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Is it safe to get the third dose of the covid-19 vaccine?


In this episode, Dr. Huerta answers questions about the covid-19 vaccine, including the possible combinations and the third dose.

Nurse dies from covid-19 after not getting vaccinated 2:58

(CNN Spanish) -

In this episode of questions and answers about the coronavirus, Dr. Elmer Huerta continues to resolve doubts about vaccines.

We also answer questions about the forms of contagion, N95 masks and covid-19 in pets.

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Hello, I am Dr. Elmer Huerta and this is your dose of information about the new coronavirus, information that we hope will be useful to take care of your health and that of your family.

Today we will answer some questions that we have been asked on our Twitter account @DrHuerta.

Questions about covid-19 vaccines

I think my brother has had facial paralysis from the vaccine one of the few cases.

Now you have the fear to get the second dose.


At work they are forcing him to take the second dose.

Does the minsa keep a record of these incidents? @Drhuerta @Minsa_Peru

- @PeruEraLibre (@ JCPP17) October 9, 2021

Hello, Free.

I'm very sorry about your brother, but a cause-and-effect relationship between the vaccine and facial paralysis has not been established.

The United States CDC recommends that a person who has developed facial paralysis complete their vaccination.

Hopefully someone can explain and convince you.


Good evening.

Please tell me if there are no contraindications for vaccination with AstraZeneca for a pardon who has thyroid problems and arrhythmias and her age is 55 years.

And for a teenager who has an ovarian cyst and is 17 years old.


- Miracle (@ smile_1219) October 10, 2021

Hello, Miracle.

There is no problem with those people getting their vaccine.

Although neither of these health problems gives a higher risk of complications, it is good that both people are protected.

BuendĂ­a drhuerta, esque a month ago I applied the vaccine, and since that same day I had sex with my wife and she got pregnant, can the baby be born with complications?

- Dayron Felipe Guevara (@ Dayronfelipegu1) October 9, 2021

That's an excellent question, Dayron.

What we do know is that no vaccine affects chromosomes, neither normal cells nor sperm cells.

Therefore, it is not possible that the covid-19 vaccine can affect the health of your baby.

@drhuerta, good morning.

One question, if a woman was vaccinated in May with Cancino (single dose) and now, in October, she is 12 weeks pregnant, is it recommended to receive a booster of the same brand or another?

- Edith Ciri (@ Edithci7) October 8, 2021

Good question, Edith.

It has not yet been determined - based on studies - what type of booster vaccine will be used for the Cansino vaccine.

You must be attentive to the regulators of the country in which you live, which I am sure will announce it very soon.

@drhuerta Hello Dr. Lei, I have already presented Pfizer the emergency use to vaccinate children from 5 to 11 no later than October 26 and my niece would be 10 months away from turning 12, my fear is that being a lower dose will not be well protected by the time she turns 12

- AC (@CmenTitanico) October 8, 2021

Good question, AC.

According to phase 3 studies, children 5 to 11 years of age who receive a 10-microgram dose of Pfizer's vaccine (which is one-third that of adolescents and adults) have a response similar to that of Pfizer. greater.

I think you should be ready to vaccinate your niece with the vaccine that corresponds to her age, both will protect her.

@drhuerta, Dear Dr., is it safe to take the 3rd dose of Pfizer? What are the side effects? With this 3rd dose, how long would the person be protected?

And what about possible myocarditis? What are the risks?

, for people of 60 years

- (@ eltrans54382722) October 8, 2021

Hello, Transporter.

From studies done in Israel, the side effects produced by the Pfizer booster dose have been similar to or less than those produced by the first and second doses.

Regarding the duration of protection, it is still too early to tell.

They just started using it less than three months ago.

@drhuerta Good morning.

How to know if the resulting antibodies in an examination are the product of the vaccine or of having had the asymptomatic Covid?

- olf @ logos (@olfuentes) October 6, 2021

Very good question, Olf.

When a natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurs, the defense system produces many types of antibodies, which are directed against various parts of the virus.

These antibodies are of two main types: the neutralizing type and the non-neutralizing type.

Non-neutralizing antibodies are directed against multiple structures of the virus, while neutralizing antibodies are primarily directed against protein S (spike).

Since both types of people, those who were vaccinated and those who suffered from the natural disease, have antibodies against the protein S of the spikes, one way to distinguish them is to measure the antibodies against the nucleoprotein or nucleocapsid, a structure that alone is present. present in the virus.

Question about the use of masks

@drhuerta good night Doctor, thank you very much for today's information, I would appreciate if you could tell me if to travel on an 8-hour flight it is necessary to wear another on top of the N95 mask and if I should change the mask on the flight or what life is like useful of the N95🙏🙏

- Adriana Murcia (@ Adriana66635246) October 5, 2021

Hello Adriana.

An N95 mask can last more than eight hours and is the only one that you should use during the entire flight.

Remember that the number 95 means that it is capable of filtering 95% of the particles that come into contact with it, which is why it is called a respirator.

Remember also that, although it is possible that a contagion occurs on the plane, that possibility is much lower than that of it occurring in the customs or immigration queues.

Keep your distance and wash your hands continuously.

Question about Merck's antiviral pill

Could those pills be taken by anyone who has just found out they have covid, or would they only be for people with comorbidities?

- Tania (@ Tania14260690) October 10, 2021

Hello Tania.

As we heard in the October 4 episode, the phase 3 clinical study with molnupiravir showed that the drug is effective in preventing the worsening of COVID-19 in a person at high risk of complications from having a predisposing disease.

It has not been proven beneficial in a low-risk person.

Question about sanitary measures to combat covid-19

Dr. Huerta ... is it true that WHO has recommended that meetings with friends or family be after 6 months that the 2nd dose is effective?

Since when is it advisable to meet with family or friends after the complete vaccination?

- Carmen Andrea Santa Cruz (@ camenea4) October 2, 2021

Hi carmen.

That is not true.

The US CDC recommends that two weeks after receiving the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson, fully vaccinated people can be reunited.

Do you have questions about the coronavirus?

Send me your questions on Twitter, we will try to answer them in our next episodes.

You can find me at @Drhuerta.

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