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Extremely cold from October: cold front brings early snow - and an icy winter


The golden autumn is still making the sun shine. But meteorologists are already announcing snow from October. Dead cold and icy air expected from the cold front.

The golden autumn is still making the sun shine.

But meteorologists are already announcing snow from October.

Dead cold and icy air expected from the cold front.

Hamburg - From a meteorological point of view, winter begins on December 1st.

As consistent weather forecasts now reveal, the onset of winter 2021 could come much earlier.

In September of last year, meteorologists across Germany measured unusually high temperatures for autumn.

How is it this year?

After a golden autumn, are we facing an icy winter?




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Peter Tschentscher

Snow 2021 from October: Dead cold replaces golden autumn

Frost and the first snowfall in September - 2020, winter arrived early.

A year later, the weather in Hamburg * and northern Germany currently offers no indication that winter could break in before its meteorological start on December 1st.

Today, Saturday, October 9, 2021, autumn shows its best side: A “concrete high” ensures plenty of sunshine in the Hanseatic city *.

No rain and temperatures around 15 degrees.

The weather in Germany will also give us a golden October in the coming days.

But does the golden October mutate into a frosty winter in record time?

A look out the window seems to make the question absurd.

But: If you believe the reports by “” meteorologist Dominik Jung, the tide could quickly turn in the coming weeks.

For the coming weeks, the weather expert is already announcing the first snow for winter 2021/2022 in Germany.

The temperatures that will continue to fall over the next few days explain a potentially abrupt change in weather conditions.

“The high will ensure the best, golden October weather for us in the next few days - but also for cold nights,” says the expert from the online weather portal “”.

Snow expected next week in 2021 - these regions are affected by ice winters

"It will probably be the coldest night since the end of May," says Jung about the night of October 10th.

A little later, however, it becomes even more uncomfortable.

Experts predict temperatures in southern Germany in particular will be below the average of recent years.

While winter catches Germany freezing cold, it could be expensive in the apartments: In addition to electricity and fuel costs, heating costs * will rise in winter 2021.


Weather in Germany: How cold will winter 2021 be?

(Symbol image)

© IMAGO / Dieter Mendzigall

From the so-called ensemble forecasts, meteorologists derive regional average values ​​from zero to minus five degrees.

As Dominik Jung confirms, the threat of cold air also has other consequences: The first snow can be expected in the low mountain ranges and the Alps as early as next week.

Parallel to the onset of winter in southern Germany, it is also gradually getting cooler in western Germany at ten to thirteen degrees.

However, there can be no question of snowfall here.

Snowfall 2021 from October 13th and extremely cold: Cold front brings "really cold air from Northern Europe"

From October 13, it will become more and more obvious: The bull heat, which also hit Germany in the summer of 2021 *, will be followed by the icy winter.

"There is really cold air from Northern Europe streaming in the direction of Germany," says Dominik Jung.

The consequence: “The high slides a bit to the side.

Then the way is free for the cold air from Northern Europe. ”In addition, it is not unlikely that the cold front will result in further rain and snow.

In the low mountain ranges, the snowfall limit is then 800 meters.

In the foothills of the Alps even only at 600 meters.

At this altitude it is "far too cold for the current season," says Jung.

After all, it is usually five to eight degrees warmer in these areas.

"So there is a real cold air mass," is how Dominik Jung sums up the weather over the next few weeks.

When will the snow reach northern Germany in 2021: will the cold front catch us with snowfall and ice?

By the way: It could be a few more weeks before the first snow reaches northern Germany.

The following rule of thumb applies: the higher the region, the more likely that snow will remain.

Due to the lack of mountains and the warm sea air, meteorologists can only hope for snow in the regions along the North and Baltic Sea coasts, which can only offer a few remaining places for last-minute holidays *, in mid-January.

Then he will at least be able to stay a little longer.

No matter whether in Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Bremen or Schleswig-Holstein: Here too, winter jackets will be inevitable in the coming weeks.

* and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © IMAGO / Dieter Mendzigall

Source: merkur

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