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The National People's Association or Cheng Fanmin's dark horse executive committee, today's commercial candidate selected state veteran Liao Chengli, swore the oath to start the game


The Kowloon District Councillors swore an oath yesterday (24th), on the eve of the Democratic Party’s Sunday General Assembly vote on whether to stand for the Legislative Council, the veteran Tu Jinshen, and the "candidate" vice chairman Liang Yiting were ruled to be suspicious after taking the oath. Refer to Hong Kong

The Kowloon District Councillors swore an oath yesterday (24th), on the eve of the Democratic Party’s Sunday General Assembly vote on whether to stand for the Legislative Council, the veteran Tu Jinshen, and the "candidate" vice chairman Leung Yiting were ruled to be suspicious after taking the oath. Refer to Hong Kong Island As a precedent, some people in the party assessed that if there is no accident, it should be difficult to stay alive.

Both were involved in the primary election of the Democratic Legislative Council last year. The former was arrested for participating in the election, and the latter was once used as a voting station and was regarded as a high-risk group before taking the oath.

In fact, two weeks ago, Hong Kong Island District Councillors "take the lead" and the Democratic Party "candidate" Su Yiheng was the first to be DQ. I believe it was due to participation in the primary election.

Taking the oath of "physical examination" is regarded as a weather vane for the election. The Democratic Party has suddenly fallen into an "embarrassed situation" from being "selected by the Central Committee." Certainly.

Compared with the Democratic Party, yesterday's oath was actually more of an indicator for another old pan-democratic party, the Democratic Association.

The ADPL does not have a district councillor on Hong Kong Island. Yesterday was the first oath of "physical examination". All three district councillors passed the test, including the veteran Liao Chengli, who has been rumored to "go to Malaysia" for a stand-alone election. He also stated clearly that he advocated and was willing to be elected.

More importantly, the party always regarded him as the most dangerous of the three swearing sons before taking the oath. The successful customs clearance had a major impact on the "election and non-election" discussions of the ADPL Executive Committee this morning.


The non-organizational faction of the Election Committee is almost "cleared". The December Legislative Council election will accept the nomination next month. The democratic faction has not clearly "goed to the horse" so far.

The ADPL executive committee met to discuss this morning. Chairman Yang Yu predicted in advance that there was little chance of reaching a conclusion. He stated clearly that "it is not a time to make a decision, and it will not be too late to make a decision in early October." Consider the result of the oath of the Kowloon District Councillors.

The result of Liao Chengli's oath is the focus of the party's wait-and-see

Some people in the party revealed that the impact of yesterday’s oath is actually quite critical, because the veteran Liao Chengli has been listed as a high-risk group, and his councillor’s office was on the list of voting stations at the beginning of last year. One of the indicators of loyalty to the SAR's "punishment and killing", but in fact, Liao's proposal eventually did not open the voting station due to the epidemic.

Looking through the records, the number of confirmed cases soared in early July last year, and the third wave of epidemics broke out. Four days before the primary election, Caiyun Village, where Liao Yiban was located, continued to visit with confirmed or suspected cases. In the final primary election, only the Democratic Party Shen Yunhua was in the village. The voting station of the Yiban is open, and the list of the voting stations of the Hong Kong Civil Research Institute does not see Liao Yiban on the list.

These sources of information are reported to be the basis for the Civil Affairs Bureau to directly quote the suspects who have taken the oath.

Regarding the primary ballot station, how the authorities interpret Liao Chengli's degree of participation has become one of the major wait-and-sees of the ADPL.

Moreover, the oath in the Kowloon district is the first time the ADPL has "checked up", and it has an even more extraordinary significance.

"Hong Kong 01" asked Liao Chengli a few days before taking the oath. He refused to comment. He also said that everything should be sweared before pouring out, saying that there is a consensus and unified by Yang Yu.

Liao Chengli: Advocating and willing to be elected

As of yesterday, after taking the oath, Liao Chengli was questioned by reporters. He said that the ADPL has always followed a moderate, rational, and grassroots line, focusing on democracy and people’s livelihood. Personally, he believes that he should participate in the end-of-year elections. Staying true to the post, "There is a point of enthusiasm, a point of light." I also believe that today's Executive Committee, party members will respond appropriately.

The ADPL has been entrenched in the deep-growing community in Sham Shui Po, so it is known as the "Sham Shui Po Party". It is also known as the "One-Man Party". Since the former chairman Frederick Fung has always played in the Legislative Council in the past, he was criticized for refusing to confess, causing the party. Internal fault.

Frederick Fung retired from the party. How did the younger generation of the Chinese People's Association for Democracy and People’s Livelihood Enlightenment and Shi Delai have gone ahead. In 2019, the district election won 19 seats. However, the two resigned during the swearing turmoil because of their participation in the primary election. After assessing the risks, the few district councilors also withdrew from the party or resigned. At present, there are only 6 district councilors.

Selected by the current district councilors, Liao called himself "the last candidate"

Liao Chengli was regarded as a qualified candidate because of his high profile.

Liao Chengli yesterday described himself as "the last choice," and said that there are hawks and doves in the party, and they will make a decision after full democratic discussion and considering the current political situation.

When asked about the influence of DQ, he said that if someone is sent for election, he should be selected from the current six district councilors, hoping that "there is good news."

According to observations by people familiar with the matter, the ADPL holds three-thirds of the number of party members participating in the election, abandoning the election, and waiting and watching. It is unknown whether the "three sons pass" is "good news" for others, but I believe that technically, it is undoubtedly left to the ADPL. More room for maneuver.

Oath of District Councillors ︱ The validity of the oath of 10 people is in doubt, including Liang Yiting, Tu Jinshen, and Hu Suishan District Councillors ︱ Yang Xueying, Hong Kong Island, 7 people. Said that the Democratic Party will withdraw from the election and "abandon the election" Xian Zhuolan: It is a pity that we must divide for a long time


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