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Migrants at the US border Mexico border: what's next for them?


On the US-Mexico border, thousands of people are still waiting in a camp under a bridge. What's next for you? SPIEGEL correspondent Rene Pfister describes his impressions.

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The US border between Texas and Mexico: There is still an exceptional situation, thousands of migrants are waiting under a bridge, most of them from Haiti.

They are provided with water and food, but the conditions in the makeshift camp are dire.

How does it go from here for all these people?

There are two main options.

Some are taken to the Val Verde humanitarian center.

Rene Pfister, DER SPIEGEL:

»About 40, 50 refugees have arrived here who have spent the last few days under the bridge, some under terrible conditions.

Those who got here are really the lucky ones.

Because now you have the chance to continue to visit friends or family in the USA. "

The bus goes to Houston, from where the migrants can make their way to their destination.

Tiffany Burrow, Val Verde Humanitarian Center

“It's a six-hour journey for the families.

When they arrive they are given a meal and the opportunity to stay the night.

You have accommodation for one night.

The families then use the international airport, train and bus to continue their journey to their destination. "

There is no financial support here.

Tiffany Burrow, Val Verde Humanitarian Center:

“In most cases, families have prepared for this moment.

They have their money ready.

And if not, contact your loved ones here in America who can help you pay for the last ticket. "

But only a few have this luck.

The second option, how to proceed from the border, is what many people fear under the bridge.

Rene Pfister:

»There are also many who were driven from the bridge directly to the airport nearby and had to go back to Haiti.

They were put on planes by the Coast Guard and brought back. "

Deportation flights to Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, have already started on Sunday.

The Caribbean island is experiencing major security problems, social unrest and extreme poverty.

Rene Pfister:

“How the decision is made, who has to go and who not, is unclear, nobody could really explain that to us.

But it is noticeable that there are mainly families with small children who were brought here from the bridge by Border Control and have now been further distributed to the USA. "

The situation is of course a big issue in Washington as well.

And, as always, there are two very different camps in the debate.

Rene Pfister, DER SPIEGEL:

“On the one hand there are the Republicans who say: Joe Biden cannot get the situation under control, thousands of people come to America every day, completely uncontrolled.

And on the other hand, there are many Democrats who complain about how inhumanly the refugees are being treated here, especially under the bridge here in Del Rio, which has been closed. "

Nadia, migrant from Haiti:

»I am disappointed.

We came here and it wasn't what we expected.

They were very mean to us.

They treated us like dirt.

They gave us no food, no water, there are no doctors, nothing.

There are many children here, pregnant women.

It's really tough for us. "

It is also clear that the US will be preoccupied with this topic for a long time to come.

Because the vast majority of the people under the bridge are not allowed to enter and are not deported directly: most of them continue to wait in the makeshift camp.

Others return to Mexico to avoid deportation.

Meanwhile, thousands of refugees are on their way to the USA.

Source: spiegel

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