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Gloria Estefan talks about the abuse she suffered at the age of 9


Gloria, Lili and Emily Estefan spoke with Zona Pop CNN about what audiences will be able to see in the second season of the serial "Red Table Talk: The Estefan." Gloria answers the questions about why she announced that she was abused at the age of 9 and how she overcame this situation. Emilio Estefan, Anitta and Becky G, are just some of the guests who will be seated at the red table.

Gloria, Lili and Emily Estefan return to the serial "Red Table Talk: The Estefans" (Photo Facebook)

(CNN Spanish) -

Gloria Estefan revealed that she was sexually abused at age 9 in an episode of the series "Red Table Talks: The Estefans" on Facebook Watch.

Why talk about this topic?

What led you to make that decision 55 years after this experience?

And most importantly, how did you manage to overcome it?

Zona Pop CNN spoke with Lili, Gloria and Emily Estefan just a week after these statements that went around the world

As a guest on the episode "Betrayed by Trusted Adults", there was the contestant of the reality show "The Bachelorette", Clare Crawley.

(Facebook photo)

Gloria Estefan, the woman, and Gloria Estefan, the singer

Zona Pop

Lili, Emily, Gloria, the Estefan ... First of all, thank you very much for being on Zona Pop on CNN en Español.

The family is back.

Gloria, first of all, I want to ask you how are you?

And I want to know, what did this first season leave you and what did Gloria Estefan, the singer, the woman, discover to return with a 12-episode season?


Gloria Estefan

Oops! Well, we learned a lot, but I, Gloria Estefan - the woman - know her deeply. I learned things from Emily and Lili. Even more so that it is difficult to think because she is my daughter. I had her inside, she grew up with me. I thought I knew his thoughts, his feelings, and what I found out in that first season, particularly in the "Coming Out" chapter, which was nominated for two Emmys and for the GLAAD Awards. I am very proud of Emily. I discovered things like any father, who suddenly did not know her as I thought.

Lili Estefan

And well, when Gloria invited us, I said yes immediately and said: aunt, you've been so private all your life, are you sure?

And I remember her telling me: I'm ready.

In other words, it also touched us at a time in the world when this type of conversation was needed so much, this union and as my aunt says, you think you know yourself super well and I thought, that is, my little cousin -Emily Estefan - For me she has been an almost perfect girl and what I have found most is that she still is, but always towards a maturity that caught my attention.

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Lili Estefan, from interviewer to interviewee

The audience recognizes Lili Estefan for being the nice and beloved "Flaca" along with "Gordo" Raúl de Molina.

With "Red Table Talk: The Estefans", the roles are reversed, and she is now the interviewee and talks about the personal issues she has shared in this program.

Zona Pop

Lili, as a communicator, you are used to talking about other personalities.

Is it weird for you to sit down and now see how the media talks about you and because of statements you gave and specifically, I want to focus on the episode in which you talked about your divorce and what you called "the baptism of fire"?

Is it hard for you to be on the other side now?


You know what?

This platform -Facebook-, which the truth is very safe for anyone who comes to the table, because it is a process, it is a process of healing.

That is what we are trying to do.

In the family we get used to having rumors, that is, of cousins, uncles, grandparents and nobody dares to be the first person to sit down and say: Ok, please, let's talk about this and we will solve what is happening.

And I have been lucky to have a spectacular family.

This did not arise now, that is, what we are experiencing, we have.

I always say ... spectacular guys, because despite the incredible career they have had, my aunt would come home and make pancakes for me ...



I practiced with her.



Real life has always taken care of me.

They take me everywhere, they include me, they make me, they have always made me feel such a big and important part of their lives.

They have canceled things to be on every birthday of my children, at every important event of mine.

So, what you see on the table did not arise to make a program.

This is real and the problems we have now we have had our whole life, our whole life.

So it's such a wonderful thing that the public can see us in action.

I mean, this is not a reality show.

I've been on television for 35 years, people talking about me.

Yes, it is rare, but it is rich to be an example for those women who have gone through something so difficult and could not get out of bed.

And I thought about that and my aunt helped me.

My aunt told me: you have to stay the same.

Having this support at the worst moment of my personal life was great and I managed to get ahead and now be an example for all those women.

If I did it, everyone can do it.

Emily Estefan: "I like to be honest and open"

Despite having such an important last name in the music world, Emily has carved out a career on the rise.

He debuted in 2017 with the album "Take whatever you want" and since then he has gone step by step.

In 2020, in the episode "Emily's Coming Out Story", she spoke openly about her sexuality.

Despite the fact that her family already knew about it, the singer wanted to share it with the world.


Emily, speaking of this existing trust in the family, the way in which you opened up, not only with your family, which you had already done, but with the whole world.

What was the reason you wanted to talk about yourself openly to everyone?

Emily Estefan

Having the opportunity to start a career with these things forward is important, because it is not that we want to talk about every personal thing, my private moments.

There are certain things that it is important that it is nothing more for you and for your family or your partner.

But in the world that we live in, in which I see children as young as 5 and even 10 years old on the phones looking at so much information, revealing [their sexual orientation or identity] from the phone to the world, we have to know that it is a huge responsibility.

