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Fun that never ends, and starts all over again: Deathloop - Walla! The gaming channel


The new shooting game continues the formula of developer Arkane and introduces freedom of action and expression to players, in addition to some interesting mechanics that make the game a fun and unique experience

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Fun that never ends, and starts all over again: Deathloop

The new shooting game continues the formula of developer Arkane and introduces freedom of action and expression to players, in addition to some interesting mechanics that make the game a fun and unique experience


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Giving in Nishi

Monday, 11 October 2021, 16:15 Updated: 16:17

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Watch the Deathloop launch trailer

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Deathloop (Arkane, Bethesda)

Developer Arkane is known for giving almost complete freedom of action, and its games are considered the players' private "playground" and leave quite a bit of room for creativity and skills - and I just love them.

The games in the company's Dishonored and Prey series also left a great impression on me, and honestly, I think this is one of my favorite keys, and see that there is quite a bit of thought that is combined with a lot of love in developing its games.

From the moment it was announced, the game Deathloop presented an interesting vision, and it seems that Arkane's ambition just keeps growing and growing with each project she works on.

So far there have been no serious setbacks, so why should the situation be different here?

So was the hype worth the wait?

Let's check.

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(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

The plot of the game

Without any prior warning, already in the first opening scene of the game we find ourselves cruelly stabbed to death by a mysterious woman, only to wake up a moment later on a mysterious beach.

Slowly we will begin to reconstruct our step and refresh our memory, and we realize that we are standing in Colette's shoes, and the same mysterious woman who murdered us first, answers there Juliana.

Very quickly Colette realizes that not only he and Juliana are on the island, but also eight visionaries, with each and every one of them serving as the main villains of the game.

Things continue to get complicated as we learn that the secluded island we have landed in - Blackcrip, is stuck in a time loop that repeats itself every 24 hours.

This creates a situation where there is not too much fear of death, and Colette, Juliana, and all those present on the island return to life the next day.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

The thing Colette most wants to do is escape the island and break the endless loop, and during the game he will learn that in order to do so, he will have to kill all the Visioneries in one day, but because and between all these characters there is a rather complex relationship, each with goals Its own and private agendas, this is not a simple task at all.

We see that serious thought has been given to the construction of the world and the relations between the characters.

The plot of the game for the most part does not take itself too seriously, and even in its serious moments Deathloop shows quite a bit of humor, especially when it comes to the various Visioneries where each has its own colorful personality.

Juliana will also harass Colette throughout the plot, whether calls on walkie-talkies or she decides to surprise the actors with her presence and try to ruin the players loop, while she and Colette will throw crush sentences and get down on each other.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)


The Deathloop loop actually works like this: BlackRip is divided into four different maps at different times of the day: morning, afternoon, afternoon and evening. Players will be able to visit and explore any part at any time, and only after they finish their work on the map, the game clock will advance to the next point in time, so there is no real pressure on players to meet loop times and explore the various areas as they please. If the players fail, the loop will start again and the players will wake up on the beach again and will have to start the day again.

Not all Visioneries are in the same place, and players must find the most effective way to eliminate them all and break the loop. To do this we will need to gather various information and perform quests that include map exploration, solving puzzles, and of course - lots of killing.

The thing that is most effective for the players is actually information. Because Deathloop is considered a game in the genre of immersive shooting games (Immersive sim - the genre that places a great deal of emphasis on the world atmosphere, and presents a very wide freedom of choice for players and the way they interact with the game world) there is a smart game world. Nourishes itself. As the actors research, read letters and correspondence and listen to recordings, more and more information details will solve mysteries, revealing connections and intrigues between the various characters. And of course will advance the players towards their ultimate goal.

It is important to understand that even if the day started anew, it does not mean that the players' progress has reset as in the Rogulike games. The plot of the game will continue from that point, and if a task they have to perform takes place in the evening they will be able to skip to that point in time without fear.

The way information works in the game not only contributes to advancing the main plot, it is also a way for players to hear about side quests that will lead them to the variety of side and special weapons in the game (we'll get to the battle system later), additional bonuses, or those that will reveal a new strategy One of the Visioneries, and as I already mentioned, in Arkane games there is more than one way to perform actions and play.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

Colette will encounter quite a few unique weapons, special abilities (nicknamed Slabs, and look like they were taken directly from Arkane's Dishonored) and of course can improve his character and the weapons he achieves. The problem is at the end of each day as soon as the loop is reset, so is all the equipment that picks up. This creates a situation where the players will need resources (which in this game have been nicknamed the Residium) in order to be able to pay and determine the equipment they have collected and matched to their style of play.

The Residium in the game is given in several ways: its part is scattered throughout the map and just waiting for the players to collect it, but high amounts of the resource can only be obtained after killing one of the Visioneries or Juliana. This is a situation that I personally really liked, because there is always a chance that the Residium and the equipment you collected will be lost if you were found before you were able to complete the tasks on the map. This creates a situation where the game requires me to think about how to manage my risks and whether it is worth me to take them, and not necessarily to act impulsively.

In terms of weapon shooting in Deathloop, the animations of the loading and sound effects do the job wonderfully, and also the impact they create on the enemies and their reaction path is satisfying.

Unique Weapons and Slabs can be found in the game after we eliminate one of the Visioneries, Juliana, or complete a side mission or environmental puzzle designed for it - and these are usually the weapons that are worth the effort of battle and exploring the world in full.

