone at the same time, so that the user can listen to music or receive calls while playing.

The G435 may not be able to connect to two devices at the same time, but it is no less a market-breaking addition that can completely change the rules of the game.

Well done to Logetic.

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)


So is everything perfect if the new model?

Well no, unfortunately the company's decision to take down the physical microphone arm and replace it with a virtual "arm" pretty much hurts the product when it comes to how we sound.

The sound of the microphones does not sound good to my great regret, and you can quite heavily hear the computerized algorithm that envelops our voice in a kind of strange robotic shell, and strange background noises.

If the G335 managed to deliver quite impressive performance, here unfortunately are the limitations of the capability of the headphone price, the lowering of the physical microphone arm, and the fact that they are wireless significantly impairs the quality of the microphone.

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

Unfortunately, the G435 fails to distinguish between background noises and the user's voice in a way that overcomes those background noises, and every time I used them in a zoom session at work, they asked me why I sounded that way, noting that the sound was not the highest quality and cleanest.

So if you are looking to use headphones for streaming or multiple zoom calls, I would consider using your computer's built-in microphone or buying an external microphone.

(Photo: Screenshot, Logitech)

In conclusion

If I defined the previous model in the series, the G335 as the best "Budget" headphones currently on the market, I think Logitech has played it hugely once again, and the G435 are the new holders of the title.

These are headphones that provide an excellent sound experience, diverse connection options that can not be found in any other headphone model in the category, a comfortable and beautiful design for the eye, and a light and comfortable weight for each head.

At a recommended price for a consumer of NIS 369 (a total of NIS 20 more than the G335) and despite the slightly disappointing microphone quality, these are in my opinion the best headphones on the market for those looking for wireless headphones at an affordable price for every pocket.

And for those who are interested in a slightly better microphone quality, or have a preference for wired headphones, the excellent G335 we reviewed recently (click here to go to the review) are an excellent replacement and probably the headphones you are looking for.

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