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Sensational results of the Berlin election: Greens were ahead of Giffey, now the SPD woman wins the upper hand


In Berlin, a new House of Representatives and thus a new Mayor will be elected. Who decides the choice for themselves? All information in the result ticker.

In Berlin, a new House of Representatives and thus a new Mayor will be elected.

Who decides the choice for themselves?

All information in the result ticker.

  • In Berlin today the citizens elect the members of the House of Representatives.

  • In the morning there was excitement about the marathon in Berlin

    (see update from September 26th, 1:25 p.m.).

    Some of the ballots run out

    (see update from September 26th, 3:07 p.m.).

  • The polling stations are closed and the first projections have arrived.

    There is a close race between the SPD and the Greens for the election victory.


    see update from September 26th, 8:13 pm


  • This ticker is continuously updated.

Update from September 26, 9:51 p.m

.: SPD and the Greens continue to be in a





But Franziska Giffey's party seems to be gaining the upper hand.

While the first ARD projections saw the Greens just ahead, according to the data from 9:20 p.m. it is 21.4 percent behind the SPD with 22.7 percent.

In the ZDF projections, the SPD was ahead of the Greens from the start.

The comrades can even extend their narrow lead a little.

According to this, the SPD comes to 22.4 percent and the Greens to 21.4 percent at 9.48 p.m.

Election results: the numbers at a glance

Forecast / extrapolation









Infratest Dimap / ARD









Research group elections / ZDF









Update from September 26, 8:13 p.m

.: According to the first projections, there is no clear winner in the House of Representatives election in Berlin.

The Greens reached 22.9 percent, the SPD was in the numbers of the RBB at 22.3 percent, as the broadcaster reported in the evening.

It would therefore not be enough for a two-party alliance between the SPD and the Greens, only three-party alliances would be possible.

In the first ZDF extrapolation, the SPD with 22.8 percent is just ahead of the Greens with 22.2 percent.

That should keep it exciting.

Update from September 26, 7:23 p.m

.: According to forecasts, the SPD and the Greens


head-to-head in the Berlin House of Representatives election.

The SPD with top candidate Franziska Giffey came to 21.5 to 23 percent, as ARD and ZDF reported after 6 p.m.

According to the forecasts, the Greens with top candidate Bettina Jarasch achieved 22 to 23.5 percent.

Accordingly, 15 to 17 percent of voters spoke out in favor of the CDU, and 14 to 14.5 percent for the left.

The FDP came in the forecasts to 7.5 to 8 percent and the AfD to 6.5 to 7 percent.

Whether Giffey or Jarasch would be the next governing mayor was initially open.

Incumbent Michael Müller (SPD) resigns to move to the Bundestag.

So far he has led a red-red-green alliance with the Greens and the Left.

According to the forecasts, the red-red-green alliance formed in 2016 could be continued - possibly under the leadership of the Greens.

Other three-way alliances were also conceivable, even if the CDU again achieved historically poor values ​​in its prognosis.

Results of the Berlin election in 2021: forecasts point to a neck-and-neck race between the SPD and the Greens

Update from September 26, 6:01 p.m

.: The polling stations are closed, the first forecasts for the House of Representatives election in Berlin have been made - and are not in agreement.

According to the ARD forecast, the Greens were able to prevail with their top candidate Bettina Jarasch with 23.5 percent.

It is followed by the SPD with its candidate Franziska Giffey with 21.5 percent.

The CDU of top candidate Kai Wegner comes to 15.0 percent.

The ZDF comes to slightly different results, which indicate a head-to-head race between the SPD and the Greens.

According to this forecast, the SPD will be just under the strongest force with 23.0 percent, followed by the Greens with 22.0 percent.

Third place also goes to the CDU, which comes to 17.0 percent.

The forecasts are based on representative post-election surveys on election day.

The voters fill out a questionnaire anonymously.

Update from September 26, 4:25 p.m.:

In addition to the Berlin election, the focus today is of course on the federal election.

