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Li Jing, a popular Dongao star, then brushes the golden sentence: This character is the essence of Cantonese, which proves that it is a success


The Hong Kong women’s table tennis coach Li Jing has repeatedly hit the spotlight during the Tokyo Olympics. The Hong Kong and Taiwan program aired a recording interview with Li Jing today (26th). He said that "X, you are in the middle of the game". "Live Painting

The Hong Kong women’s table tennis coach Li Jing has repeatedly hit the spotlight during the Tokyo Olympics. The Hong Kong and Taiwan program aired a recording interview with Li Jing today (26th). He said that "X, you are in the middle of the game". The live video was circulated wildly, and Li Jing said with a smile: "The essence of Cantonese is the auxiliary verb. The effect is to make him calm and calm under high pressure. I think this word is a good success."

Li Jing said that she was very hot and she spoke straightforwardly. After taking over the teaching of the women’s team in 2013, the most difficult thing was communication. There were even female players who were "screamed". He said that he had learned to "speak quietly. "Foot 咁" talked to women, and the female coach also persuaded him to listen more to the girls, but Li Jing emphasized that when it comes to the technical level: "I don't think it should be done. The technical adjustments are the greatest respect. If you don't There is no smile if you improve your technique. It’s because you lose the match, and the acquaintance proves that a lot of the results of the match will fight back on their own, and they will win the match by improving their abilities."


Che Shumei, the host of the Hong Kong and Taiwan program "Footprints in the Old Days", had a big hit at the beginning of the program. When Li Jing was invited to visit earlier, the reply by the other party surprised her by SMS, thinking that Li Jing would quit sports: "Qu (Li Jing) After the Tokyo Olympics, my stage will also end, so I won’t talk about it again in the future.” Li Jing explained on the program: “After the Tokyo Olympics, my other plan will come out. In the Paris Olympics three years later, the East Olympics will be stunned, and the competitive state will be awkward and good, and the results will be zero. Misleading, don’t be embarrassed.”

Pay attention to communication: Don’t ask Jing to estimate it, I’m half a straight man

When Li Jing was asked why there are so many golden sentences, and when she laughs and talks, she always talks like this, but the media pays special attention to: "I said that I should refrain from returning. I am really on the stage, and I am passionate to drive the players' fighting spirit. "Li Jing also said: "Usually I talk to the coaches and players to express it straightforwardly. Everyone will feel at ease, especially with the girls. I will talk with him every day. I’m half a straight guy."

Recall that the Final Four defeated Japan, "I can get it tight, can I get it?"

During the Eastern Olympics competition, Li Jing suspected that the vulgar fragment went viral. When asked if he had quit the "single word foul language", Li Jing pointed out: "The essence of Cantonese is the sigh of the word. The whole world knows it, even the ghosts. The role of auxiliary verbs is to make him calm down under tension and high pressure, pull away from the tension, and achieve the tactics he has done. I think this word is a good success, it must be done, and see the effect!"

The essence of Cantonese is where the whole world knows it, even the ghosts are known. It is an auxiliary verb, and its role is to make him calm down under tension and high pressure, get away from the tension, and achieve the tactics he has done. I think it’s one The word is good and successful.

Li Jing, coach of the Women's Table Tennis Hong Kong Team

Recalling that the East Olympics women’s team lost to Japan in the semi-finals, the Hong Kong team was almost insulated from the medals. Li Jing said frankly: "I was very unhappy after losing to Japan. I was very unhappy because the tactics were not good. All are responsible. After the match, the female players are in a low mood and there is no Mode. I am so dry. When I summarize, everyone has their own opinions and expressed their opinions. But I said, "Do you have the same goal first?" Do you want to draw cards? I want to draw cards, I want players to draw cards, everyone wants to draw cards, take a nap, and take a look at the next day", (you can get it?) I'm getting it right , Don’t you have something to bring? If you want to practice, you have to settle down. In order to win, the players will withstand the emotions under high pressure. After the loss, they will make a lot of progress. The relationship is mature. "


Remind Su Huiyin not to practice too much

Li Jing pointed out that the team had deployed for the bronze medal early in the morning, adopted targeted training, watched video tapes and analyzed the opponent's position with technology to improve the ability and accuracy of the ball. At that time, Su Huiyin's "stunning soldiers" were arranged to play an important game: "Strikes" We are in danger. We are in danger. Everyone knows how to speak Cantonese. There is no retreat. He understands that the whole team understands that the team has proposed that all the athletes agree. Everyone is one mind and knows how to stand!"