And that's why I like to be honest and open.

It is more important to open spaces to change the world.

So for me it's something that I want to have in every ... every thing that I do in my career.

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Gloria Estefan: "This was the right time"

When Gloria Estefan confessed that she had been sexually abused at the age of 9, it caused a great surprise in the audience, her followers and the media.

What was the reason for saying it on this specific date and not before?

Despite the fact that he had discussed this topic with his family some time ago, the guest of this episode was the one who gave him the strength to do it in a certain way.



What prompted you to take this platform and tell your story 56 after it happened?


In '91 I spoke about this with a group of children in Australia because I went to a school for children who had been abused and I wanted to share this with them. There was a journalist there who apparently shared it and put it in the Netherlands in a newspaper. I did not even know that my fans knew that I had spoken about it, but likewise it was never spoken and it was not on the internet or there was anything. I did it to talk to those children, not to make it public, because for me, my mother had so much trouble dealing with my celebrity and any nonsense.

It made my mom nervous or sick. I didn't want to because scrutiny is also in the family. I spoke with my whole family before doing it and I did not tell the people on the show that I was going to speak it and until that moment I did not know if I was going to have the courage to say it. And when this Clare Crowley girl, I said, I can't be a hypocrite and here you have to share, you're going to help people feel less alone. Let's see, you can have a successful life, have love, have everything, and you can't let trauma and horrible things define you.

That is something that I can bring to people. And I told Lili and Emily last night, I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but maybe this is the time and it was actually the right time. I didn't want to hurt my mother or put her through things that she concocted even more than I did. And I couldn't even talk to her about it because she started to cry and was very nervous because I had questions like what happened to me when I was 9 years old? What happened? You told people that the police came. They told him it was going to be a lot more traumatic for me to put myself on a stand.

I have received comments from many people who did it and it was traumatic for them, having to face the person and today, thank God there are better ways for children to be able to tell their truth.

But I said, there is something we can do and that is to open the eyes of the parents, to see if their child is changing from asking the question: is something wrong with you?

It is not necessary to be graphic, but at the time that my son Nayib, who is now 41 years old and gave me my beautiful grandson and since she -Emily- had the use of reason, I wanted them to understand.

Don't let anyone tell you to keep secrets, because that should never be done.

You can tell mommy anything.

How to get ahead?

Don't get hooked on the past


Gloria, how did you manage to overcome this situation?


You know, there is a statistic that we do not share, that 48% of the children who have this happen continue strong.

It does not leave them a trauma.

They look for a way to move on.

I have particularly been a person who every time what happens to me happens to me, I say: well, I analyze, I think, I get stronger, but I always look ahead.

I have not been a person who has been hooked on things from the past because I say, for some reason it happened.

This is going to make me stronger.

I understand other people more.

So what it does is open my mind and my experience.

I go forward and always, always have been like that.

My mother made the decision, maybe she did the right thing because I don't know what would have happened to me. There have been many messages from people for whom it was horrendous to have to face the person legally, but the idea is to reach the hearts and the people first so that they do not feel so alone, because I have a life that people look at me and he says wow ... and it's a spectacular life.

I have had the joy of having love all my life, a spectacular family, the career that I have wanted, always growing, evolving, I have taken any curiosity that I had artistically and I have been able to flourish and that is what I want.

For the people who are watching this show that doesn't have to define our work for us, if we can move forward in some way and maybe just know that I went through that too, help someone say wow, I'm not alone or alone.

Emilio Estefan sits at the red table with Gloria, Lili and Emily to talk about Cuba (Photo Facebook)

What's next for this second season?

As in the first season, the guests will be of a high level.

Starting with the patriarch of the family, Emilio Estefan, who sits at the red table to talk about something that is very important to the Estefan: Cuba.

Singers Becky G and Anitta will talk about how they make their way every day in the urban genre that is dominated by men.


In the second chapter they talk about Cuba. What other things can we expect from this second season?


There is everything.

We have Becky G and Anitta at the table in a very particular show, because they both live in a very masculine world of urban music.

But these girls also support their families since they were little.

They are strong, they are enterprising women and we have amazing conversations with them too.


Well, in the episode of Cuba, which is now on the networks, we talked about so many important things and we also ended up with something very important, a little song called “Patria y vida” with Yotuel Romero in a completely acoustic interpretation and in alive. There is a very important episode about racism within our Latino community and all the problems that this causes even among the families themselves. A brother who has darker skin than his little sister. Mommy, daddy, they treat her differently. "We must improve the race", that horrible phrase. Let's talk about bullying online.


We are going to talk about plastic surgery, because girls are now doing what we were doing at 50 or 60, girls in their 20s are doing it now.

It is a generation that worries us a lot.

And because?

I think it is the result of spending hours in front of the filters of social networks and the telephone.

An expert comes to talk to us about exactly the damage that is being done in youth or at such an early age, having this obsession to look one way and that is the only way they have in mind and they do not understand that God created them unique and that they don't have to do all that.

"Red Table Talk: The Estefans" premieres a new episode every Thursday at 12pm (Miami time) on Facebook.

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