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Penny market near A9 is burning like a torch: Witnesses report an explosion - cause of fire now known


A major fire broke out on Friday morning in Allershausen, near the A9 motorway. A supermarket there was on fire. There is initial information about the cause.

A major fire broke out on Friday morning in Allershausen, near the A9 motorway.

A supermarket there was on fire.

There is initial information about the cause.

Update, 12.30 p.m.:

At a final briefing with all rescue workers on site, operations manager and Allershausen's fire brigade commander Friedrich Moser thanks everyone for the good cooperation around 11 a.m. before a large number of the numerous fire departments start their way home.

Moser ordered excavators for the completely destroyed supermarket.

The mission is far from over.

After a fire in the supermarket: the mission is far from over

The owner of the building, Stefan Pellmeyer, is also on site - but takes the destruction of the building calmly.

“The main thing is that no one has been harmed,” he says.

And he is glad that the cause of the fire has been determined.

“The man who parked his van under the canopy just wanted to get a quick snack from Edeka,” he says.

"When he came back, his vehicle was on fire."


The last briefing with all emergency services after the fire has been extinguished and most of the fire departments can move away again.

© Beschorner

After it is clear that no one is injured and most fire brigades can go home, the comrades from Kirchdorf take time for a birthday serenade before they go home - they have two birthday children in their own ranks.

Kathrin Eder and Elias Gerlsbeck will be 19 and 20 years old respectively today.

“The best present is that no one was harmed today,” they both agree.

And operations manager Friedrich Moser is also relieved about it.

It's his birthday too today.

“But that doesn't really matter at the moment,” he says, putting his helmet back on and continuing to work.


“Our best present is that nothing happened to anyone”: Elias Gerlsbeck and Kathrin Eder from the FFW Kirchdorf have their birthday today.

Just like operations manager Friedrich Moser from the FFW Allershausen.

© Beschorner

Update, 12.10 p.m.:

Sandra Reinmann from Kranzberg and her mother Andrea Heine, who is currently visiting from Cottbus, get the first of, as they say, three small explosions in a white van that was parked under the roof of the Penny market , up close with.

Fire near A9: Mother and daughter witness the explosion up close

The two are about to go to the pharmacy when they hear a bang and the vehicle suddenly catches fire.

Sandra Reinmann immediately notifies the fire brigade, walks into the supermarket and shouts: “Everyone out of here immediately, there's a fire!” The eyewitness reports that around ten customers were in the store at this time.


Sandra Reinmann from Kranzberg and her mother Andrea Heine from Cottbus made the emergency call.

The two are shocked by the callousness of some of the local people.

© Beschorner

The employees and everyone who wants to shop early leave the building.

“One woman complained a lot, she said that you could still go shopping,” says Reinmann, shaking his head.

“I was really shocked by so much callousness,” says the 44-year-old.

After a fire in the supermarket: all-clear for the population lifted

Sandra Reinmann and Andrea Heine also deal with the people in front of the supermarket who, without finding out whether the fire brigade has already been notified or whether there are injuries, pull out their cell phones immediately to take photos and videos.

“How can you be so indifferent?” The two women wait several hours on the fringes of the action before they go home, wanting to assure themselves until the end that nobody has really been harmed.

Update, 11.42 a.m.: The

all-clear for the people of Allershausen: According to the Freising District Office, the warning to the population that windows and doors should be closed has now been lifted.

Biggest fire fighting operation of the year - explosion in a white transporter trigger

Update, 11.02 a.m.:

The Penny market in the Allershausen industrial park burned down like a torch on Friday morning.

A white van parked under the supermarket's canopy caught fire and the fire immediately spread to the market.

The supermarket was burned to the ground in no time.

Penny supermarket completely burned down: customers and employees flee in time

There was nothing left to save for the 128 firefighters.

However, it was possible to prevent the flames from spreading to the neighboring Edeka store.

And miraculously, there were no injuries - that was the status on Friday afternoon.

All customers and Penny employees fled the market in good time - which was then destroyed by the flames before their very eyes.


Apparently, a technical defect in a van in front of the supermarket triggered the fire.

© Nico Bauer

Eyewitnesses reported a bang - then the van was on fire.

“And they immediately spread to the market,” reports District Fire Councilor Manfred Danner.

Within minutes the penny was on fire.

“After about 20 minutes the roof structure collapsed.” The fire brigades that had been alerted immediately set up a water pipe from the Glonn, and two turntable ladders (from Allershausen and Freising) were put into position.

And then it was extinguished from above from full pipes.

"Fighting the fire from inside the building was out of the question."

Freising district: Transporter on fire - fire spreads to supermarket

The fire could not be overlooked in a wide area - a huge black column of smoke rose into the morning sky.

Motorists believed that dark clouds were coming up.

Meanwhile, the flames from the Penny market struck high - “total loss” was reported around 9.30 am, District Fire Chief Manfred Danner, after the fire had been brought under control.

Extinguishing work rounds off what is probably the largest fire service this year in the district.

128 firefighters from Allershausen, Freising, Kirchdorf, Leonhardsbuch, Paunzhausen, Schlipps and Hohenkammer were on site, including 43 wearers of breathing apparatus.

The vehicle fleet at the scene of the fire was also impressive: 23 fire engines had been ordered to Allershausen, as well as the district's ABC group and the local operations management support group (UG ÖEL).


Fire fighters try to extinguish the burning Penny market in Allershausen.

© Nico Bauer

First report from Friday, September 24th, 9.10 a.m.


- Numerous fire brigades and rescue workers moved out to the industrial area in the west of Allershausen on Friday morning: A Penny supermarket has been in full fire there since around 7.45 a.m.

The smoke development was meanwhile so enormous that it got dark in some districts of the Ampertal community.

Fire in the Freising district: Numerous fire brigades and rescue workers in action

As our reporter reported on site, eyewitnesses first noticed smoke in a white delivery van that was parked directly under the canopy of the supermarket.

Then there should have been at least one explosion - whereupon the flames spread to the Penny building and spread to the entire structure.

Numerous fire fighters from the region are now on duty and are fighting the major fire.

The neighboring gas station has not yet been affected.


The Penny Market in Allershausen is on fire.

© Bauer

Penny supermarket in Allershausen is on fire: keep windows and doors closed

According to initial findings, the supermarket staff was apparently able to get to safety in good time, and according to the police, nothing is known about other injured people.

Various ambulance crews are on standby in a nearby parking lot.

The black column of smoke is so enormous that it can still be seen in the sky from Freising.

The police are currently urging the population in the surrounding districts to keep windows and doors closed.

After fire: massive traffic obstructions around the A9 motorway near Allershausen

The fire also has a massive impact on morning rush hour traffic: the state road towards Hohenkammer is closed due to the large-scale operation.

However, this road forms an important motorway feeder from the districts of Pfaffenhofen and Dachau.

Enormous traffic obstructions are currently the result.

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