Li Jing praised Su Huiyin for his excellent performance in the bronze medal match. He pointed out that Su has experienced two years of pain, constant injuries, low back pain, hand pain and technical difficulties: "He is very strong and has technical requirements, so it is even more uncomfortable. I have honed myself in the past two years. It’s so firm that you can see that your eyes are sharp, and your mind is so sharp that you have a quiet mentality. This realm is not the same, it's the highest level."

However, he hopes that Su Huiyin will pay special attention to disease prevention and injury prevention: "He practiced too hard and got up fast, but the injured muscles were not well protected. After the Olympics, he would have to take a two-month rest. When a person hits his spleen, he hits his arm."

Du Kaiqin is technically sharp and has a sharp personality

As for Du Kaixian, Li Jing described her as a player with personality. "She has a good style of play. She hopes that she can help her technically and break through. She has beaten the world's first sister, technically. It is good to have a sharp edge, which proves that he has a sharp character. I hope that he can be mature and behave in a manner. Playing waves, (will you guys make friends?) Yes, so honest, other things are not important, the most important thing is that it is enough to fight on the field."

Li Hao "Understanding but lazy: Asking the opponent to go but not letting him go

Li Jing believes that Li Haoqing is a very smart player and has a strong understanding of table tennis: "He has a strong understanding, but on the other hand, he will be lazy, because he learns fast. If the opponent is going, Qu Mi does not want to go, but Yijiaqu has become a big sister, of course he has to go. It is recommended to do more in terms of physical fitness, and there will be breakthroughs in maintaining physical fitness techniques."

Smile and learn to speak quietly with women

Li Jing took over as the coach of the Hong Kong women's table tennis team in 2013. He pointed out that many senior executives think he is more suitable for teaching the men's team, but she does not resist leading the women's team. , The eyes are wide, but the most difficult is technical communication. I don’t just talk about it, it’s based on the movement skills that he typed out to teach, it’s strange that he will stop the language, maybe I speak too much To be frank, I have to review and return. Qu often says "Brother Jing, don’t listen." He knows he loses. I don’t teach once or twice, but once or twice, I will get angry. If you repeat mistakes many times, talk first. "Li Jing said that she has learned to speak "in a low voice, as if you don’t fasten your foot in the air," she needs to adjust her speaking volume.

Everyone who teaches is a teacher, there are many beautiful girls, and their eyes are wide, but the most difficult is technical communication.

Li Jing, coach of the Women's Table Tennis Hong Kong Team

Recognizing that calling female players is a kind of pressure release

Asked if there are any female players who "scream"?

Li Jing laughed and said that "screaming" is a kind of pressure release. They even said that they used to shout when they were in the wave. But when the people are big, they are afraid of ugliness. To break through, you must have painful experience, and you will succeed first. He is good at listening, so I will be hot less, and may go straight to the point. Sometimes he (female coach) will persuade me well and listen more to the girl’s expressions. I know, but I know how to talk about technology at the beginning."

Li Jing: I must be a wicked person. First hope that he will understand after he passes.

Li Jing continued: "I must do the wicked person first, and hope that he will understand afterwards." When asked whether they understand?

He smiled and said: "The communication is tight, everyone knows what's going on. I don’t need to hide it. Day to night, I treat him more than my wife, and I treat me more than mommy. Happy. Shimi is determined to listen, and when I am not happy, Shimi walks around and trembles."

Interview with Li Jing.

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