We have summarized all information, results and developments for you in our live ticker for the 2021 federal election.

Update from September 26th, 3:07 p.m.:

The frustration among Berlin's voters is growing.

Reports of more and more breakdowns are making the rounds.

In some polling stations, the ballot papers ran out in the meantime.

Some of the supplies apparently fell by the wayside, as the traffic situation in the capital is tense due to the marathon and the corresponding road closures and diversions.

Update from September 26th, 1:25 p.m.:

As in all of Germany, Berliners are allowed to cast their votes for the Bundestag today.

But they can also decide on a new House of Representatives and take part in a referendum.

Since the Berlin marathon was still taking place in the capital today, there were frustration comments on Twitter.

"Which party do you have to vote for so that you are not hindered by marathon barriers when voting again in the next election?" Wrote a Twitter user, for example.

"I've also been annoyed black ... Which full post put that on a day?", Someone commented underneath.

Results of the Berlin election 2021: which party provides the mayor?

All figures at a glance

First report from September 26th:

Berlin - On September 26th, not only a new Bundestag will be elected in Berlin.

Around 2.5 million Berliners are called upon to cast their votes for the state parliament there - what is known as the House of Representatives.

Berlin also elects a mayor and the successor to SPD politician Michael Müller.

He is running for the Bundestag and is no longer running.

The polls before the Berlin election promise a close race.

Can the SPD maintain the mayor's office?

Results of the Berlin election 2021: SPD in the polls ahead

Similar to the national trend, the Greens were in a good starting position for a long time and in some cases were even in the lead.

Then, however, the tide changed in favor of the SPD to top candidate Franziska Giffey, who took the lead with 22 to 23 percent.

In second place, depending on the survey, followed with 17 to 18 percent of the Greens with their candidate Bettina Jarasch or the CDU of top candidate Kai Wegner with 16 to 19 percent.

A week before the Berlin election, however, a ZDF poll caused a surprise: This saw the Social Democrats with 21 percent only one percentage point ahead of the Greens with 20 percent.

The ARD, on the other hand, determined 24 percent for the SPD and only 18 percent for the Greens.

The CDU was seen at 16 to 17 percent.

Berlin election 2021: continuation of the alliance of the SPD, the Greens and the Left?

According to the polls shortly before the Berlin election, the order behind it looks clearer: The left has twelve to 15 percent. The AfD can count on nine to twelve percent, the FDP with seven to nine percent. Both the liberals and the left can hope for participation in the government as part of a possible three-way alliance. The animal protection party is also listed separately in the ARD's “Berlintrend”. In the September 17th poll, it was 3 percent.

The question of the possible coalitions after the Berlin election is quite exciting.

In 2016 Michael Müller formed the first red-red-green state government under social democratic leadership.

The coalition partners SPD, Left and Greens can now look back on five largely successful years.

Although the three parties "are actually very close politically", there were "frictions" at the start of office, Müller took stock in the spring.

After initial difficulties, the SPD politician also praised the “very close and very trusting cooperation”. A continuation of R2G is not ruled out.

Berlin election: the results of the 2016 parliamentary elections







The party

Animal welfare party











Berlin election 2021: CDU favors Germany alliance with SPD and FDP

The CDU meanwhile has other ideas and would like to finally get out of the opposition. Whether she will be the mayor again after Klaus Wowereit (2001 to 2014) is questionable based on the current polls on the Berlin election. However, the Christian Democrats could still rule - if the SPD wants to. The Christian Democrats are particularly fond of an alliance between Germany and the FDP. The currently smallest parliamentary group in the state parliament, the FDP, is toying with this alliance.

Incidentally, in Berlin, as in the federal government, there is a five percent hurdle.

Small parties like the party, the animal welfare party or the pirates were much stronger in the last election than at the federal level.

These parties only receive seats in the House of Representatives if an applicant from the party with the first votes wins a direct mandate in an electoral district.

However, no politician managed that in 2016.

What about the Berlin election in 2021?

Which parties do how well?

With our results ticker you keep track of things.


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