So in this sector I have no complaints.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

My problem starts when all the weapons in the game are based on a Loot system that randomly divides the weapon according to different levels and colors and effects. This creates a situation where the player spends too much on the game menus to customize the equipment and replace his ability or weapon with the exact same type, only one that is a different color and is considered a higher level. Of course after a certain point in the game the players will spend less and less time on the menus because they have managed to progress and adjust their abilities and style of play to their liking, but it is still an oppressive task during the first hours of play.

Although I really enjoyed the battle system and the whole general idea of ​​the game, it is impossible to ignore the fact that it feels in some places more restrictive to the player than previous games of the company. For example, the player can only choose three permanent weapons to carry with him, and contrary to what I expected, later in the game the possibility of a fourth weapon does not open.

Also in terms of special abilities: Players have three Slots of abilities to store abilities, but one of them is fixed and cannot be changed.

This is the Revive ability that will revive the players twice more if killed before they fail on the map and start the loop again, and I understand it is necessary for a lot of players who may find the game difficult at first, but why make it permanent and not give me the option to remove it and put a third ability in its place ?

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

Just like Dishonored, Deathloop also has the ability to launch (Teleport, or as the game is called - Shift), and once I get the ability as convenient as this there is no chance in the world that it does not become a permanent one in my arsenal, and in practice a situation arises where I have room Just one more ability. I would have been happy if you could have downloaded the Revive instead - it would have opened up so many more options.

It is important for me to note that I really enjoyed the game (I even finished it twice before writing the review) but I still felt some disappointment. These may be personal expectations, but not only: Arkane has promoted the game in recent months and noted that the way to solve the loop is like a jigsaw puzzle, and once players get information they will have to bind it and think for themselves how to make the moves, which is only half true. At the end of the day it's still a relatively simple single player game, and the information the players will accumulate will amount to an Objective point on the screen that holds the hand and explains exactly what needs to be done and how.

As with Revive, I can understand that this is a decision that is supposed to work better with more casual players, but once the player finds the right piece of information, the plot will progress for him automatically and he is not required to think too much.

My disappointment did not necessarily hurt my entire gaming experience, but I certainly expected a slightly different game that gives more expression to the player and a need for thinking.

A few slight changes could have easily bounced the level, and despite that comment - it's still a game I've enjoyed from every recent voice-over shooting game.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

Juliana - A game of cat and mouse

The multiplayer element in the game is based on Juliana's character, and just as players who play Colette will have to break the loop, Juliana's goal is to preserve the loop and kill Colette. During the game, players who meet Juliana will in most cases encounter quite light and predictable bots, but if the players allow the option on the menu - there is a possibility that other players on the network will enter your loop and try to ruin your plans.

Juliana has more or less the same abilities as Colette, in addition to one that allows her to disguise herself and disguise herself as one of the enemies on the map, and it seems to me that in retrospect this is a less useful option because it is terribly easy to see (Non Playable Charecter) NPC. To a computerized character.

Once a player who knows how to play enters your loop, it is a serious game of cat and mouse and makes the whole thing much more fun and dangerous.

One of the fun (and perhaps frustrating) experiences was that I progressed in exemplary silence at the stage, only to find Juliana with a shotgun waiting for me behind a door and finishing my loop.

Of course, Juliana's character will also be able to draw the Residium and the special abilities from Colette's body, and these will improve her character and allow you to obtain new equipment.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

Optimization and performance

PlayStation 5 gamers often do not complain about Deathloop's performance on the console, and it's mostly locked at 60 frames per second, and I'm sure the game is considered an experience with the new DualSense and all the chabang. The problem is that I'm a computer, and just like with the launch of Dishonored 2 - the launch of Deathloop to a computer is problematic, and it suffers from poor computer optimization.

The game does not allow you to go through the 60 frames without causing stuttering and annoying audio problems, and given that Deathloop is a shooting game first and foremost, I can not understand the decision to release the PC version that way. PC gamers have higher accuracy and speed with a mouse and keyboard and are not limited to frame rate (unlike console gamers) so there is no reason to lock me on 60 frames and limit me.

I played with my Radeon RX 5700 XT, and if it managed to run heavier games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Control smoothly without launch glitches, there is no reason in the world for a simpler game like Deathloop to run so poorly.

This is a poor optimization, and it's a shame Arkane continued on this line of starting with Dishonored 2. Well, in a few months we'll be back for another round after an update is released and the bugs are fixed.

PlayStation players - Your'e good.

(Photo: Official Website, Arkane)

Graphics and sound

Despite the less satisfying performance on my computer, the graphics of the game may not be the ones that will hold your breath with realism, but it certainly compensates with a colorful and fun style that is very reminiscent of 60s spy movies, and no doubt the funk melodies played during the action moments Contribute to the atmosphere.

Half a year before the release of the game Arkane released the addictive single Deja Vu with a style and clip that is very reminiscent of the overtures of the classic James Bond movies, and you are welcome to listen and indulge like me.

Deathloop - Déjà Vu

In conclusion

Deathloop is one of the fun games I played, and like previous Arkane titles it offers players a private playground that gives expression to the players' skills and talents, and presents an interesting idea for a main plot, providing fun, and building a world and smart characters.

Despite the limitations I mentioned, they really do not outweigh the enjoyment I derived from the game.

While this is not the game of the year and I do not necessarily understand the round scores it has received in some places, Deathlpoop is a shooting game that breaks the regular formula that has become boring, and I think fans of the genre must experiment with it.

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