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Coronavirus disease. Latest|Macao starts national testing at 3 pm, 59 people undergo quarantine


Macau announced that two security guards from the quarantine hotel had confirmed the diagnosis, schools need to be closed and local tours stopped, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the area to 66. The Macau government held a press conference this morning (25th) to announce. Held from 3 pm onwards

Macau announced that two security guards from the quarantine hotel had confirmed the diagnosis, schools need to be closed and local tours stopped, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the area to 66.

The Macau government held a press conference this morning (25th) to announce.

A three-day national test will be held from 3 pm. Macau citizens and people staying in the local area can make appointments from 10 am. The health authorities announced that 59 people will be subject to medical isolation and quarantine, including 45 security guards and cleaners working with patients. Workers and living with friends, etc.

Hong Kong recorded 7 imported cases yesterday (24th), including two foreign domestic helpers arriving from the Philippines. The cumulative number increased to 12,177, to 38 consecutive Japanese "cleared" cases yesterday.

Less than 5 cases were initially diagnosed yesterday.

Imported cases continued to become a huge threat, and Macau fell again. Two Nepalese security guards from a quarantine hotel were suspected of being infected by a returning resident who had checked in earlier (18th), and the patient’s living area was closed and controlled; the school School activities and face-to-face classes will be suspended, local tours will be suspended, sports facilities will be closed, and a valid negative test report within 48 hours must be presented for departure.

As of this morning (25th), the arrangements for using Easy Return to Hong Kong and Easy Return to Hong Kong without quarantine have remained unchanged.

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Vaccine Lottery|The deadline for major injection gift giving activities will soon be checked for important information and the final sprint

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Vaccine Lottery | Pushing the second Kaihui unit requires 5 million injections to reach the standard date extended to November 30

Vaccine Lottery | AA sends 50,000 tickets to register from 10:00 on Thursday

Vaccine Lottery | The 35-year-old chef of the 35-year-old chef of Kaihui's one-bedroom unit reveals the moment when he reopens the building

Vaccine Lottery | Li Ka-shing Foundation's 20 million gift voucher winner list is revealed


Macau's new crown infection plus one Nepalese security colleague diagnosed and closes the area and dispatches a "life support team"

[04:30] The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced that another Nepalese security guard working at the quarantine hotel Crown China Hotel has confirmed the diagnosis. The patient is 32 years old. This is the 66th confirmed case of neocoronavirus pneumonia in Macau.

The patient was diagnosed by a security guard in the hotel (the 65th case) and required a nucleic acid test. As a result, the sample was positive for the virus. The patient has been arranged to the public health clinical center for medical observation and epidemiological investigation.

Macau Epidemic | Universities stop face-to-face admission to cross-border students on campus to avoid all cultural and sports activities from returning to Australia

[03:00] As a young Nepalese national working as a security guard at the Golden Crown China Hotel was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, Macau entered a state of immediate prevention to prevent community spread and outbreaks.

The Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau (Education and Youth Development Bureau) announced in the early morning that all colleges and universities will close their campuses, cancel on-campus activities and courses, and avoid cross-border students from returning to Macau; all facilities for youth activities will be closed.

All cultural and sports venues will be closed, cultural and sports activities will be cancelled; training courses of the Bureau of Labor Affairs will be suspended. Employment matching services will be suspended.

At the same time, homes for the elderly and rehabilitation homes across Australia will also stop family members from entering the residents' rooms to visit.

Funded nurseries, non-accommodation and emergency social facilities will be suspended for two days.

Macao is now importing relevant cases and the risk of community transmission is extremely high, entering a state of immediate prevention

[00:50] The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced late last night (24th) that a Nepalese young man working as a security guard at the Golden Crown China Hotel was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. The patient is the 64th imported case. In the case, the Macau government stated that the community is facing a high risk of spreading and outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in Macau and protect the lives and property of citizens, Macau has entered a state of immediate prevention, starting at 0:00 on September 25 , All departing persons must hold a certificate of negative result of nucleic acid test within 48 hours; Response Coordination Center urges not to leave the country unless necessary.

At present, both Easy Return and Easy Entry are applicable to residents and visitors arriving in Hong Kong from Macau. They can enter Hong Kong with negative test results. They do not need to undergo compulsory quarantine after entry. They only need to undergo up to six regular tests within 19 days.

Compulsory testing | 16 schools such as Saint Louis Middle School and Elementary School Explode Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Limitation, Sampling on Sunday at the latest

[00:01 Another 16 schools in Hong Kong have outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections, 10 are kindergartens or child care centers, and Ma On Shan occupies three. All schools are included in the compulsory testing list. The person concerned needs to be tested on the next Sunday (26th) or Prior to testing, those who have been tested or completed vaccination from Wednesday to Friday will be exempted.

Six elementary schools, including St. Louis High School (Primary School), each have a level of outbreak, and they are also subject to compulsory testing.

In addition, a 14-year-old woman was diagnosed after arriving in the UK from Hong Kong. She lived in Block 1, Huajing Garden, 61 South Bay Road, Repulse Bay during the incubation period, and was subject to mandatory testing.

▼9.23 The elderly can receive a 200 yuan gift voucher for injection at Shili Hall▼

▼9.21 Ocean Park held the first day of the opening of the water park▼


▼9.22 On the first day, the fundraising will be extended to all eligible persons on the same day▼


Yesterday's overview: new coronary pneumonia.

9.24|Relevant cases are imported locally in Macau. Macau government: community risk is extremely high

New crown pneumonia | 7 additional cases of imported 47-year-old Hong Kong airline crew members tested negative after admission

The 47-year-old crew member returned to his residence in Tung Chung for suspected infection. Expert: Exemption from quarantine caused loophole

New Crown Vaccine | 11,000 people received the first injection for two consecutive days and 6 people were sent to hospital in a stable condition yesterday

Yuan Guoyong's team research: low temperature infection of new crown virus inflammation can intensify calls for citizens to get injections before winter

Mary, Yiyuan, and Tuenyuan will set up Fubitai vaccination stations from next Wednesday. No appointment is required

The government will update the vaccination record from next Wednesday, add birth date, gender, and vaccine manufacturer

The first Tuen Mun Ke Yi Middle School in Hong Kong gave full-time face-to-face meals to the playground on Monday to assist in tracking

Upper respiratory tract infection | 101 school outbreaks in two weeks, 611 recruits increased tenfold

Vaccine Lucky Draw|The results of the Association of Banks Lucky Draw will be released

▼9.22 Some citizens enter Tung Chung and Tai O to enjoy the holiday▼


▼September 22nd Mid-Autumn Festival Chasing the Moon Night▼


New Coronary Pneumonia | 7 more imported cases of 47-year-old Hong Kong Airlines crewmembers tested negative after admission Ease Boutique Hotel enforced inspection for new coronary pneumonia.

9.23|Hangzhou Airlines cargo plane personnel are infected with COVID-19


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