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Campus World|Teacher and Student Zhao Xiao incarnates the "Undefeated Twisting Corps" and "Strong Magician"


Renji Hospital Zhao Zengxueyun Primary School (hereinafter referred to as Zhao Xiao) "Perseverance 21" was held at the beginning of the new school year. The purpose is to cultivate perseverance, learn to set goals, make hard work a habit, and prepare for the new school year.

Renji Hospital's Zhao Zengxueyun Primary School (hereinafter referred to as Zhao Xiao) "Perseverance 21" was held at the beginning of the new school year. The purpose is to cultivate perseverance, learn to set goals, make hard work a habit, and prepare to meet the challenges of the new school year.

Zhao Xiao is committed to nurturing students' positive values, and nurturing students' self-discipline, perseverance, appreciation, and gratitude.

Students explored "Perseverance" in the three-day "Perseverance 21" activity. Through the experience activities, students can experience the process from "trying to success to build a habit" and build the quality of students' perseverance.

(Provided by Zhao Zeng Xueyun Primary School of Renji Hospital)

"Perseverance" requires action to practice and enthusiasm to support.

Zhao Xiao advocates multi-sports art throughout life and one uniform team for life. The purpose is to encourage students to develop in new fields beyond learning.

Principal Lin often said: "Every student is also a rough stone. Our responsibility is to discover their bright spots and let them shine." The knowledge in books is important, but the diversified development of children in the growth stage cannot be ignored.

The activity design of "Fortitude 21" is to let students understand the concept of fortitude through movies.

Then arrange students to learn new skills-twisting waves and magic, so that students can personally experience perseverance and feel the importance of perseverance.

So as to plant the seeds of perseverance in the hearts of students and cultivate their perseverance character.

(Provided by Zhao Zeng Xueyun Primary School of Renji Hospital)

In addition to learning perseverance in the activities of "Don’t Give Up the Twisting Corps" and "Strengthening Magician", students also learn to face the negative emotions caused by setbacks and failures, as well as support and encouragement, and establish positive thinking and interaction. Establish positive connections between classmates and teachers.

The activity allows students to understand the importance of persevering in the process of growing up.

And in the activities, I saw that students are willing to cooperate with their classmates and encourage each other to achieve success, so as to establish a good class atmosphere and achieve the results of peers.

The end of the three-day "Perseverance 21" activity is the beginning of the students' "Perseverance 21" ("21 Days to Build Habits") journey. Students are expected to face difficulties with determination and not give up until their goals are achieved.

(Provided by Zhao Zeng Xueyun Primary School of Renji Hospital)

The students liked this activity very much, expressing the importance of persisting in not giving up through the activity experience, because he has to be careful when twisting the balloon, and it is difficult to tie the knot, which requires many attempts to succeed.

The students practiced hard for the performance of the "Perseverance Stage", and let us feel that the seeds of "Perseverance" quietly took root in their hearts. Together with the love and support around them, we look forward to seeing the bright and bright day of Zhao Primary School students.

The teachers also saw their changes in the three-day activity. Some students went from being unwilling to hold a balloon at first to trying slowly, and finally being able to complete a work by themselves. They appreciate their growth and courage very much.

The parent volunteers who participated in the activity also said that the activity can effectively cultivate students' good character. Perseverance is a trait that everyone deserves. I appreciate the school's willingness to devote their efforts to cultivating students' perseverance so that they can learn to face difficulties.

Three-day event highlight

film appreciation: through film appreciation, let students understand and feel the perseverance of the protagonist of the film. Resolute

stage: use performance to promote students to experience peak experience and practice "Perseverance"

Guest sharing: let students understand the four elements of perseverance: interest, practice , Purpose and Hope

"Perseverance 21" ("Habit-Building in 21 Days) Journey: Make habit-building actions based on the interests of students. Family members and teachers encourage students to complete the journey of perseverance and strengthen mutual care and connection.

(Content provided by Zhao Zeng Xueyun Primary School of Renji Hospital)

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