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Confused by the new green character guidelines? The Complete Guide | Israel today


On Sunday, the current character will be canceled and the conditions for receiving the new one will change. • Who will be entitled to receive it? • Why does a person who has been vaccinated with two doses for five months lose his entitlement? • And is it coercion? • all the details

As part of the fight against the spread of the corona virus delta strain, starting next Sunday, October 3, the green mark will be changed so that the existing mark (which was valid until the end of December) will be eliminated, and a green mark will only be given to those vaccinated with three doses or vaccinated.

Those who were vaccinated until yesterday promised that on October 3 they would be entitled to a green card.

Who is entitled to the green label and what are the meanings?

We will try to make an order.

How many people have been vaccinated in a third dose and how many people have not been vaccinated yet?

There are about 1.714 million people aged 12 and over who are eligible for a booster and have not yet received it - their green mark will be revoked in a week if they are not vaccinated with a booster.

There are also 3.002 million Israelis who have already been vaccinated with the third vaccine dose.

In the division into health funds, the highest immunization rate is in Maccabi (75% of those eligible were vaccinated in a third dose), then Clalit and Meuhedet (63%), and finally Leumit (58%).

Who is eligible for a green label starting at 3.10?

Anyone who has received three doses of Pfizer vaccine (and at least a week has passed since the third vaccine dose, excluding vaccination day) will be entitled to a green label for six months.

Also entitled to a green label is anyone who has received two vaccine doses, at least one week has passed from Pfizer's second vaccine dose and two weeks from Moderna's vaccine dose, and less than half a year has passed before the second vaccine dose.

Corona test in Tel Aviv, Photo: Coco

I recovered from Corona.

Am I eligible for a green label?

A person diagnosed with a positive PCR test for Corona is entitled to a green mark within six months from the date of the test.

After six months, in order to be eligible for the green label from 3.10.21, one vaccine dose must be obtained.

Those who have been tested for serology and tested positive for the virus will be considered "vaccinated-vaccinated" and will be entitled to a green card if they received at least one vaccine after the serological test.

A person who becomes ill after vaccination (Sunday or Monday) is immediately considered recoverable.

At this point, the green mark for a recovering person will be valid for six months, after which the issue will be re-examined.

Why is someone who has been vaccinated in two doses and more than five months have passed since resilience no longer entitled to a green label?

It was found that in adults, the further away from the date of vaccination - there is a decrease in the level of protection.

The purpose of the booster dose is to increase the immune response and thus increase the effectiveness of the vaccine.

A joint study by the Ministry of Health, the Weizmann Institute, the Technion and other bodies found that among those aged 60 and over, "fresh" vaccines were 3.5 times more protected than those vaccinated with two doses in January, and that booster vaccines were ten times more vaccinated against infection and serious illness.

Before the data the third dose returns the protection against the virus to a 97% benefit, similar to that which was after giving two doses.

What other countries are storing in Booster?

In the US, impulse approval has been approved for people aged 65 and over, people with coronary heart disease or risk and those who work with audiences (medical staff, teaching staff, shop assistants, etc.) as well as inmates. Booster vaccines are given to high-risk population groups in Canada, Austria, Germany and France.

What is the green character required for?

Holders of a green label will be exempt from isolation in case of contact with a verified patient (unless they have symptoms).

The green label grants exemption from isolation to returnees from abroad from most countries (except red countries).

They are also allowed to enter various places like cultural and sporting events, restaurants, conferences, hotels, gyms, halls, festivals and more.

Unvaccinated people are required to present test results at the entrance to these places.

Corona Department, Archive, Photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Are these coercive measures for those who do not get vaccinated?

The Ministry of Health explains that the purpose of the character is to create a safe environment in public places, and that even those who have not been vaccinated will be able to enter if they do tests earlier (paid test).

Dr. Elrai Price, head of the public health services at the Ministry of Health, told Israel Today last week that "the goal of the green label is not to encourage vaccinations or force them, but to create conditions where the risk of a person putting the same disease is low.

It does not make sense for someone who was vaccinated 8 months ago - and we know the vaccine is fading - to enter the place.

Those who do not want to be vaccinated will be able to do tests and enter.

We are not trying to force it. "

"The risks today are clear"

The HMOs are preparing for the fact that with the return to routine, and towards the entry of the green mark, the number of vaccinators will increase.

Tal Mendel, head of the customer division at Leumit, said: "There is a response to the update of the green mark. It is a trigger for those who are not vaccinated according to the procedures to come and get vaccinated as needed. Last week we sent more than 200,000 text messages to various populations. Or we have not yet been vaccinated at all or for recovering people who need to be vaccinated. We called on them to come and get vaccinated, and we will remember the need for his green daughter. "We determined it after Sukkot. There are a lot of people who are rocking or debating, and we see that after a call the response rates are not bad. Close to 70% of those eligible with us have been vaccinated."

Queue for vaccinations in Tel Aviv,

Dr. Miri Mizrahi Reuveni, Head of the Health Division at Maccabi: "We work in all channels through medical and nursing teams, sending text messages and calling.

We have a target audience of 60-plus-year-olds and complex patients who call them in person, both for those who have not yet been vaccinated and for those who need a third vaccine, because their risk is very high.

In particular, their response is not very high, both because we have reached a high rate of vaccinated and also due to the holiday season that people are less available for it, and the number of vaccinated is lower than in the midst of the operation.

I believe that as we get closer to the decisive date, people will recover and come.

Most of them do not oppose the vaccine, some are hesitant, and we give the full information.

I'm sure the green label will help and give a push to those who have not yet been vaccinated.

We call for coming and getting vaccinated, because the vaccine saves lives.

Even a young person who goes through it is fine, at the end of the chain of infection there is a very serious patient or he dies. "

Source: israelhayom

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