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"Compass" approaches the Observatory tonight and announces a tropical cyclone warning with a force 9 wind in offshore highlands on Wednesday


"Lion Rock" gradually moved away and weakened into an area of ​​low pressure, but "Compasses" has gradually strengthened into a severe tropical storm and "take over" approaching Hong Kong. The observatory announced that the "compass" will enter Hong Kong within 800 kilometers at night,

"Lion Rock" gradually moved away and weakened into an area of ​​low pressure, but "Compasses" has gradually strengthened into a severe tropical storm and "take over" approaching Hong Kong.

The Observatory announced that the "Compass" will enter within 800 kilometers of Hong Kong at night, and a tropical cyclone warning signal will be issued. Coupled with the influence of the northeast monsoon, it is expected that there will be squally showers later tomorrow (12th) until Wednesday (13th). On the day, there are squally heavy showers and thunderstorms, and there is a chance to blow gale (level 8) at first, and even 9 level gales are blowing offshore and on high ground.

▼Tropical Storm Lion Rock hit Hong Kong on October 9.

Market conditions under Typhoon Signal No. 8▼


The sun is shining in Hong Kong today (11th) because the dry northeast monsoon is bringing generally sunny weather to southern China.

The Observatory predicts that under the combined influence of the monsoon and the tropical cyclone "Compass", the winds along the coast of Guangdong will gradually increase today.

Enter 800 kilometers at night

According to the current "compass" path, it will gather at about 560 kilometers northeast of Manila at 10 am. It is expected to move westward at a speed of about 22 kilometers per hour to the Luzon Strait. It will enter Hong Kong within 800 kilometers at the fastest night. At that time, the Observatory may meet "Hanging waves."

Compasses approached Hong Kong 400 kilometers on Wednesday

Under the combined influence of the "compass" and the northeast monsoon, winds along the coast of South China will gradually increase in the next one or two days.

As the "compass" crosses the northern part of the South China Sea and approaches Hong Kong, there will be sunshine and dryness in Hong Kong for a short time tomorrow, but the weather will turn bad later, the wind will increase further, usher in squally showers, large waves and swells in the sea, offshore and Gale (level 8) blows occasionally on the high ground.

The wind is stronger than the "Lion Rock"

The Observatory predicts that the "Compass" will be the closest to Hong Kong at the beginning of Wednesday and will pass about 400 kilometers south of Hong Kong with a typhoon intensity. The highest continuous wind speed near the center will reach 120 kilometers per hour, which is stronger than the "Lion Rock". There will be squally heavy showers and thunderstorms in Hong Kong, strong winds from east to northeast (level 6 to 7), and a chance to reach gale intensity (level 8) at first, gale (level 9) offshore and highlands, and also in wide areas. There may be heavy rains and strong winds.

There are still strong winds and showers on the Double Ninth Festival, which will be 22 degrees early next week

Thursday (14th) is the Double Ninth Festival. The Observatory expects the "Compasses" to gradually withdraw from the 800km area of ​​Hong Kong and weaken into a tropical storm, but the weather has not improved. There were still squally showers and thunderstorms that day, and the rain was sometimes quite heavy. At first, strong winds blow offshore and highlands, and the temperature in the urban area ranges from 24 to 27 degrees, bringing coolness.

As the "compass" moves away from the coast of Guangdong and the weather improves slightly towards the weekend, Hong Kong will have sunshine for a short time during the day on Saturday (16th) at the earliest.

The Observatory predicts that another shareholder north monsoon will bring dry and slightly cooler weather to southern China from the weekend to the beginning of next week. There will be short periods of sunshine and a few showers in Hong Kong in the next week, and the temperature will drop further. , Next Monday (18th) the minimum temperature in the urban area drops to 22 degrees.

The Observatory predicts that there will still be squally showers and thunderstorms during the Chung Yeung Festival, and the rain is sometimes quite heavy.

(Screenshot of the Observatory website)

The 17-year columbine and the Paka 8 wave are 3.5 days apart

This time the "Compass" is more aggressive than the "Lion Rock". It is unknown whether the No. 8 typhoon will be brought again. However, after checking the information, the No. 8 typhoon caused by two tropical cyclones has also happened one after another.

Examples in recent years include the super typhoon "Haodo" in August 2017, which brought Typhoon No. 8 on the 23rd, and 4 days later (that is, on the 27th), the severe tropical storm "Paka" once again made Typhoon No. 8 take effect.

The two No. 8 typhoon signals are 3 days and 12 hours apart. The former brings higher risks of strong winds and storm surges, while the latter brings more heavy rains.

The last two typhoon signals with the shortest distance between them were the severe tropical storms "Luna" and "Mamei" in July 1966. The difference between the two typhoon signals on the 8th was only 3 days and 3.5 hours.

▼October 9th Tropical Cyclone Lion Rock No. 8 Typhoon Citizens Chasing the Wind▼


▼On October 9th, tropical cyclone Lion Rock No. 8 Typhoon Mong Kok was deserted on weekend ▼


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